WordPress Censorship

Zy Marquiez
November 10, 2016

Quick questions to people on WordPress:

1]: Has WordPress been limiting the amount of likes/comments any of you can make throughout the day?

2]: Has WordPress removed the ‘Create New Post’ button from the front of your page?

The first issue has been playing me for nigh two weeks, and didn’t say anything, although its annoying as hell because it prevents you from supporting other people putting out quality information.

The second issue just started today.  And the only way to create a new post is to go to a random old post, go to edit, and then from there go to the create new post button [that used to be on the front part of your blog as well] and proceed from there.

What’s going on?  Anyone know?  If this is a new ‘interface’ it sure as hell sucks, and its not efficient and its surely not conducive to sharing.

Anyone else having these issues?  Appreciate any feedback.

Why WordPress Is Appreciated So Much By Me

Zy Marquiez
July 10, 2016

“Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence.”
– Osho

“Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better.”
– Martin Luther King

As someone who appreciates conscious creative potential in many forms, WordPress is a breath of fresh air.

The countless ways in which people choose to express their creative consciousness is beyond volumous.

From photography, to painting, short stories, poetry, fashion, and more, WordPress has become a cornerstone of artists of all styles.

When seeing the sundry set of individuals which carry out their creativity, it helps drive me innumerable ways.  Bearing witness to all the fascinating creations people have put forth is quite remarkable.

In a way, the tidal wave of creativity that is being expressed has made it harder for individuals to congeal/conform and made it simpler for creativity to expand into uncharted territory.  This has helped foster an environment of community, participation and unfettered learning in myriad ways.  The great part is, it doesn’t stop there.

The actions each and every individual takes sharing their creative potential, like a growing wave heading towards the shore, increases with every new step individuals take.  Momentum has built, and built, and finally a sizeable wave has emerged with the signatures of all who’ve contributed to its growing potential.  The intriguing part is that, this wave can still grow larger.  That’s because the creative potential individuals possess has no limit.

People of all types and ages are serving up cosmic dishes of creativity that are inspiring people like myself, and many others.  This is intriguing to watch, and am very appreciate of people’s choice to contribute something they feel ought to be shared with the world.

Be it on wordpress, or in everyday  life, support of others who are contributing something positive to your life, or within your sphere is vital.

If there are people helping you thrive, or driving you to action and empowering you to empower yourself in the process, regardless if its within the realm of arts or not, let them know.  It’s the least we can do.

To all who are the fuel to my firestorm, many unending thanks.  You’ve helped drive me, and many others to strive for what each of our passions might be.  That’s invaluable.

Without you, not only would this world be far less creative, but also less fascinating.

And who would want a world like that?

Thank You

Zy Marquiez
July 1, 2016

“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin”
– Anthony Robbins

“Life is a journey, not a destination.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

First and foremost, want to say thank you to everyone who reads, follows & contributes to this blog through different venues.  Everyone who has shown support of all kinds is greatly appreciated.

The mere months have flown by, and it seems that every new day am meeting someone new who’s coming to terms with the strands within the matrix that revolves around us.  That’s very reassuring.

Helping people become cognizant of many issues is the whole point of this blog.  It’s the initial step though.   What people do with the information is up to them.

From its nascent stages, if this blog succeeded in just getting a handful of people to see some of the salient/pressing issues that affect us as individuals, and as global communities, then for me personally it would be a success.  After all, even if the actions carried out are merely a ‘drop in the bucket’, if a sizeable component of humanity followed the ‘each one, teach one’ adage, then the world would be begin to change considerably.  And the world is changing every single day with every new action individuals take.

Individuals are becoming highly curious and asking questions.

Individuals are closing the deleterious loops that are taking part in their lives, and striving for something better.  Something more meaningful.

Individuals are trusting their instincts on subject matters that are becoming more vital by the day, and following those leads to wherever they may lead.

Individuals are bringing down walls, and shedding the chains that have been taxing every part of their lives.

Individuals are planting all type of seeds in countless ways, and it’s very refreshing.

And this growing wave of change starts with you – the individual.

Find out what empowers you, and follow that path.  Grab hold of it, and don’t let it go, no matter what.

The world needs people who wish to bring about positive change, no matter how big or small.

What lies ahead in the journey humanity follows will all be dependent on our actions.  Let’s have those actions be significant, tangible, and empowering.

As we continue transitioning individually, and as a species into new horizons, let’s take solace that there are people that care out there.  There are people in the world striving their best to bring about positive change.  That is very encouraging.

Venture on into the pages of life writing stories that make a resounding difference.  Follow your inner voice – your consciousness.

Be calm, stay centered, and above all remember that you are here for a reason. 

Thank you for every single one of you that’s helped me realize mine.  Each and every one of you are greatly appreciated more than you know.