Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
July 4, 2016

In the past few years it’s become my custom here either to refrain from blogging, or simply to post readings from America’s historical founding documents, on the Fourth of July, and with the BREXIT referendum in the United Kingdom, a revolt against out of touch, unelected bureaucrats in Brussels laying waste and ruin to European culture, I think the following readings are worth consideration:


“Mr. Adam’s sine qua non of a good government is three balancing powers, whose repelling qualities are to produce equilibrium of interests, and thereby promote the happiness of the whole community. He asserts that the administrators of every government, will ever be actuated by views of private interest and ambition, to the prejudice of the public good; that therefore the only effectual method to secure the rights of the people and to promote their welfare, is to create an opposition of interests between the members of two distinct bodies, in the exercise of the powers of government, and balanced by those of a third. This hypothesis supposes human wisdom competent to the task of instituting three co-equal orders in government, and a corresponding weight in the community to enable them respectively to exercise their several parts and whose views and interests should be so distinct as to prevent a coalition of any two of them for the destruction of the third. Mr. Adams… has not been able to adduce a single instance of such a government.” (Centinel, Number 1, October 5, 1787, The Anti-Federalist Papers, ed Ralph Ketcham (New York, American Library, 1986] p. 230).

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