If I Were You

If I Were You

If I were you I’d stay away from me
I would make berth to foreign lands
And journey thence to boundless seas

If I were you I’d be extremely careful
Since my soul’s barely now a fragment
While yours is completely whole

If I were you I would run away into tomorrow
Cashing in your life’s winnings
Before the tides of life morph us to sorrow

If I were you I’d keep the Sun near
To protect your very fragile heart
From my frigidly fierce frontier

If I were you I would purchase soul insurance
Because all I could provide is my essence
While you need more than my fragmented soul’s assurance

If I were you I’d run to Heaven from my Devil
For my life is the definition of the Road Less Traveled
And my DNA code is true Rebel

If I were you I’d learn to dance in darkness
For your heart is full of joy
But my mind is wholly heartless

If I were you I’d learn to play with fire
And build immunity to flames
For all my life’s misfires

If I were you I’d read tree leaves for hints
That heed of lurid lightning flashes
Before my thunder leaves footprints

If I were you I’d forget our passions swiftly
Before they again fuse us in ardor
And our doubts thence crush us quickly

If I were you I’d seek safety and not wonder
About what could have perhaps been
Before your soul is torn asunder

If I were you I’d heed this honest warning
Because at the end of all our choices
We would surely both be mourning

If I were you I’d run like hell straight back
For your soul deserves endless joyous wonders
But my heart merely provides a shack

If I were you I’d wake from your daring dream
For our lives would be a nightmare
The most tremulous extreme

If I were you I’d wish upon the stars
For us to stay away forever
Thence begin writing our memoirs

If I were you I would simply turn the page
Forget about everything we are
After you promptly disengage

If I were you I’d stay away from me
Because no matter what would happen
We would never both be free

By: Zy Marquiez


Museless Du Jour

Museless Du Jour

The page is torn
the bridge is missing
the pen is empty
the road is blocked

The pencil just snapped
No, really, it just did
Okay, you can laugh
Till it happens to you!

 In all seriousness
no more jesting
the mailman came
with a letter
it said:

“Today will be the – “

Instantly crumpled*
[it should make for good tinder, though]

It matters not since
colors are all dull
the sky is all grey
food is all bland
and music is just noise

not even barrels of caramel macchiato
with gallons of honey
could make this day sweet

That bad

Imagination is on strike
the blank pages divorced me
as serenades of discord
attempt my swan song

these catacombs are lifeless –
endless tunnels of emptiness
not even damn rats
venture upon this domain

Let’s end the evening
pondering what went wrong
Since she – my muse – escaped
Into the pages of tomorrow

By: Zy Marquiez
March 23, 2016

Photo Source: FineArtAmerica.com

The Locus Of Victory

The Locus of Victory

Lying in the wake of Perfection’s Destruction,
The remnants burn forth spawning blemished flames

Flames of disarray; impure to the kernel
They mold tainted dreams of Perfection’s demise

Vulgar, these dreams – they haunt me nightly
Cunning and swift, they scar my ghosts
Echoing hellish rapture that vexes my soul

Broken serenades caress passion’s skin
Taunting elation to follow this life
Unscaved, passion, wanders now confused
Spiraling out of control within broken seams

The Locus of Victory is within my grasp,
As well as Defeat in this magnificent scheme

Twisted perfection; one endless dream
Vanished forever, until it’s resurrection

By: Zy Marquiez
March 12, 2016
Image Credit: DeviantArt.com