Trump puts RFK Jr – who has railed against a vaccine ‘holocaust’ – in charge of new commission on vaccine safety

Trump puts RFK Jr – who has railed against a vaccine ‘holocaust’ – in charge of new commission on vaccine safety
January 11, 2017

President-elect Donald Trump has tapped a Kennedy – and a vaccine skeptic – to run a new commission on the safety of vaccines.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. revealed his new role after a meeting at Trump Tower on Tuesday.

He said Trump had asked him to head a commission on ‘vaccine safety and scientific integrity’ and that he had agreed to do so.

Both Trump and Kennedy have have raised suspicions about vaccines despite their overwhelming support among scientists and physicians as a way to prevent the spread of deadly diseases that can infect infants and other children when the pool of protected people is diminished.

Kennedy said the purpose would be ‘to make sure we have scientific integrity in the vaccine process for efficacy and safety effects.’

The vaccine skeptic is the most prominent Democrat to accept an assignment from President-elect Trump

10-month-old suddenly suffers 14 seizures a day after receiving new meningitis vaccine, viral video spreads awareness

Image: 10-month-old suddenly suffers 14 seizures a day after receiving new meningitis vaccine, viral video spreads awareness
JD Heyes
January 9, 2017

A UK couple is furious after their infant son began to suffer as many as 14 violent seizures per day following a meningitis vaccine, and are sharing the shocking video footage online.

As reported by the UK’s Daily Mail, Luke Maguire, 25, and Louise McKever, 22, said they’ve taken their son, Bobby, to the hospital more than 55 times since he received all of his vaccines this past summer.

It’s yet another sad example of vaccine injury that the ‘mainstream’ media and Big Pharma will try to sweep under the rug.

The Daily Mail noted that the Bexsero Meningitis B vaccine has been administered to all babies in the UK since September 2015, and seizures are known to be a side effect. But the first-time parents say the vaccine has left their son suffering from other problems as well, including night terrors, allergies and stomach issues.

Mom and dad are not buying the government’s denial

Since they posted a clip of their son having one of his many seizures onto social media, it has been viewed more than 1.8 million times and shared nearly 28,000 times, the Daily Mail reported.

Little Bobby is now undergoing several tests, perhaps to rule out a complex genetic epilepsy disorder. But one expert in the condition who has seen the video footage says it is not likely that the seizures are related to the vaccine.

That, of course, is coming from the UK government.

The government’s regulatory agency also said there was “insufficient evidence” to link the meningitis B vaccine to the fits.

But the parents aren’t buy it.

“This vaccination shouldn’t be given to young babies—it is ruining their lives before they even start,” said Maguire, whose only child is Bobby. “The doctors need to do something. Parents should be told the risks and allowed to make up their own minds. They have the right to know, this is about their children.”

He went on to say that from the moment his son began having his seizures, he knew that it was caused by the vaccines. “He was such a happy baby and it has ruined his life,” he added.

Maguire said his son began experiencing his seizures on the very day he received his eight-week vaccinations, when his temperature spiked suddenly and “he went floppy and unresponsive.”

He says he has made a personal commitment to ensure that no other parents will have to suffer like he and his partner, and that no other children have to suffer like Bobby.

Maguire said he understood that most people would not speak out publicly out of fear of being labeled crazy or ‘anti-vaccine,’ but he said he could not stay silent because he wanted to be a voice on behalf of parents. If a child died and he had chosen to remain silent, he said, “I couldn’t live with myself.”

“We are only basing our actions on what we see has happened to our son—not what anyone else says, but how Bobby has changed,” noted Maguire.

This vaccine is only about 73 percent effective

His son received his first does of Bexsero Meningitis B vaccine at eight weeks, then a follow-up dose at 16 weeks.  The couple said they immediately became concerned about their son right after the 16-week injection.

They were forced to call for emergency medical service after waking up and discovering that Bobby was gasping for air, turning blue and experiencing full-body twitches. His seizures began about 10 days later, the couple said, and he experiences an average of four-to-seven of them per day.

Seizures can cut off oxygen to the brain, causing damage and long-term disability.

At present, the couple said, their son is on another medication that is controlling his seizures, so he has not had one for weeks. But they say all of the testing done thus far to determine why he might be having them—CT scan, MRI, EEG—have all come back negative.

And there is this: The Daily Mail reported that the vaccine for meningitis is only about 73 percent effective.

What’s more, patient information that accompanies the Bexsero vaccine says uncommon side effects for infants and small children can include high fevers, seizures from high fevers, skin rashes and vomiting.

One expert who saw the video of one of Bobby’s seizures said he may be experiencing a tonic-clonic seizure, which could be the result of a rare genetic disorder known as Dravet syndrome, or an early-age brain disorder.

The “official” reaction—both from the government and from the vaccine maker—is one of denial. This couldn’t be the fault of a vaccine that a) the manufacturer says is okay; and b) the government has mandated. Of course not.

But the parents aren’t fooled, here. They know exactly what is causing their son’s seizures. And it’s got to be frustrating to them that nobody is listening to them or believes them.

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Is What You Know Based On Knowledge Or Belief?


Zy Marquiez
June 30, 2016

“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.”
– George Bernard Shaw

“Dangers lurk in all systems.  Systems incorporate the unexamined beliefs of their creators.  Ad opt a system, accept its beliefs, and you help strengthen the resistance to change.”
– Frank Herbert

Knowledge is a wonderful thing.  Knowledge allows us to apply our bests selves forth,  it allows us to glean an understanding in to situation we otherwise could not if we were ignorant, and even better, it allows us to live life to the fullest, among other things.

In its simplest form, knowledge is defined as:

acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles, as from study or investigation; general erudition: knowledge of many things. 

Ultimately, how knowledge is applied is up to the individual.  Be it for righteous or nefarious purposes, knowledge itself is a tool.

Then there is the concept of belief.  Belief is interesting term.  Belief, like knowledge, can be used for countless things, positive or negative.

Belief is defined as:

something believed; an opinion or conviction

By its very nature, if something is believed it is not fact.    There is no problem with that as long as an individual can understand the tenet wholeheartedly.

The problem arises when people substitute belief for knowledge.  That can be overwhelmingly detrimental.

By way of personal example, well over a decade ago, it was my belief that vaccines were safe and effective.

What was this belief based on?   It was based on the constant repetition of this belief by doctors, media, and even parents.    Predictably, in the media, no studies were ever discussed at length if at all, nor are they now.  Some might know that as a clue.

This entire belief structure followed by doctors, nurses, teachers, parents, etc. all hinged on the honesty of the pharmaceutical representatives, which hinged on the ‘honesty’ of the scientists and corporations running the studies.  In hindsight, that’s a prodigious amount of belief stemming from one source, and nobody dared question it.

The unfortunate part is, that this is exactly how the system still operates today.  Everyone taking everyone’s word, nobody ever doing any investigation.  Except thankfully there are medical insiders that have realized the entire medical system is built on a house of cards and have spoken at length about it, such as Dr. Ghislaine Lanctot, author of [The Medical Mafia], Dr. Kelly Broggan [author of A Mind Of Your Own – The Truth About Depression], Dr. Peter Breggin [author of Toxic Psychiatry], Dr. Russell Blaylock [author of Natural Strategies For Cancer Patients], Dr. Suzanne Humphries [author of Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines & The Forgotten History], Dr .John Abramson [author of Overdo$ed America – The Broken Promise Of American Medicine] and countless others.

All roads led to more questions, and that fueled my personal quest for truth.  A search for knowledge hasn’t stopped. 

The deeper the search done by me went, the more it was embarrassingly apparent that everyone was just repeating what everyone else was just saying:  that vaccinations were always safe and effective.  But was it really true?  Did any of these individuals questioned at the time by me ever look at studies or read books extensively on the subject?  Negative.  Not one.  Even these days in the information age it’s rare when people actually research something at more than a cursory glance.

Of course, those who have done their homework realize this pervasive belief system stems from the very apex of the Medical Industrial Complex.

My presumption at the time was that all of these people in society knew what they were talking about.  Everyone that wasn’t doctors [parents, public officials, teachers, etc.] were just regurgitating the information they were told.  Nobody every looked at the data.  And the Doctors?  They were just repeating what they were told by the pharmaceutical representatives, who were just being told what to say by the scientists.  Nobody was reading studies or seeking to learn information. 

That’s the power of knowledge belief; everyone thinks they know.

After it became apparent to me that Big Pharma was responsible – at least in part – for the inculcation of such a belief, it fueled me to no end.  Big Pharma should be helping the populace, not lacing propaganda in every direction with questionable data at best, and downright deception at the worst.

The question still remained: why was a belief in vaccines being safe and effective, at its core, a belief?  Because it can’t satisfy the parameters of knowledge.

How is that so?  If we know that knowledge is the acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles, as from study or investigation, then it had to be possible for me to show the inefficiency and lack of safety of vaccinations.

Through extensive research, this is exactly what took place.

The more the veil of deception was pierced, the easier it was to see how convoluted the whole system of Big Pharma was inherently constructed.

Instead of asking people what they believed, it became apparent that it was up to me – the individual – to seek the knowledge that was to be gleaned, to either confirm, or deny, that vaccinations were safe and effective.  Such was only prudent given that the health of a possible future child at the time could be affected forever.

At any rate, the first major blow that began deconstructing Big Pharma’s credibility was becoming familiar with the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act [NVCIA].

What did the NVCIA entail?  At its core, it’s a law that was passed to protect Big Pharma from damages arising from vaccine-related injury or death associated with vaccinationsIt essentially grants Big Pharma immunity from prosecution.  That’s called a BIG CLUE.

When querying a Doctor many years ago, she stated that the issue at the time – and this has been mentioned by many other sensible doctors/individuals – was that pharmaceutical companies were getting far too many lawsuits from vaccinations.  Had the subject not been known to me, it would seem odd, because the belief was that vaccinations are safe.  But having already dug up evidence that such was not the case, beginning with autism, it made a lot of sense that some large impetus would be the case for why the NVCIA was passed.  It was all about money.  Billions in fact.

Its ironic, because if vaccines were really safe, government protection via law would not be needed.

Delving further into the subject, another part of the system that became known to me was the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System [VAERS].  This system is run by the FDA and the CDC.

However, how many people know that this reporting system even exists?  It wasn’t known to me, nor anyone that was queried at the time, and it rarely is known today, except with people who have looked thoroughly into the subject.

What’s the problem with not knowing about VAERS?  If parents/people don’t know about this system, how can they ever make a reliable adverse reaction report about vaccinations?  If they can’t make a reliable report, how can we know the efficacy of vaccinations on the whole?  They can’t.

A salient example shared in one of Jon Rappoport’s blogs  [], which couples with the info at hand, was reported by Barbara Loe Fisher:

“But how many children have [adverse] vaccine reactions every year? Is it really only one in 110,000 or one in a million who are left permanently disabled after vaccination? Former FDA Commissioner David Kessler observed in 1993 that less than 1 percent of doctors report adverse events following prescription drug use. [See DA Kessler, ‘Introducing MEDWatch,’ JAMA, June 2, 1993: 2765-2768]

“There have been estimates that perhaps less than 5 or 10 percent of doctors report hospitalizations, injuries, deaths, or other serious health problems following vaccination. The 1986 Vaccine Injury Act contained no legal sanctions for not reporting [via VAERS]; doctors can refuse to report and suffer no consequences.

“Even so, each year about 12,000 reports are made to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System [VAERS]; parents as well as doctors can make those reports. [See RT Chen, B. Hibbs, ‘Vaccine safety,’ Pediatric Annals, July 1998: 445-458]

“However, if that number represents only 10 percent of what is actually occurring, then the actual number may be 120,000 vaccine-adverse events. If doctors report vaccine reactions as infrequently as Dr. Kessler said they report prescription-drug reactions, and the number 12,000 is only 1 percent of the actual total, then the real number may be 1.2 million vaccine-adverse events annually.”

As you can see, due to the infrequency of the reporting within the VAERS, the number of adverse reactions to vaccinations could be prodigious.

Consequently, it’s impossible to know how big the issue is.

This was yet another example which  helped me as an individual glean a modicum of truth where only beliefs stood.

Having conducted my own research, which is still ongoing to this day, it has become blatant that what was passed off as knowledge, was in fact based on belief.

The great thing is that information is becoming available every single day for those willing to search for it.

In fact, a more recent book that has added more fuel to the fire is, Thimerosal – Let The Science Speak – The Evidence Supporting The Immediate Removal Of Mercury – A Known Neurotoxin From Vaccines by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  The book has hundred of data points reflecting the ongoing issues with vaccinations containing thimerosal, which unfortunately is a neurotoxin.

Sifting methodically and relentlessly through all the information available, regardless of the topic, is the only sensible way an individual can go from believing something, to knowing it.

That makes all the difference in the world.

After all, as an inquiring individual, do you want to believe something works?   Or do you want to know?

Scientists Hoped To Increase Vaccine Rates by Publicizing Side Eeffects; Instead People Chose NOT To Vaccinate

David Gutierrez
June 27, 2016

In a recent study published in the journal Vaccine, researchers from the University of Missouri had hypothesized that directing people to information on vaccine side effect reports would reassure people that reported side effects are rare and may have nothing to do with vaccination at all. This would then make people more likely to get the vaccine in question.

“One of the issues in vaccine acceptance is trust,” researcher Laura Scherer said. “Individuals, parents and vaccine opponents lack trust that doctors and the government have done sufficient research to validate the safety of vaccines. By educating participants about the VAERS system, we thought that this might increase trust that the Centers for Disease Control [and Prevention (CDC)] are doing everything that they can to research and document vaccine harms.”

Instead, the researchers found that letting people read the side effect reports made them less trustful of vaccines and the CDC, and less likely to get vaccinated.

Are more informed patients less likely to vaccinate?

The study was conducted on more than 1,200 people who were eligible to receive the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. One-third of the participants were provided with the standard vaccine statement that all patients are supposed to receive before getting the HPV shot. Another third were provided with the vaccine statement, plus information on the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) and a summary showing that in 2013, there were 31 serious adverse events reported among 10 million HPV vaccinations: 24 reports of disability and 7 reports of death. The final third received everything the second group received, plus detailed accounts of the 31 cases.

The VAERS is a safety reporting system developed by the CDC. It allows anyone to report any adverse event that happens following a vaccination, without needing to prove that the vaccine caused the effect. The database is available online for anyone to view.

“Since anyone can report anything to VAERS for any reason, the VAERS reports contain incidents of serious adverse events that may not have anything to do with the vaccine,” Scherer said. “We thought that by having people read the actual reports, they would see that there are very few reported serious events, and that the vaccine may not have even caused the event. Taken together, we felt this might make participants feel more assured that vaccines are safe—but in fact, what we found was the opposite.”

Participants who received the VAERS report summary reported being slightly more likely to get the HPV vaccine than those who only received the vaccine statement. But participants who read the adverse event reports were less likely to vaccinate, and reported decreased trust in CDC promises of vaccine safety.

Mistrust in health agencies fuels vaccine refusal

Notably, vaccine mistrust increased even among participants who didn’t think the HPV vaccine had even caused the adverse events they read about.

“When participants read the incident reports, there was a marked reduction in their willingness to vaccinate—even though most participants believed the vaccines caused few or even none of the deaths,” Scherer said. “Stories about vaccine harms can influence vaccine acceptance even when people don’t completely believe them.”

The findings build on prior research showing that people become less likely to vaccinate when they think public health agencies are exaggerating the safety of vaccines. A 2014 study in the Journal of Risk Research found that during Israel’s 2013 polio outbreak, many parents who normally complied with all vaccine recommendations refused to give their children the extra course of polio vaccine recommended by the government.

The most common reasons cited for refusal were concerns about vaccine safety and a feeling that the government had not really explained the need for the extra vaccine. Parents were particularly turned off by assurances that there were “zero side effects,” interpreting such blanket statements as patently false and condescending.

Sources for this article include:

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Breakaway Links Of The Day – June 10, 2016

Zy Marquiez
June 11, 2016

Here are yesterday’s links.

Please note that there a few alternative health tips in some of the links below.

Have a great weekend.

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6/9/2016 – Global Earthquake Forecast – Seismic Activity Spreading Worldwide From West Pacific

Do 5 Million Americans Really Have Bipolar Disorder?
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The Ultimate Antibiotic: Oregano…Why You Should Get Some Now To Help Protect You During Hard Times
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Whistleblower: EPA Officials Covered Up Toxic Emissions From Fracking For Years
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Hillary’s “Historic Win” Makes Things Worse, Not Better

PRESS RELEASE:  Vaccine Safety Documentary Pulled From East End Film Festival Amid Outside Pressure
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WHO, CDC, GACVS Mislead On HPV Vaccine Safety, Alleges MD In Open Letter
GMI Reporter
January 19, 2016

Those whose names appear in my complaint and any who blindly dismiss valid safety concerns in order to continue promoting HPV vaccinations should be held accountable for their actions. There is no excuse for intentionally ignoring scientific evidence. There is no excuse for misleading global vaccination policy makers at the expense of public health interests. There is no excuse for such a blatant violation of the public trust.”
– Dr. Lee

Allegations of Scientific Misconduct by GACVS/WHO/CDC Representatives et al

An open-letter of complaint to the Director-General of the World Health Organization, Dr. Margaret Chan

Cc: The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan, Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan, Thomas Frieden, Director CDC,
Vice-Chancellor, Professor Stuart McCutcheon, The University of Auckland, s.mccutcheon@auckland,

From: Sin Hang Lee, MD Date: January 14, 2016
Dear Dr. Chan:

As a medical doctor and scientist, I write to present grave concerns regarding the conduct of certain members of the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety (GACVS), the World Health Organization, the CDC and other scientific/health professionals during the time shortly before the public hearing on HPV Vaccine Safety which was held in Tokyo, Japan on February 26, 2014. I have come into possession of documentation which leads me to believe multiple individuals and organizations deliberately set out to mislead Japanese authorities regarding the safety of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines, Gardasil® and Cervarix®, which were being promoted at that time.

I am sure you are well aware of the controversy currently surrounding these vaccines on a global level. I am also sure you are aware of the fact that public confidence in national and international health authorities is at an all time low throughout the world.

Should the information in this letter prove to be accurate, nothing short of an immediate independent investigation resulting in appropriate disciplinary actions for those involved will be able to restore the public trust. Therefore, I implore you to act quickly and decisively regarding this critical public health issue.

FOI Request and Significant Related Communications

A series of emails recently uncovered via a Freedom of Information request submitted in New Zealand revealed evidence that Dr. Robert Pless, the chairperson of the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety (GACVS), Dr. Nabae Koji of the Ministry of Health of Japan, Dr. Melinda Wharton of the CDC, Dr. Helen Petousis-Harris of Auckland University, New Zealand, and others (including WHO officials) may have been actively involved in a scheme to deliberately mislead the Japanese Expert Inquiry on human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine safety before, during and after the February 26, 2014 public hearing in Tokyo. I believe the information supplied by this group led directly to the issuance of the GAVCS statement on the continued safety of HPV vaccination on March 12, 2014 which contains the following paragraph:

“Several papers have also been published pertaining to the finding of HPV L1 gene DNA fragments in clinical specimens following HPV vaccination [13, 14]. These papers claimed an association with clinical events of an inflammatory nature, including cerebral vasculitis. While the GACVS has not formally reviewed this work, both the finding of DNA fragments in the HPV vaccine and their postulated relationship to clinical symptoms, have been reviewed by panels of experts. First, the presence of HPV DNA fragments has been addressed by vaccine regulatory authorities who have clearly outlined it as an expected finding given the manufacturing process, and not a safety concern [15]. Second, the case reports [13] of adverse events hypothesized to represent a causal association between the HPV L1 gene DNA fragments and death

were flawed in both clinical and laboratory methodology [16]. The paper described 2 fatal cases of sudden death in young women following HPV vaccine, one after 10 days and one after 6 months, with no autopsy findings to support death as result of cerebral vasculitis or an inflammatory syndrome. Thus the hypotheses raised in these papers are not supported by what is understood about the residual DNA fragments left over following vaccine production [17]: given the extremely small quantities of residual HPV DNA in the vaccine, and no evidence of inflammation on autopsy, ascribing a diagnosis of cerebral vasculitis and suggesting it may have caused death is unfounded.” (the references 13-17 quoted were those listed in the GACVS Statement)

I believe this paragraph to be deceitful based on the following analysis:

The first sentence, “Several papers have also been published pertaining to the finding of HPV L1 gene DNA fragments in clinical specimens following HPV vaccination [13, 14]” was apparently constructed for dissembling and designed to mislead. The study in reference 13 [Tomljenovic L, Shaw CA. Death after Quadrivalent Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccination: Causal or Coincidental? Pharmaceut Reg Affairs 2012, S12:001] was about HPV L1 VLPs. The authors of reference 13 never mentioned HPV L1 gene DNA fragments at all. Dr. Pless knew the difference between HPV L1 VLPs and HPV L1 gene DNA fragments because in his February 18, 2014 email addressed to Dr. Helen Petousis-Harris and the others involved in this scheme, Dr. Pless specifically asked Dr. Petousis-Harris to address her “statement regarding the alleged role of aluminum binding to DNA fragments and subsequent effects.” (see copy of February 18, 2014 email attached- It was not about HPV L1 VLPs). One cannot help but conclude that Dr. Pless intentionally put these two unrelated articles together and claimed that both articles studied HPV L1 gene DNA fragments in order to mislead the non-scientific readers and vaccination policy makers.

The second sentence, “These papers claimed an association with clinical events of an inflammatory nature, including cerebral vasculitis” is not true because the author in reference 14 (Lee, SH. Detection of human papillomavirus L1 gene DNA fragments in postmortem blood and spleen after Gardasil® vaccination—A case report. Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology, 2012, 3, 1214-1224) never claimed clinical events of an inflammatory nature, including cerebral vasculitis. Dr. Pless in fact mis- states the author’s words in this document apparently to create a target to attack.

When the facts don’t fit – simply change them?

The purpose of Dr. Pless intentionally combining two unrelated studies and two unrelated chemicals shows up in the following sentence: “the finding of DNA fragments in the HPV vaccine and their postulated relationship to clinical symptoms, have been reviewed by panels of experts”. Who were these panels of experts? Dr. Pless presented none of their names.

The sentence “Second, the case reports [13] of adverse events hypothesized to represent a causal association between the HPV L1 gene DNA fragments and death were flawed in both clinical and laboratory methodology [16],” is a blatant misrepresentation of the facts. The authors quoted in Reference #13 never presented any data on HPV L1 gene DNA fragments. Reference #16 never reviewed the potential harm of HPV L1 gene DNA fragments in the HPV vaccines when injected into humans.

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Dr. Toni Bark, M.D. – Do Not Remove Vaccine Exemptions – Some Children Die from Vaccines


Letter Sent To Oregon Senator Ferrioli

By: Dr. Toni Bark

I trained as a pediatric intern at Bellevue NYU and then in Rehab medicine. I quickly was offered the directorship of the pediatric emergency room at Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago.

While I had initially been furious if parents came in and were not up to date on their children’s vaccines, this attitude changed. And changed drastically.

I began to see patterns. Children who were seen in the vaccine clinic would then come to our ER with seizures, respiratory arrest and asthma attacks. I began to realize, not all children respond well to vaccination and in fact, some die.

It wasn’t until my masters program in disaster management at BU, which I began in 2010 and finished in 2012, did I begin to see the fraudulent nature of how vaccines are being marketed and the corruption in the advisory committees.

I had not even been made aware of the federal vaccine court. I had no idea vaccine recipients who were damaged or killed from vaccines had zero recourse with the manufacturer or physician.

Vaccine manufacturers enjoy full immunity from law suits of any kind, including defective design (as opined by Scalia in Feb 2011) as they are legally listed as “unavoidably unsafe”.

The vaccine court is almost a secret. They have paid out 3 billion dollars since it’s inception in 1986. The vaccine adverse events reporting system is also not well advertised and the government admits it probably only receives 10 percent of the adverse events which occur.

We mandate more vaccines than any other country. We also have the worst infant mortality rate of any first, second, and even some third world countries.

I am 55, so I only received a handful of vaccines. Today, infants receive 14 different vaccines by age of 1 and by age 18, that number is 58 and in some states with flu vaccine mandates, that number is much higher.

A note on the flu vaccine mandates. New Jersey and Connecticut were the first states to mandate flu vaccine for all preschoolers and school age children, annually. This has done nothing to reduce flu cases in their states.In fact, both states are in the highest grouping for flu every year.

While most people do just fine with vaccination, a small percentage do not. And I mean, really do not. Vaccination product inserts describe encephalitis as a possible outcome along with guillan barre paralysis.

Most parents or doctors (for that matter) do not start out “anti-vaccine”, their stance is changed once they have a child who is permanently and profoundly damaged by a vaccine. They then decide no more for that child and no more for their next children.

And they are correct in making that decision.

Genetics, epigenetics and timing can have a great influence on vaccine adverse events. No one drug at one dose is right for everyone and to assume it is, is foolishness.

It is evident from numerous federal cases against many pharmaceutical companies, drug study data is hidden, manipulated and even manufactured. Why is this hard to believe when it comes to vaccine studies?

While I wrote for my masters, I uncovered serious issues with vaccine trials, safety, being one of them. All vaccine safety studies are using false placebos to compare adverse events. The HPV vaccine (which is no longer governmentally recommended in Japan, France and Israel due to serious reactions including deaths) used the new aluminum adjuvant as the placebo. The Prevner safety study, used an experimental meningitis C vaccine.

All the independent Cochrane meta-analysis on vaccine studies end the same way: safety studies are needed in order to assess risk/benefit ratios. There are over 200 new vaccines in the pipeline and as those before them, they will all be approved and recommended which will turn to mandates. When is enough, enough?

After Nazi Germany, the Nuremberg laws were changed to forbid forced medical procedures. The Helsinki accord is very clear; all patients have the right to informed consent prior to medical procedures.

There is no informed consent for vaccination as it is, we really should not be moving backwards.

I am more than willing to send you any studies, to speak to you, or even to fly out and give a presentation.

About Dr. Toni Bark

Dr. Bark received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from The University of Illinois in 1981 and her medical degree from Rush Medical School in 1986.

Dr. Bark completed her Pediatric Residency training at the University of Illinois, Chicago, in 1991, and trained at New York University in Pediatrics from 1986 through 1987 and Rehabilitation Medicine from 1987 through 1988. Immediately post-residency, Dr. Bark worked as attending staff in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit at Michael Reese Hospital. She then took a position as the Director of the Pediatric Emergency Room at Michael Reese Hospital until 1993 when her commitment to natural remedies led her to begin her study of Holistic Medicine.

She has maintained a private practice in Homeopathy for more than fifteen years and was the Medical Director for the integrative Medicine department of Advocate Health Care Systems at Good Shepherd Hospital from June of 2000 until July of 2003.

In 2012 Dr. Bark was bestowed the honor of becoming the 2nd Vice President of the American Institute of Homeopathy (AIH). She also received her Masters in Healthcare Emergency Management (MHEM) from Boston University Medical School that same year.

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