The truth about Zika: It’s a grand medical hoax

Zika virus

J.D. Heyes
October 31, 2016

One of the most interesting things about the Zika virus is that it is not a new ailment. It was first discovered in monkeys in 1947 and in humans in 1952, according to a fact sheet from the World Health Organization.

While researchers have admittedly probably learned more about the virus since it was first identified, some of the health problems now being associated with Zika – such as microcephaly in newborns – have never before been seen, leaving many to wonder if there isn’t some sort of conspiracy being devised by globalists to suit their political agenda.

For instance, according to TruthWiki, an investigative site that has recently delved into the history of the disease, populations in the past that were heavily infected with Zika never reported a single case of a newborn with a shrunken head.

The current outbreak is far from being the only one. In the 1960s, outbreaks occurred in Oceania and Southeast Asia. And in 2007, the so-called “Yap epidemic,” which occurred on the Yap main island – part of the Caroline Island chain in the Western Pacific – infected three-quarters of the population. But no cases of newborn birth defects, like microcephaly, were reported. So the current hysteria over microcephaly allegedly being tied to Zika appears completely unwarranted.

Will we see another ‘swine flu fiasco’ with the Zika vaccine?

The same year, TruthWiki reported, using funding that was provided by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a genetically altered version of the virus was developed by Oxitec (Oxford Insect Technologies), a British biotechnology company. Roughly two years later, in the fall of 2009, Gates helped usher in the first outdoor trials of genetically modified transgenic Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, which are the species known to transmit the disease. They were released ostensibly to fight the spread of mosquito-borne diseases including dengue, yellow fever and Zika, among others. The plan was to get the GM mosquitoes to mate with females to produce offspring that would die soon after birth, thereby halting the spread of the disease. But, TruthWiki noted, there was another agenda.

In May 2014, the WHO and the Brazilian government colluded to spread propaganda that there were nearly 1 million “suspected” cases of Zika in Brazil, and recommended that the deadly poison pyroproxyfen be spread, to include areas of drinking water. The propaganda disseminated was that since mosquitoes were breeding in those areas of standing water, then they too had to be treated with the chemical, which was then spread primarily over poverty-stricken areas.

The next thing we know, scores of cases involving microcephaly in Brazil began cropping up. And they were then blamed on Zika. Coincidence? Many think not. What’s more, there were really only about 500 children born malformed – not 5,000-plus as originally reported, TruthWiki points out.

As TruthWiki notes further, Zika is a mild viral infection – always has been – and resembles the typical cold or flu. Most of those afflicted with it suffer a low-grade fever, some pain in their joints, a skin rash and conjunctivitis. In other cases, people have no idea they’ve even been infected. If symptoms appear at all, they may last up to a week. But like chicken pox, a one-time Zika infection can provide lifelong immunity. While severe cases of Zika may require hospitalization, they are rare, as are Zika-related deaths.


And yet, despite the virus’ relatively mild symptoms, the U.S. government is set to pay a Japanese Big Pharma firm as much as $300 million to develop a vaccine, Natural News reported recently. If that’s not overkill, then nothing is – especially given the fact that most vaccines contain harmful substances and preservatives.

Another disease outbreak “emergency.” Another vaccine with even more harmful chemicals and preservatives will go on the market. In fact, due to the “gravity” and “dire nature” of the Zika emergency, we may even see mandatory vaccination as we did with the swine flu fiasco in the mid-1970s. Then, a mandatory program of vaccination for the illness, which only killed one person, led to a dramatic spike in Guillain-Barre syndrome, in which the immune system attacks the nerves, causing paralysis. Ironically, today the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is claiming that Zika may be causing GBS.

Propaganda anyone?

Read the entire TruthWiki report on the Zika hoax here.


Media Manipulation – After Terrorizing America With Zika Scaremongering, Washington Post Now Admits Zika Virus Doesn’t Cause Brain Deformities After All

[Editor’s Note]

We at TheBreakaway mirrored many articles that showed there was many issues with the official Zika narrative, and here we are with the following information from The Washington Post that eviscerates the official story.  As individuals we need to question when authorities say something is concrete, because as time shows, time and time again many of the issues touted as “fact” [i.e. No Weapons Of Mass Destruction Found; Before The 2009 Financial Collapse The Economy Was “Fine”; etc. etc.] is often just a house of cards built on a foundation of quicksand and lies.

Washington Post
Mike Adams
October 26, 2016

The entire leftist media is not merely dishonest and corrupt, their science writers are unbelievably stupid and ill-informed about nearly everything in the natural world. Today, after months of printing fear-inducing “Zika terrorism” stories that scared America half to death while convincing the government to funnel billions of dollars into Zika vaccine research for Big Pharma, the Washington Post now admits it had no idea what it was talking about.

But rather than admitting its own science writers were scientifically illiterate propagandists pushing quack narratives as news, the paper now blames other scientists for the gross error by publishing a headline that’s once again dishonest and deceptive: “Scientists are bewildered by Zika’s path across Latin America,” it proclaims.

Bewildered about “Zika’s path?” The story headline should actually read, “Zika HOAX revealed… it doesn’t cause brain damage after all.” (Read it at this link.)

Washington Post has been shamelessly pushing the Zika HOAX for months… with no apology to readers

In the story, writers Dom Phillips and Nick Miroff essentially reveal that what the Washington Post has been writing about the Zika virus has been based entirely in government propaganda and pandemic lies pushed by the CDC, which of course has close ties to the criminal vaccine industry:

Nearly nine months after Zika was declared a global health emergency, the virus has infected at least 650,000 people in Latin America and the Caribbean, including tens of thousands of expectant mothers.

But to the great bewilderment of scientists, the epidemic has not produced the wave of fetal deformities so widely feared when the images of misshapen infants first emerged from Brazil.

Yes, the Washington Post now says the scientists are “bewildered” that their apocalyptic scare stories that caused female athletes to skip out on the Rio Olympics and scared tens of millions of Americans into poisoning themselves with DEET (a neurotoxic chemical) turned out to be total hogwash. DEET, by the way, combines with carbamate class pesticides to cause neurological dysfunction in humans, which coincidentally increases the number of people who watch CNN or read the Washington Post.

For the record, no one who reads Natural News is surprised by this revelations that has left mainstream scientists “bewildered.” It’s not bewildering to me. I called Zika a total hoax from day one, pointing out that the brain deformities were caused by larvacide chemicals dumped into the water supply, not by Zika. See some of my stories that clearly spelled all this out months before the Washington Post had any clue what they were writing about:

February 11, 2016: Zika HOAX exposed by South American doctors: Brain deformations caused by larvicide chemical linked to Monsanto; GM mosquitoes a ‘total failure’

June 3, 2016: 10 shocking reasons why Zika virus fear is another fraudulent medical hoax and vaccine industry funding scam

August 4, 2016: ZIKA DOOMSDAY HOAX UNRAVELS: Predicted ‘explosion’ of brain defects didn’t happen… entire scare campaign was manufactured

August 29, 2016: Zika propaganda is a ‘virus of the mind’ rooted in fabricated hysteria, government junk science and dark political agendas

March 2, 2016: Zika PAYDAY! Obama wants to funnel $1.8 billion for vaccine research and more

I even published a mini-documentary revealing the published science that shows how DEET insecticide causes brain damage in humans. You can watch it at this link or view the video below:

If anyone from the Washington Post bothered to read Natural News and learn about real science, they would have learned that Zika has infected tens of millions of people throughout South America for decades, with absolutely no measurable increase in neurological deformations. (But facts be damned, the WashPost had a panic to push!)

Nation after nation records tens of thousands of infections with ZERO birth defects…

Despite the factual reality of the situation, the state-controlled propagandists writing for rags like the Washington Post — a bogus newspaper that has lost all credibility in the minds of intelligent people — continued to pummel home their kooky science theories that claimed much of the U.S. South would be overrun by brain damaging mosquitoes, turning Southerners into shrunken-brained mutants while pregnant women fled northward to survive the airborne insect onslaught.

Instead, nothing happened. No explosion in shrunken-headed babies. No wave of birth defects across Florida, even as city officials desperately bombarded their own cities with brain-damaging insecticides. No national emergency declared by Obama to bring back DDT and eradicate baby-murdering mosquitoes by dousing our open streets with thick clouds of organophosphate neurotoxins.

Instead, the rate of neurological birth defects in most countries approached zero. Via the Washington Post’s own graphic: (partial list)

Venezuela: 60,791 Zika infections… ZERO birth defects
Honduras: 31,933 Zika infections… ONE birth defect
Guadalupe: 30,969 Zika infections… ZERO birth defects
Puerto Rico: 29,084 Zika infections… TWO birth defects
Mexico: 4,837 Zika infections… ZERO birth defects

From the WashPost article:

Brazilian officials were bracing for a flood of fetal deformities as Zika spread this year to other regions of the country, Marinho said. However, “we are not seeing a big increase.”

Gee, really?

The vast majority of the brain defects, it turns out, came from just one small region of Brazil. A total of 2,033 children are so far recorded with neurological defects there, even while most other countries throughout the region had ZERO birth defects (or near zero).

So what gives?

Zika mosquitoes apparently carry geopolitical maps so they can solely target Brazil

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that the stupid science theories of the mainstream media are total hokum and bunk. If Zika really did cause brain defects, it would have spread all across South America by now. It would have spread into Florida, California, Mississippi and Louisiana. It would have devastated the American South, Cuba, Haiti, Curacao and all the other island nations across the Caribbean.

Yet the neurological defects were limited almost exclusively to Brazil.

Somehow, if we believe the illiterate Washington Post science writers — who may in fact be the only brain damage victims of Zika in North America — mosquitoes carry MAPS to make sure they only activate their brain damage voodoo in Brazil.

“…[A]lthough the outbreak has spread this year to more than 50 nations and territories across the Western Hemisphere, U.N. data shows just 142 cases of congenital birth defects linked to Zika so far outside Brazil,” says WashPost.

Yes, my friends: GPA-carrying Zika mosquitoes are very careful to limit their pandemic voodoo to just one region of Brazil. By sheer coincidence, that’s the same region where larvacide chemicals were dumped into the public water supply.

Apparently, there isn’t a single “official” scientist in the entire global government who has thought to test the water. Just freaking WOW… Let’s throw these morons out of power in every election, okay? They don’t deserve any positions of authority over anyone else. They’re all so incredibly stupid, they couldn’t survive at all unless they functioned as parasites on the taxpayers.

They aren’t giving up hope just yet… science writers desperately hope for more brain damaged babies to prove them right

Enthusiasm for more brain damaged babies runs high at the Washington Post, which explains why they are all in for Hillary Clinton, the candidate of choice for brain damaged adults. Writing with a sense of real enthusiasm, the Washington Post can’t wait for more brain damaged babies to appear:

Scientists at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are closely watching Puerto Rico, which has reported more than 26,800 cases of Zika. More than 7,000 pregnant women could be infected by the end of the year, according to the CDC. (Yippee?)

And now, the loony tunes quack science of the Zika “scientists” goes apoplectic, grasping for silly metaphors to try to obscure the fact that they are all stupid beyond belief. Via the WashPost:

“Now we’ve settled on Zika as the smoking gun, but we don’t know who pulled the trigger,” said Marques, speaking from Recife, where he is working with government researchers.

Huh? Wha? The metaphor doesn’t even make any sense.

Maybe the problem is too much f**king. Seriously, this is now part of their idiotic theory:

“Sexual habits and hygiene may also play a role,” he said, explaining that researchers are looking at whether sexual transmission can infect the uterus and placenta with the virus, potentially exposing the fetus to elevated risk. “We suspect the villain has an accomplice, but we don’t know who it is,” Marques said.

Huh? Didn’t anyone think to test the water?

I’m a real scientist saying all this

As you read all this, remember that I have rapidly become one of the world’s leading research scientists on the quantitation of cannabinoids in hemp extracts using mass spec instrumentation. I led the team that developed the most pioneering (and accurate) CBD mass spec analysis method in existence today. You can read about it at this link. I also routinely test water, food and environmental samples for heavy metals, pesticides and a multitude of chemical contaminants. When I say these Zika scientists are complete morons, that’s the educated opinion of an accomplished scientist correctly pointing out the lunacy of Zika scaremongering.

I could have solved this entire problem in the first few days by analyzing and detecting brain-damaging larvacide chemicals in the public water supply in Eastern Brazil. The entire project would have taken just a few days and cost almost nothing. Instead, Obama handed $1.8 billion to the vaccine companies in the midst of the Zika panic pushed by laughable rags like the Washington Post. It’s all a racket, of course, just like their coverage of elections and political candidates. Everything you read at the Washington Post is a deception of one kind or another. The paper exists solely to promote the propaganda of the state so that the population can be manipulated and controlled.

The Washington Post exists to terrorize the citizens with fascist propaganda parading as science

As you’ve also learned by now, the corrupt leftist establishment of junk science, criminal politicians and idiotic journalists isn’t interested in legitimate scientific solutions. They all function as extensions of a fascist state that must routinely terrorize its citizens with pandemic boogeyman scare stories in order to demand absolute obedience to the vaccine mandates that actually do damage the brains of children.

Thus, SCIENCE be damned. They’ve got an agenda to push, and it doesn’t matter to them whether that agenda is based on a single shred of real science. Zika is dangerous because they told you so, in exactly the same way they told you Hillary Clinton is totally honest, Obamacare would make health care more affordable, there’s no such thing as voter fraud in America, and GMOs and vaccines are really, really good for you.

So you can put down the DEET and stop poisoning your skin like an obedient idiot. Yes, it was all a scam. Yes, the official “science” was totally rigged. Yes, the media lied to you yet again. Yes, the CDC is a criminal racket. Yes, all the health “officials” were completely full of s**t. And no, Zika is not going to cause your babies to be born with shrunken heads. VACCINES, on the other hand, will most definitely cause brain damage, as they still contain mercury, a potent neurotoxin the Washington Post ridiculously insists becomes magically neutralized when you inject it into the body of a child.

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Zika hoax: strategy of liars, house of cards


Jon Rappoport
July 1, 2016

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.)

The entire platform of “proof” that the Zika virus causes a birth defect called microcephaly has descended into gibberish.

I’m not going to recapitulate all my Zika-hoax articles here. Suffice to say, researchers have only established a very weak correlation between the presence of Zika and the occurrence of microcephaly.

This weak correlation is actually evidence that Zika has nothing to do with microcephaly.

But now, we’re in the “expansion” phase. Medical bureaucrats at the CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO), knowing they’re standing on quicksand, knowing they’re nothing more than professional liars, are executing a familiar cover story.

They’re claiming that Zika causes a number of other conditions in babies. They’re ranging all over the map. Zika can cause smaller heads in babies with no brain damage, or brain damage without smaller heads? Or paralysis? Or who knows what else…

Later addiction to ice cream? The desire to play outdoors? Interest in cowboys and Indians? Love of Law&Order reruns?

By smearing the possible conditions Zika can cause from the North Pole to the tip of Argentina—with nothing more than very weak correlations in each instance—the plan is to give the impression that Zika is creating a great deal of damage.

But as I’ve pointed out, weak correlation A plus weak correlation B plus weak correlations C,D,E, and F equal overall Weak Correlation, not actual evidence of a causal connection.

Smoke and mirrors equals smoke and mirrors.

If researchers claimed that teenagers eating spinach caused the flu, and cited populations in France, England, Iceland, and New Zealand, where, respectively, 15%, 20%, 2%, and 10% of teens with flu had eaten spinach—and asserted that the “widespread” occurrence of flu-with-spinach was “proof” of a causal connection, you would see the fallacy and the fraud immediately.

So see the fraud here. It’s the same nonsense. The same absurdity.

And keep in mind the potential for big profits from a Zika vaccine.

“It’ll protect your baby from the effects of a virus that causes nothing.”

The birth defect called microcephaly is nothing new. Neither is the presence of the Zika virus, which was discovered in 1947 and has never been known to create more than mild transient discomfort.

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.


FDA Will Likely Release Genetically Modified Mosquitoes North of Key West

Julie Fidler
March 12, 2016

Genetically modified mosquitoes designed to limit the spread of the Zika virus will likely soon be unleashed in the southern United States, as the federal government said today decided to permit a field test in the Florida Keys.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said it had made a preliminary determination that the GM mosquitoes are unlikely to harm humans, animals, or the environment.

The agency’s Center for Veterinary Medicine said it found no significant impact for the trial of a method intended to reduce populations of the Aedes aegypti mosquito that spreads Zika, as well as chikungunya, and dengue among humans. The Florida Keys Mosquito Control District wants to conduct a trial of the mosquitoes, proposed by the British biotech firm Oxitec, in a small neighborhood north of Key West. [1]

Oxitec’s GM mosquitoes have already been released in South America, where Zika is expected to sicken an estimated 4 million people by the end of 2016.

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Zika Virus Fears Leading to Over Reaction

It’s official: the Zika outbreak sweeping Latin America is now a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. The World Health Organization has now declared it, so that’s that.

Source: TheInternationalForecaster
James Corbett
February 6, 2016

Don’t worry your pretty little microcephalitic head about it, though, they’re already convening meetings on the subject so you can just put your mind at ease and let the experts do their job. Just like they did during the bird flu scare, right? Or swine flu. Remember swine flu? On second thought, don’t remember that. This time it’s different. Trust them, they’re the experts.

In announcing the outbreak, WHO Dissemblar-General Margaret Chan said:

After a review of the evidence, the Committee advised that the recent cluster of microcephaly cases and other neurological disorders reported in Brazil, following a similar cluster in French Polynesia in 2014, constitutes an “extraordinary event” and a public health threat to other parts of the world.

In their view, a coordinated international response is needed to minimize the threat in affected countries and reduce the risk of further international spread.

Members of the Committee agreed that the situation meets the conditions for a Public Health Emergency of International Concern.
I have accepted this advice.

Let’s translate the WHO speak for the newbies, shall we?

An “extraordinary event” means “something we can piggy back on to spread fear, increase prestige, sell vaccines and generally profit from the panic.”

A “coordinated international response” entails more than just mobilizing 200,000 Brazilian army troops to go door to door in the “battle” against Zika-carrying mosquitoes. It means an “appropriately severe” reaction from the WHO so those mosquitoes (and the countries where they reside) know who’s boss.

And a Public Health Emergency of International Concern is, as I pointed out last year during the Ebola hype, “a legally-binding international agreement on disease prevention and control” which “allows for potential international coordination of the crisis and grants the WHO powers to obtain and share information about the crisis anywhere within the IHR territories with or without the consent of the individual governments involved,” up to and including boots-on-the-ground intervention by NATO and/or the US military if need be.
So now that we know the real stakes of what has just occurred here, let’s parse the hype from the straight dope about this Zika breakout.

Here’s what we are told: an outbreak of Zika virus in Brazil is causing babies to be born with debilitating birth defects and now the virus is spreading across the globe.

Here’s what we are not told: the Zika virus was first isolated in 1947 and is associated with fever, rash and joint pain which usually lasts 2-7 days and does not result in death. It has never been associated with microcephaly. There has been a minor increase in microcephaly cases reported in Brazil but also a massive over-reporting of potential cases. And there has been no demonstration of a link between Zika and microcephaly.

Do you see any difference in those two narratives? One of them gets featured on the nightly news and the other doesn’t. Two guesses which is which.

As viewers of my recent interview with Jon Rappaport will know by now, the number of cases of microcephaly — a severe neurological condition resulting in children born with abnormally small heads — in Brazil has been vastly over-reported. Since October, 4,783 cases have been identified but 709 of these cases have been confirmed negative (i.e. false reports). Most news organizations are interpreting this as meaning that there have been 4,074 cases of microcephaly in the last four months, certainly a dramatic spike over the country’s usual average of less than 200 cases per year. But in fact, 3,670 of these cases are still under investigation; only 404 cases of microcephaly (or “other alterations in the central nervous system”) have actually been confirmed. Even more strikingly, only 17 of those 404 cases have been found to be “related to the Zika virus,” although what precisely that relation entails has not been detailed. So in other words, there has been a slight increase in reports of microcephaly after a major widespread panic that has led to waves of hysteria and over-reporting. Nor has there been any demonstration of how these cases might be related to the Zika virus.

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The Truth About the Zika Virus: Jon Rappoport on The Corbett Report


You may have heard of the wave of birth defects that is ravaging Latin America as the globe gears up for another pandemic panic. But do you know how many of those cases of microcephaly have been confirmed? Or how many of those confirmed cases are said to be “related to” the Zika virus? Today Jon Rappaport of joins us to separate the truth from the hype with the Zika virus panic and discuss whether the WHO and the CDC are merely crying wolf yet again.

Zika: biggest news service in America absolutely clueless


Jon Rappoport
February 2, 2016

First, many thanks to great investigative reporter and researcher, Jim West, for help on this story.

Okay, here we go.

Of course, I’m talking about the Associated Press (AP)—and its recent coverage of the Zika story: January 27, “270 of 4,180 suspected microcephaly cases confirmed.”

AP actually had its hands on the most explosive information possible, it reported that information in one stunning paragraph, and then it let that paragraph sit there like a dead corpse. It didn’t do anything with it. Just another day at the office. Connect the dots? See the implications? Never heard of it.

To set this up, earlier in the story, AP revealed that Brazilian researchers have been re-checking their own work on Zika, and lo and behold, the original 4,180 cases of babies born with small heads and brain impairment (microcephaly) have turned out to be only 270.

The Brazilians are going through more records. But so far, the “epidemic” is not even close to an epidemic. The whole story that has spread all over the world was based on 4,180 cases. Without that number, there would have been no story.

The AP piece then goes on to revelation number two. This is even more stunning:

“Brazilian officials said the babies with the defect [microcephaly/small heads, brain damage] and their mothers are being tested to see if they had been infected. Six of the 270 confirmed microcephaly cases were found to have the [Zika] virus.” (emphasis added)

Hello, AP? Anyone home? Pick up. Don’t you see what you’re reporting? Don’t you get it?

So far, there are only six confirmed cases where a baby was born with microcephaly and also had the Zika virus. Six cases. That’s six.

And on that basis, health agencies and governments and media outlets all over the world are going crazy with warnings about the Zika virus.

There is absolutely no evidence that Zika is causing anything here. Zero evidence.

To even begin to think a virus is causing a condition, you must be able to show that the virus is present in the overwhelming majority of cases.

That test has not been passed re Zika. It has utterly failed thus far.

With this information, the Associated Press did nothing. They didn’t press the experts. They didn’t go anywhere. They didn’t ask questions. They reported the bombshell…and then they walked away.

There’s more. In their story, AP reaches out to a representative of the CDC. The subject is the number of microcephaly cases in the US every year. They’re doing a comparison between the US and Brazil. AP states:

“The United States, with about 4 million births a year, has an estimated 2,500 cases of microcephaly a year, said Margaret Honein, a CDC epidemiologist.”

The reader of the article shrugs and moves on. There’s only one problem. The CDC epidemiologist is dead wrong. Or the AP misprinted the number. Incompetently. Or on purpose. Who can say? I can’t, because although I phoned the AP yesterday and left a message about the egregious error, they haven’t gotten back to me. The AP error, you see, is this:

It isn’t 2,500 cases a year. It’s 25,000. As in thousand.

Every year in the US—and the conventional medical literature is very clear on this—there are 25,000 babies born with microcephaly.

(See “Practice Parameter: Evaluation of the child with microcephaly (an evidence-based review)”; Neurology 2009 Sep 15; 73(11) 887-897; Report of the Quality Standards Subcommittee of the American Academy of Neurology and the Practice Committee of the Child Neurology Society.)

Why is this significant? Because, obviously, the Zika virus isn’t the cause. In fact, the same literature states that any insult to the fetal brain during pregnancy can cause microcephaly. The mother falls down the stairs. She is severely malnourished. She ingests a poison, a street drug, a toxic medical drug.

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Zika Hoax – Five Things That Will Happens Next

Jon Rappoport
February 2, 2016

Microcephaly = babies born with small heads and brain impairment.

In previous articles, I established that the Zika virus uproar is a hoax. There was no reason to assume the number of Brazilian cases of microcephaly was extraordinary. There is no reason to assume the Zika virus has anything to do with microcephaly.

My previous quote:

“Now we have a January 27 Associated Press story out of Rio, published in SFGate: ‘270 of 4,180 suspected microcephaly cases confirmed.’ That’s called a clue, in case you’re wondering. Of the previously touted 4,180 cases of microcephaly in Brazil, the actual number of confirmed cases so far is, well, only 270. Bang. But wait, there’s more. AP: ‘Brazilian officials said the babies with the defect [microcephaly] and their mothers are being tested to see if they had been infected. Six of the 270 confirmed microcephaly cases were found to have the [Zika] virus.’ Bang, bang, bang. Out of all the microcephaly cases re-examined in Brazil, only six have the Zika virus. That constitutes zero proof that Zika has anything to do with microcephaly.”

But of course, The Machine is rolling and it will move forward. Also, a number of independent investigators are behind the curve. They are still assuming there is proof of a Zika-microcephaly “epidemic.” If there is proof, it is nowhere to be found yet.

Here are five things that will happen next.

One: Health agencies and reporters will mention cases of microcephaly in other countries, and they will automatically connect them to the Zika virus, or they will suggest there could be a connection. This baseless claim is part of the operation to build up the story and spread fear. Microcephaly can be caused by any insult to the brain during fetal development.

Two: There will be more stories about the rush to develop a vaccine against Zika, the virus that hasn’t been proved to cause anything serious.

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