Should You Barter Ammo in SHTF or WROL?

Source: RealitySurvival
J.J. Johnson
January 5, 2017

If you are new to this channel, Welcome to the Reality Survival Channel! On this survival channel I teach a full range of Survival Skills. The tips and techniques that I teach here are very useful for people who enjoy camping, hunting, hiking, backpacking and mountaineering. If you enjoy the outdoors and going on an adventure into the woods you will love the survival information you can find on this channel! My goal is to educate folks on real world survival tips and techniques including Wilderness Survival, Urban Survival, Primitive Survival, Bushcraft, & more. I also do Outdoor Gear Reviews on Survival Kits, Survival Gear, Survival Knives, Guns, Bug Out Bag Gear & just about any kind of Every Day Carry (EDC) Gear & disaster preparedness or prepping gear. I learned many of the survival skills I teach here when I was a Survival instructor for the USAF about 15 years ago (class 97-02). But since then I have also been honing my skills and developing and learning new survival skills sets as well! Go ahead & subscribe!

Who am I? I ( JJ Johnson ) am a former active duty USAF SERE Instructor. What is a SERE Instructor? SERE stands for Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape. Basically it was a position that taught combat Wilderness Survival techniques to USAF aircrew members in the mountains North of Spokane Washington near Fairchild AFB. I am also the owner and author of http://www.RealitySurvival.Com. I have worked for the DoD in various positions for about 18 years now. I am an avid outdoorsman, hunter, shooter, and gear reviewer, a prepper, a Christian and a conservative constitutionalist.

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2 thoughts on “Should You Barter Ammo in SHTF or WROL?”

  1. Reblogged this on D. M. Hutchins and commented:
    I’ve been seeing videos and articles of this trending idea. Personally I see Pros and Cons. Pros, it could be a very valuable item that you could trade for nearly anything. Cons, you have less and less ammo as you batter and trade. I guess it would boil down to how much you have, because the less you have the valuable it would be to keep it for your own needs.

    A side thought that I have always had in the back of my mind is that in a SHTF situation, small things that cost nearly nothing now, will be nonexistent then, so items like headache medicine, bandaids, ChapStick, and the sort would be extremely valuable then. Example: right now you could buy a 12 pack of ChapStick for $5 but in a SHTF winter situation, each could be traded for a meal, a blanket, lodging, or anything. Just a thought. People take SO many things for granted right now…

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