Vimanas & The 10 Million Year Old Secret – Michael Cremo

Source: DarkJournalist
Daneil Liszt
March 5, 2017

Ancient Vimana UFO Revelations and Artifacts From a Lost Civilization

In this fascinating episode packed with exciting information, Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt interviews the influential author of Forbidden Archaeology Michael Cremo on his controversial research into the dating of human origin, ancient civilizations and the potential widespread impact of Extraterrestrial cultures on human development.

Cremo’s groundbreaking research has been featured on NBC’s Television Special ‘The Mysterious Origins of Man” and on the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens TV Series. His diligent investigation into the subject of Prehistory turned up a series of anomalies that strongly suggest a much older date for the advent of humanity, including finely manufactured spheres uncovered in South Africa that date all the way back to a staggering two billion years!

Scientific Coverup

Cremo strongly disagrees with mainstream scientific and archaeological assertions that human beings got their primitive start as cave dwellers around 200,000 B.C. and have only had relatively high culture for six thousand years. He has catalogued shocking artifacts and physical evidence for over two decades that show not only was there an advanced pre-diluvian culture that existed far before recorded history, but that it was predated by 10 million years by the legacy of a sophisticated human society. He sees a massive cover up in scientific circles as their focus has steadily moved towards a limited scientific materialism in the last two hundred years.

The UFO Enigma and Ancient Sanskrit Accounts of Vimanas

Cremo has pieced together from early Sanskrit accounts the devastating impact of a high tech flying machine that existed in antiquity called a ‘Vimana’ by the ancients. According to the Ramayana and other Sanskrit accounts, vimanas were capable of projecting themselves into multiple places at once, in what today could be described as quantum superpositions. They were thereby impossible to defend against. This fascinating flying marvel was responsible for the devastation of Dwarka, an ancient paradise that resembles Plato’s description of the legendary Atlantis. The striking similarity between modern day UFO Sightings and the detailed ancient descriptions of the Vimana lets us know that whatever the UFO Phenomena represents it has been with humanity for a very long time.

A 6,000-Year-Old Viamana Found By The Military?

Was A 6,000-Year-Old Vimana really discovered by the military?  According to many, discoveries like this could never, and will never, be available to the general public.  Any evidence concerning the discovery of advanced technology will remain secret.

June 3, 2016

According to several reports, in 2012 8 soldiers allegedly participated in a top-secret mission in the desert of Afghanistan. Inside a cave, a Vimana or at least parts of the vimana were found.

The leaked report by the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service created for President Putin, speaks of the discovery of a mystery craft spotted by military personnel in Afganistan. Inside a cave, 8 soldiers discovered traces of advanced technology which ultimately led them towards the mystery craft.

The Vimanas are described in ancient sacred texts called the ‘Vedas’ as incredible flying ships that visited our planet over 6000 years ago. Interestingly, ancient cultures around the globe mentioned incredible stories where visitors from the heavens came down to Earth with similar ‘crafts.’

The vimana said to have been discovered in Afghanistan is believed to be between 5,000 and 6,000 years old. It has a sophisticated energy shield that has kept it safe for thousands of years.

Researchers who visited the site allegedly described the finding as a ‘Vimana’ encased in a ‘Time Well’. According to ancient accounts in  ‘The Mahabharata,’ a Vimana flying machines is said to measure twelve cubits in circumference, with four solid wheels. These ancient texts also depict sophisticated offensive mechanisms incorporated into the Vimana.

Reports indicate that the Vimana discovered in the cave belonged to one of the greatest religious leaders of ancient man. Its ‘rightful owner’ is the great prophet Zoroaster, founder of Zoroastrianism – the official religion of Persia and its distant subdivisions.

While many people indicate the story connecting eight soldiers, the cave and an ancient vimana is beyond bizarre, many people firmly believe that numerous pieces of advanced technology can be found scattered across the desert in what is today modern-day Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and as far as the Vimana discovered in a cave in Afghanistan the evidence is nonexistent.

However, this does not necessarily mean the above is a false report. It is well-known that throughout the last couple of decades there have been a number of discoveries that have directly contradicted the strict patterns set forth by mainstream scholars. History as we know it is incomplete, and there ar countless findings which indicate, without a doubt, that in the distant past of our planet, fascinating, and extremely sophisticated ancient civilizations existed on the planet. Maybe the ancient Vimana described in ancient Hindu texts are just one of the many pieces of lost technology ancient cultures around the globe had access to.

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