Teenager gang-raped on Facebook Live, crime goes unreported

Source:  RT
March 23, 2017

Chicago police are searching for a group of men who reportedly gang-raped a 15-year-old girl and livestreamed it on Facebook. Dozens of people watched the horrific assault happen on Facebook Live on Sunday but did not report it to authorities. RT America’s Simone Del Rosario joins Ashlee Banks to discuss the details.

Why Did Two Men Go to Jail for Rap Lyrics and Social Media Posts?

Source: RTAmerica
February 17, 2017

Mike Papantonio is joined by Mollye Barrows, legal journalist for The Trial Lawyer Magazine, to talk about a lawsuit brought against the San Diego police department by two men who spent months in jail for social media posts and rap lyrics.

How Big Brother Seeded the Tech Revolution

Source: Corbett Report Extras
James Corbett
January 25, 2017

In this episode of our EyeOpener Report James Corbett presents the latest revelations about Steve Jobs’ security clearance with the Department of Defense, the history and examples of the disturbing government connections, stockholdings, regulations and infiltrations when it comes to technology companies, and how the Department of Defense, the NSA, the Department of Homeland Security, In-Q-Tel and other agencies are quietly opening doors and writing checks for the technology industry’s chosen few.

The Social Media Exodus Has Begun – Here’s Where Everybody’s Going

Source: CorbettReport
James Corbett
January 13, 2017

SHOW NOTES: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=21349

10 years ago, everybody was on MySpace. 10 years from now, the Twitters and Facebooks and YouTubes of today will be dinosaurs, abandoned by users sick of censorship and centralized control. Thankfully, the alternatives to these social media dinosaurs are already here, and they’re blockchain-based, torrent friendly, decentralized and censorship resistant.

‘Fact checker’ for Facebook exposed as alleged embezzler who reportedly spent tens of thousands of company dollars on prostitutes

Image: ‘Fact checker’ for Facebook exposed as alleged embezzler who reportedly spent tens of thousands of company dollars on prostitutes
Source: NaturalNews.com
JD Heyes
January 9, 2017

The political Left has collectively lost its mind since their anointed nominee, two-time presidential loser Hillary Clinton, was soundly vanquished by now President-elect Donald J. Trump.

The Leftist media has particularly gone insane, having invented a narrative to help explain Clinton’s loss: ‘Fake news.’

It couldn’t be that Clinton was just a low-energy candidate who could not connect with enough voters in enough states to give her the 270 electoral votes necessary to win the presidency; of course not. It had to be something else—fake news supplied to hundreds of news and information sites throughout the campaign by Russian propagandists, which, of course, turned out to be completely bunk.

Still, the ‘mainstream media’ is sticking to its phony narrative, and that includes Facebook, which has pledged to team up with a gaggle of “fact-checking” websites and news agencies that themselves have a dubious history regarding accuracy and bias. One of those partner sites is Snopes.com, whose co-owners are now involved in a bitter legal dispute and whose CEO is being accused of using company funds to hire hookers.

O0ps. Credibility alert.

‘Fact checkers’ who cannot be trusted

Further, as reported by the UK’s Daily Mail, one of Snopes.com’s main contributors who is charged with ‘fact-checking’ is a former sex blogger who once called herself “Vice Vixen.”

That’s troubling for a number of reasons—not the least of which is that Snopes.com’s association with Facebook is liable to be extremely valuable, given the social media giant’s reach and influence.

Facebook’s partner sites are going to be trusted to fact-check whether news stories trending on the News Feed and throughout the social site are in fact reputable and real. The partners will be tasked with deciding whether stories are genuine or whether they ought to be marked as “disputed.”

In addition to Snopes.com, other partner sites include ABC News (which has had its own credibility issues, including faking crime scene coverage), The Associated Press, and other “fact-checking” sites like Politifact.com, which also has a well-established political bias.

Besides these obvious problems, the Daily Mail found that Snopes.com’s founders, former husband and wife David and Barbara Mikkelson, are now embroiled in a bitter legal dispute in the wake of their divorce.

While he has since remarried, the issue is his choice of bride: She was once a former escort and porn actress who is now a staff member on the Snopes.com ‘fact-checking’ team.

The former married couple have exchanged accusations of financial impropriety: Barbara claims her ex-husband has embezzled company funds and suggested that he is attempting a “boondoggle” to change tax arrangements; David, by comparison, is alleging that Barbara took millions from their joint account and bought property in Las Vegas with some of the proceeds.

The site was founded in 1995. The couple met in the early 1990s on a folklore-themed online message board, getting married before they established their website. Profiles of the site note that for a while before it was established, the couple were known as “The San Fernando Valley Folklore Society,” even using the name on letterheads though it did not really exist.

‘I’d love to respond…’

A Webby Awards profile that was published in October says it was “an entity dreamed up to help make the inquiries seem more legit.”

In 1997, David Mikkelson told the Los Angeles Times, “When I sent letters out to companies, I found I got a much better response with an official-looking organization’s stationary”—meaning the “fact-checker” was posing as someone he wasn’t.

The couple divorced in 2015, but a bitter legal dispute has been ongoing. Both of them remained as co-owners of Snopes.com, registered under the legal name of Bardav, Inc., with the couple as the company’s only board members.

In legal filings that were reviewed by the Daily Mail, there are details showing a long financial and corporate dispute that has continued since the couple divorced, which one attorney has described as “contentious” in court documents. In the filings Barbara, 57, is accusing her former husband, 56, of “raiding the corporate business Bardav bank account” for his personal use and attorney fees, and without any consultation with her.

In addition, she accuses David of embezzling $98,000 from the company over the course of four years, “which he expended upon himself and the prostitutes he hired.”

When the Daily Mail contacted David, he told the paper he was not legally permitted to discuss his ex-wife’s allegations. “I’d love to respond, but unfortunately the terms of a binding settlement agreement preclude me from publicly discussing the details of our divorce.”

Barbara simply said, “No comment.”

This fact-checker is a ‘loose cannon’ who always has to ‘have her way’

In court papers, Barbara alleges that David took thousands of dollars from their business account between April and June of 2016 to pay for trips for him and a “girlfriend.” She said he spent almost $10,000 on a 24-day “personal vacation” to India earlier this year while expensing the girlfriend’s plane tick to Buenos Aires. “He’s been depleting the corporate account by spending monies from it on his personal expenses,” Barbara said in a filing in June.

She also said that David should be suspended from using the company checkbook and debit card immediately, “before there are no funds left in the corporate account.”

In countering Barbara’s charges, David, through his attorneys, said the India trip was legitimate corporate business, and that he only expensed a fraction—22.5 percent—of the total cost of it. In addition, he claims he is establishing a fact-checking website in India, and wanted to experience the culture. And he said he went to Buenos Aires to attend an international fact-checking conference there. His attorneys blasted Barbara—a site fact checker, mind you—for being a “loose cannon” who has to “have her way.”

And these are just some of the people Facebook would have you believe have enough credibility to spot “fake” news—even though the “fake news” narrative is made up to begin with.

The corporate lapdog media and its political enablers are now daily exposing themselves for the inconsolable charlatans they have always been.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for Natural News and News Target, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.






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Foxes Guard Facebook Henhouse

Foxes Guard Facebook Henhouse
Source: WilliamEngdahl.com
F. William Engdahl
December 22, 2016

The latest mantra of CIA-linked media since the “Pizzagate” leaks of data alleging that Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager John Podesta and other highly influential political persons in Washington were connected to an unusual pizza place near the White House run by a 41-year old James Achilles Alefantis called Comet Ping Pong, is the need to crack down (i.e. censorship) on what is being called “Fake News.” The latest step in this internet censorship drive is a decision by the murky social media organization called Facebook to hire special organizations to determine if Facebook messages are pushing Fake News or not. Now it comes out that the “fact check” private organizations used by Facebook are tied to the CIA and CIA-related NGO’s including George Soros’ Open Society Foundations

In the last weeks of the US Presidential campaign, Wikileaks released a huge number of emails linked to Clinton Campaign Manager, John Podesta. The contents of thousands of emails revealed detailed exchanges between Podesta and the oddly-influential Comet Ping Pong pizza place owner, Alefantis, as well as the Clinton campaign, which held fundraisers at Comet Ping Pong*.

The Pizzagate scandal exploded in the final weeks of the US campaign as teams of private researchers documented and posted Facebook, Instagram and other data suggesting that Alefantis and Comet Ping Pong were at the heart of a pedophilia ring that implicated some of the most prominent politicians in Washington and beyond.

The New York Times and Washington Post moved swiftly to assert that the Pizzagate revelations were Fake News, quoting “anonymous sources” who supposedly said the CIA “believed” Russia was behind hackers who exposed emails and documents from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta. Former NSA senior intelligence expert William Binney claimed the Podesta and Clinton campaign data were leaked, not hacked. The NSA, he pointed out, would immediately identify a hack, especially a foreign hack, and they have remained silent.

The uncovering and release to Wikileaks of the Podesta emails were immediately blamed on Russian intelligence by the CIA, and now by the US President, with not a shred of proof, and despite the fact that NSA. Wikipedia, whose content is often manipulated by US intelligence agencies, rapidly posted a page with the curious title, “Pizzagate (Conspiracy Theory).”

To make certain the neutral interested reader gets the message, the first line reads, “Pizzagate is a debunked conspiracy theory which emerged during the 2016 United States presidential election cycle, alleging that John Podesta’s emails, which were leaked by WikiLeaks, contain coded messages referring to human trafficking, and connecting a number of pizzerias in Washington, D.C. and members of the Democratic Party to a child-sex ring.”

‘Fake News’ Mantra Begins

My purpose in mentioning Pizzagate details is not to demonstrate the authenticity of the Pizzagate allegations. That others are doing with far more resources. Rather, it is to point out the time synchronicity of the explosive Pizzagate email releases by Julian Assange’s Wikileaks web blog, with the launch of a massive mainstream media and political campaign against what is now being called “Fake News.”

The cited New York Times article that Wikipedia cites as “debunking” the Pizzagate allegations states, “None of it was true. While Mr. Alefantis has some prominent Democratic friends in Washington and was a supporter of Mrs. Clinton, he has never met her, does not sell or abuse children, and is not being investigated by law enforcement for any of these claims. He and his 40 employees had unwittingly become real people caught in the middle of a storm of fake news.” The article contains not one concrete proof that the allegations are false, merely quoting Alefantis as the poor victim of malicious Fake News.

That New York Times story was accompanied by a series of articles such as “How Fake News Goes Viral: A Case Study.” Another headline reads, “Obama, With Angela Merkel in Berlin, Assails Spread of Fake News.” Then on November 19, strong Clinton supporter, Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg is quoted in a prominent article titled, “Facebook Considering Ways to Combat Fake News, Mark Zuckerberg Says.”

Facebook uses CIA Censors

Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of the world-leading social media site, Facebook.com, the world’s 5th wealthiest man at an estimated $50 billion, has now established a network of “Third Party Fact Checkers” whose job is to red flag any Facebook message of the estimated one billion people using the site, with a prominent warning that reads, “Disputed by Third-Party Fact Checkers.”

Facebook has announced that it is taking its censorship ques from something called The International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN). This IFCN, a new creation, has drafted a code of five principles for news websites to accept, and Facebook will work with “third-party fact checking organizations” that are signatories to that code of principles.

If we search under the name International Fact-Checking Network, we find ourselves at the homepage of something called the Poynter Institute for Media Studies in St. Petersburg, Florida.

OK. If we look a bit deeper we find that the Poynter Institute’s International Fact-Checking Network in turn, as its website states, gets money from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, the National Endowment for Democracy, the Omidyar Network, the Open Society Foundations of George Soros.

Oh my, oh my! Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation who partners with Soros in numerous nasty projects such as convincing African countries to accept Genetically Modified or GMO seeds? Google, whose origins date back to funding by the CIA and NSA as what intelligence researcher Nafeez Ahmed describes as a “plethora of private sector start-ups co-opted by US intelligence to retain ‘information superiority‘ “?

The Omidyar Foundation is the foundation of eBay founder and multi billionaire, Pierre Omidyar, which finances among other projects the online digital publication, The Intercept, launched in 2014 by Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras and Jeremy Scahill.

And the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the US Government-financed “private” NGO behind every Color Revolution CIA regime change from the Ukraine Color Revolutions to the Arab Spring? The NED was a CIA project created in the 1980’s during the Reagan Administration as part of privatizing US intelligence dirty operations, to do, as Allen Weinstein, who drafted the Congressional legislation to establish the NED, noted in a candid 1991 Washington Post interview, “A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA.”

And if we dig even deeper we find, lo and behold, the name George Soros, convicted hedge fund insider trader, tax-exempt philanthropist and giga-billionaire who seems to fund not only Hillary Clinton and virtually every CIA and US State Department Color Revolution from Russia to China to Iran through his network of Open Society Foundations including the 1990’s Jeffrey Sachs Shock Therapy plunder of Russia and most of former Communist East Europe.

Another one of the media working with Zuckerberg’s Facebook censorship of Fake News is the Washington Post, today owned by Amazon billionaire founder Jeff Bezos. Bezos is a major media business partner of….The US Central Intelligence Agency, a fact he omitted to inform about after taking over ownership of the most important newspaper in Washington.

Bezos’ Washington Post recently published a bizarre list of 200 websites it claimed generated Fake News. It refused to identify who gave them the list. Veteran Washington investigative reporter, Wayne Madsen, exposed the source of the McCarthy-style taboo list of so-called Fake News. It was a “website called PropOrNot.com that has links to the CIA and George Soros.”

It’s not merely the Pizzagate revelations that have triggered such a massive attack on independent Internet websites. It seems that back in January 2014 at the Davos World Economic Forum control of information on the Internet was a top item of discussion. At the time, Madsen noted, “With the impending demise of World Wide Web ‘net neutrality,’ which has afforded equal access for website operators to the Internet, the one percent of billionaire investors are busy positioning themselves to take over total control of news reporting on the Internet.”

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* This referenced article was deleted from the GQ Website on 18 December 2016 – Alefantis appears as 49 on the magazine GQ’s list of the 50 most powerful üpeople in Washington, http://www.gq.com/gallery/50-most-powerful-people-in-washington-dc.

F. William Engdahl is strategic risk consultant and lecturer, he holds a degree in politics from Princeton University and is a best-selling author on oil and geopolitics, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”