Transplanting Indoor Seedlings into Larger Containers // $10 Garden Series #2, Season 2

Source: Garden&HomeDIY
March 12, 2017

Transplanting indoor seedings into larger containers is an important step so they have the nutrients and the space they need to grow strong and healthy until they go outdoors in your garden. I share the quick and simple steps and some special nutrients to add to your potting mix to give your seedlings a boost.

Frost Protection For Your Transplants: Fast & Easy Use of Cups & Plastic Bags

Source: TheRustedGarden
Gary Pilarchik
March 3, 2017

Well… we push the limits and sometimes frost rolls in. These are two effective ways to really give your young plants and transplants a few degrees of frost protection. It is a fast and easy way to protect your plants.

Garden Tour 1: Out of Winter Hibernation, Green Growth and Using Lettuce Transplants

Source: TheRustedGarden
February 27, 2017

My first garden tour for 2017. Woohoo! It is out of hibernation. Lots of edible greens and broccoli survived. I clean up my containers and get the transplant lettuces and greens into them. This is actually day 1 for me for 2017 minus seed starting indoors.. Might as well start the tours from the beginning.

My Community Plot 2016 E-6: Building & Filling Raised Beds, Asparagus Transplants, An Organic Feed

Source: TheRustedGarden
Gary Pilarchik
December 5, 2016

This is the last video in my community plot series for 2016. I show you how to build, fill and plant a raised bed, transplant asparagus and winterize the garden with an organic feeding of fertilizer. Basically clean it up, feed it, turn it and come spring my beds are ready to grow.

Planting (Cool Weather) Radishes, Lettuces, Kale, Mustard Greens, Peas & Beets: Seeds & Transplants

Source: TheRustedGarden
Gary Pilarchik
September 13, 2016

These plants love cool weather! This is an all organic planting of radishes (by seed). Lettuces, Kale, Mustard Greens, Beets and Peas go in as transplants. I am using bagged compost and organic fertilizer. I show you the ground prep, fertilizing and planting of these crops. Lots of tips as I talk.

Growing Cucumbers: Trellises, Preparing the Planting Bed & Using Transplants – TRG 2016

Source: TheRustedGarden
Gary Pilarchik
May 31, 2016

Start your cucumbers, squash and zucchini in containers/cups about 4 weeks before they would go into warm ground. I use composted manure, humus and manure or similar to prepare the planting area. Cucumbers are heavy feeders. I also show you 5 different ways to grow them on a variety of trellises.

How and When to Transplant Your Seedlings

Source: GrowingYourGreens
April 22, 2016

John from shares with you how he transplants his seedlings from 6 packs into larger 4″ containers that he will later plant in his garden once he has the space.

In this episode, you will learn why you should transplant your seedlings, and when to transplant your seedlings. John will also share his techniques for transplanting seedlings.

Finally, John will share how he is growing his newly transplanted seedlings in 4″ pots to conserve water.

After watching this episode, you will better understand how and why you may want to move your seedlings up to a larger pot size instead of planted them directly into your garden.

TRG 2016: Separating My Leek and Onion Transplants & Planting Them: Not too Deep & Water!

Source: The Rusted Garden
April 18, 2016

I show you how to separate and prepare the onion and leek transplants I started from seed around January. Once separated, I show you how to plant them. Don’t plant them too deep and water everyday for a week.