Small Urban Farm in Dallas Grows Food and Transforms Community

Source: GrowingYourGreens
July 1, 2017

John from visits Bonton Farm, in South Dallas, in an area that is a food desert. You will discover what they are growing at bonton to feed the local Dallas community and what they are doing to bring back vitality to the community.

First, John will take you on a tour of Bonton Farm to show you what is growing. You will learn some of the crops that are doing well at Bonton farms, and some of the techniques they are using to grow the food. You will learn more about eco-logical farming where they are doing a no-till method of growing food.

Next, you will discover how fertility is added to the land, and how goats, pigs, chickens and bees are used on the property.

Finally, John will interview Patrick, the Director of Sales at the farm and former farm manager.

18:06 Interview with Patrick of Bonton Farm
18:35 How did the farm start?
20:17 How has the farm helped you in your life?
21:04 How has the farmed helped the community?
21:40 Why buys your food that is grown at Bonton farm?
22:38 Why dont give out your food to the local community?
24:14 Tell me more about the Bonton community?
25:25 How is this farm helping with the Food Desert problem?
27:20 How many people does the Bonton farm employ?
27:27 What do you like most about your job at Bontom Farm?
29:28 How can someone come out and see the farm or volunteer?
30:14 What future vision do you see for the farm and how can the farm help more people?
32:05 Will Bonton farms help other farms in food deserts start their farm?
34:19 Any final comments or thoughts for my viewers today?
37:17 What is the link to the Bonton Farm Web site?

After watching this episode, you will learn more about how land can be used for the good of the people to build community and grow food at the same time.