Breakaway Links Of The Day – 4-20-2016 – Glyphosate, Cannabis, Tesla Technology & More

Zy Marquiez
April 20, 2016

The noxious glyphosate is found to have contaminated myraid foods, including some non-genetically modified ones, while Cannabis gets legalized in another state.

Along with that, another high profile individual speaks about the damage vaccines caused to a loved one, while Tesla’s wireless energy technology is in the news again.

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These Could Cause Alzheimer’s – Are You Eating Them?
[ ]

Pennsylvania Becomes 24thState To Legalize Medical Marijuana
A very positive development given how many people keep suffering in our corrupt for-profit medical system. 
[ | Julie Fidler]

Former NBC Boss Asserts His Grandson Damaged By Vaccines
More folks are realizing what others have known all along. 
[ | Jon Rappoport]

Criminal Bankers & Icelandic Justice – F. William Engdahl
[ | F. William Engdahl

Why Are Purple Foods Good For You?  Learn The Science…
[ | David Gutierrez]

Tesla’s Wireless Broadcast Power System Vindicated
[ | Dr. Joseph P. Farrell]

Medical Prepping Quick Tip
This is for anyone who’s interested in common sense medical preparedness.
[Reality Survival | J.J. Johnson]

EXCLUSIVE:  Quaker Instant Oatmeal & Silk Non-GMO Soy Milk Found Contaminated With Alarming Levels Of Glyphosate Weed Killer…And They Are Not Even Genetically Modified Foods!
[ | Mike Adams]