A Quick Hot-House Cage for Container Tomatoes & Peppers: A 5 Gallon Set Up for Faster Growth!

Source: TheRustedGarden
April 16, 2017

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This is an effective way to build a hot-house cage around your container tomatoes and peppers. Get them out 4-6 weeks early. Protect them frost, create a warm micro climate and get them growing, flowering and producing 4-6 weeks early.

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Growing Tomatoes and Cucumbers Indoors UPDATE #3: Hand Pollination // Growing Your Indoor Garden #9

Source: Garden&HomeDIY
February 12, 2017

My tomatoes and cucumbers are growing like crazy indoors! UPDATE: I show you how to hand pollinate and the difference between male and female flowers. Links to all the supplies used in this video are listed below.

Growing Tomatoes and Cucumbers Indoors with Simple Grow Lights // Growing Your Indoor Garden #6

Source: Garden&HomeDIY
January 21, 2017

Growing tomatoes and cucumbers indoors with a simple grow light set up is a lot of fun – join me as I share the process with you! I will be posting updates on on indoor pollinating and caring for the plants as they grow. Subscribe so you don’t miss the updates!