How to Grow Large 1-2+ Pound Tomatoes (2of6): Pruning, Staking, Mulching & Feeding

Source: TheRustedGarden
May 29, 2017

Is This Food a Cancer Killer?

May 17, 2017

New research is indicating a common food might help the fight of one of the world’s most common cancers. Also learn about ways you can help prevent the most common form of arthritis and find out how you can also help cut the duration of the common cold!

A Quick Hot-House Cage for Container Tomatoes & Peppers: A 5 Gallon Set Up for Faster Growth!

Source: TheRustedGarden
April 16, 2017

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This is an effective way to build a hot-house cage around your container tomatoes and peppers. Get them out 4-6 weeks early. Protect them frost, create a warm micro climate and get them growing, flowering and producing 4-6 weeks early.

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