Michelle Obama’s ‘healthy’ lunch program is actually worsening childhood obesity, study finds

School lunch program

Source: NaturalNews.com
Amy Goodrich
August 13, 2016

First lady Michelle Obama’s healthy school lunch program is putting financially vulnerable children at risk of being overweight, according to new government-funded research.

Every day, millions of kids eat government-funded breakfasts or lunches at public schools. Virginia Tech researchers found that kids who get these free school meals are more likely to become overweight or obese.

According to the study, published in the journal Health Economics, kids who live in the Northeast, South and rural America, who consume one-third to one-half of their meals at school, are most susceptible to the rising obesity epidemic.

School meal programs not as healthy as you might think

Wen You, associate professor of agricultural and applied economics at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, said that while well-intentioned, these government-funded school meal programs which aim to make students healthier, are in fact doing just the opposite.

You and her team used a survey of 21,260 students who were followed from kindergarten to eighth grade. They found that children who didn’t participate in school lunch programs supported by Michelle Obama were less likely to end up with some extra padding.

On the other hand, children who consistently participated in both breakfast and lunch programs throughout their elementary and intermediate school years were most likely to end up overweight or obese.

You and her colleague, Kristen Capogrossi, a former doctoral student at Virginia Tech and now an economist at RTI International, also studied the effect of long- and short-term consumption of school meals.

The longer that students were enrolled in the program, the higher the risk. Furthermore, they reported that the most adverse effect of the government-funded school meal programs was seen in the South, the Northeast and rural areas of the country.

Students who changed their program participation status along the way were also at risk of childhood obesity, confirming the short-term risk of being overweight imposed by the school lunch program.

“The question now is what to do in order to not just fill bellies, but make sure those children consume healthy and nutritious food – or at least not contribute to the obesity epidemic,” said You.

Let’s Move!

Since 2010, Michelle Obama has led the “Let’s Move” campaign to encourage kids to live and eat healthier. Unfortunately, nothing significant has changed, and her campaign hasn’t been a huge success among students. As reported by The Daily Caller, local health officials have said that it has been hard to get children to eat this food, which “tastes like vomit,” according to some Kentucky students.

Both You’s study and Obama’s failed initiative to make school kids healthier are strong signals that there is an urgent need to improve the school meal program’s effectiveness at promoting better nutrition among children.

You noted that policymakers should take all the aspects into account when reforming school meal programs – from availability and affordability of the ingredients, to nutritional content and tastiness of the meals. Furthermore, kids should be taught the importance of a healthy diet and how to grow their own food.

“It is important to have extra policy support that will allow funding for programs such as chef-to-school and farm-to-school, as well as culinary training for cafeteria staff so kids actually enjoy eating what is ultimately prepared for them,” said You.

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Study Shows That Primary Schools Are Heavily Influenced By Junk Food Ads

little girl eating hamburger
Source: NaturalSociety.com
Anna Scanlon
July 7, 2016

A new study by Cancer Research UK found that children ages 8 to 12 linked junk food with having a good time. The children also stated that television commercials for junk food made them hungry and left them craving the food on the screen.

Children from 6 UK schools were interviewed after watching 2 television advertisements for junk food to examine how the media both impacts the food choices of children and the link to childhood obesity. According to Cancer Research UK, children described junk food as “addictive” and “tempting” and stated that they could “lick the screen” when shown advertisements for unhealthy foods.

Currently in the UK, junk food cannot be advertised during children’s shows, however, researchers found that children are still influenced by them when they watch television later in the day. The study found that children were attracted to bright colors, funny voices and celebrities within the commercials.

They also liked that most of people in the advertisements appeared to be having a good time when eating the unhealthy food. What’s more, children are heavily attracted to new flavors or designs that might catch their eyes in the grocery store, which means they will often ask their parents for the product when out and about.

Alison Cox, director of prevention at Cancer UK stated:

“Most kids said that adverts made them feel hungry and in many cases it had a direct effect, with some children more likely to ‘plead’, ‘nag’ or ‘beg’ their parents after seeing an advert.

While not allowing junk food ads during kid’s television shows is a great step, it seems that the restrictions already in place aren’t enough. Children are watching junk food adverts during family programs, where these restrictions don’t apply.

The rise in children’s obesity is a huge concern and a growing epidemic. There must be no delay in taking action. We know that obese children are around five times more likely to be obese adults, and obese adults are more likely to develop cancer.”


Cancer UK is one organization that is calling for a ban on junk food advertising before 9pm in an attempt to help curb the epidemic even further. They state that their research shows that 74 percent of the UK public is on board with this suggestion.

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Anna Scanlon is an author of YA and historical fiction and a PhD student at the University of Leicester where she is finishing her degree in modern history. You can find out more about Anna and her books on her lifestyle blog annainwonderland.co.uk.

The 8 most SURPRISING places you’ll find Genetically Modified Foods [GMOs]

Hidden GMOs
Source: NaturalNews.com
S.D. Wells
June 24, 2016

Half of all Americans will get cancer in their lifetime, and only half of them will survive. That’s at least one fourth of all Americans who will die from a preventable disease that virtually did not exist in America a century ago.

Now here comes a big question: Why will the other half never get cancer? Easy, simple answer that the half who get cancer never believe – organic food and natural medicine. Yet, medical doctors in America have totally convinced all the sheeple that the only way to prevent, treat, or cure any disease or disorder is with chemical medicine – another cause of cancer.

The naive, uneducated, stubborn junk-science eaters use all the same excuses, over and over and over. They say: “Organic food is too expensive,” or, “Those anti-vaccine fanatics are crazy,” or, “There’s no way food is going to heal my cancer,” or, “Cancer runs in my family,” or, “It’s all genetics,” or, “I’m going to a ‘world class’ cancer treatment center,” or, “We all die some day.” Sure, but who wants to die early, and from cancer?

Eating clean could never be more important than it is right now. The FDA approves all genetically modified foods and requires no labels, while nearly every other developing country in the world boycotts everything GMO, including U.S. food exports like corn and soy; just check Russia and Japan.

Western “science-based” medicine has never been more polluted, experimental, dangerous and cancer-causing than it is right now. The FDA accepts any drug where the corporation pays millions to have it “fast-tracked” into approval and distribution by rogue MDs, who know nothing but how to juggle multiple chemical medications for patients who are experiencing cancer cell mutations from the toxic food, water and other medications they’re already consuming, injecting and applying to their skins.

Organic food is not that hard to find, and it’s not expensive, especially when compared to cancer surgery, CAT scans, mammograms, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments. However, most people would expect healthy food to be located in the places where the government and the medical system should be looking out for citizen health and wellness, but that’s where you’ll find the worst kind of food a human being can consume. Also known as genetically mutated Frankenfoods, these foods are laced with bug-killing pesticides and weed-killing herbicides never meant for human consumption. If you don’t have cancer now, it’s not because you’re lucky, or because you have “good genes.” Have no doubt, nearly all cancer cases are caused by chemicals, and many of them show up in the places you would least suspect.

Here are the 8 most SURPRISING places you’ll find GMOs

#1. Hospital food: In the cafeteria and what is brought to your bedside. Sure enough, there’s that cancer-causing poison, right there at the hospital, where your body is desperate for clean food and clean water. But it won’t be getting any, unless your thoughtful, well-informed relatives are bringing you organic food and spring water at least three times a day.

#2. School food for children: At public schools across the country, what gets dropped on your child’s tray is no better quality than the food served in prisons. Pink slime for red meat, hormone and antibiotic-laced dairy products, artificially colored and synthetically flavored junk food snacks, and hydrogenated oil-soaked fries.

#3. Vaccines and flu shots: Your child is less immune and more vulnerable to infectious diseases if they get vaccinated, because today’s vaccines are lumped too close together, and full of neurotoxins that cause central nervous system disorders (like autism), extreme allergies for life (like peanuts, eggs, dairy, MSG and latex), and spread the very diseases they are injected with (like measles and polio)!

#4. Military rations: Can you believe it? Those men and women in uniform who have pledged to protect our country experience nervous disorders, depression, anxiety, immune deficiency, infections and brain fog, and it’s not all PTSD to blame, although the government would have everyone believe that’s the case. From diet sodas with aspartame, to nutrient-void rations that contain nothing but genetically modified soy, canola and corn materials, the strength and intelligence of the U.S. military is severely compromised by toxic food.

#5. Animal feed: Yep. Not only are most of the staple crops and produce grown in America infested with pesticides, but the food given to the animals – the very animals and their byproducts that all the carnivores will be consuming – that food is laced with cancer-causing toxic glyphosate and other known carcinogens.

#6. Top notch, fine-dining restaurants: You think because you’re eating under candlelight and you ordered the Filet Mignon, or the $50 plate of salmon or tilapia, that your meat isn’t tainted by genetically modified organisms? Did you know, if the meat is not organic and the cow wasn’t “grass-fed” that it was probably fed GM feed, and shot up with hormones and antibiotics? Did you know that “farm-raised” fish means they are raised in a lake or indoor tank where it’s over-crowded and the fish are also given artificial growth hormones and antibiotics? Plus, the FDA has approved genetically modified salmon that contains eel genes, and it’s not even labeled as such.

#7. Whole Foods supermarket (especially at the food bar): Want some GMO oils that cause cancer? Try the chicken salad, tuna salad, pasta salad, or potato salad at the Whole Foods prepared food bar.

#8. Foods labeled “gluten-free”: Most of these foods contain monosodium glutamate, which is genetically modified and causes migraine headaches and brain damage in infants.

No wonder cancer and Alzheimer’s are massive epidemics in the USA. At least, from now on, you won’t be so surprised, when you ask the food preparers where the food comes from!

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Amairikuhn Edgykashun – Pearson’s Planetary Vision – Global…

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
April 18, 2016

Yesterday I blogged about a short article reporting a DARPA scheme that wants to put an electroencephalogram machine in every classroom. Well, as you may have gathered, I’m in one of my “moods” about the corporate quackery and kookiness that has invaded every classroom in the USSA, and many other western countries.

I said has invaded rather than wants to invade because in point of fact, the process of this invasion began long ago, and is best symbolized in the nuttery of the Education Testing Service in Princeton, New Jersey, misbegotten “brainchild” of Henry Chauncey and his Harvard mentor, James Bryant Conant, former Hardvard President and a man who… well, I’ll leave that aside for the moment. The result of this Amarikuhn obsession with being traditionally anti-traditional has been an educational system awash with mediocrity, faddery, and a plethora of corporations inventing a new Rube Goldberg technological solution to the country’s educational woes every few years or so, the latest snake oil program being Common Core and its individually adaptive computerized standardized tests, the dangers of which I have attempted to point out before. But now the program is beginning to come under fire, as more and more states are pulling out of it, and as even the mainstream media now at least pretends to get that there are problems. This article, from Wired magazine, was shared by Mr. D.E., and it’s well worth your consideration if you are concerned about the state of education in your country, and about the deleterious influence Amairikun edgykayshunul methods and approaches may be having over it:

Pearson’s Quest to Cover the Planet in Company-Run Schools

Now let’s begin with the first and most obvious fact: corporations do not have a Bill of Rights; they by their structure are not concerned with individual human creativity, individually, and freedom. They are interested in “the team player,” in the collective, in conformity, and profits. If they can produce a facsimile of education – for that is all they can produce – and make a profit off of it, so much the better. Consider the implications of these paragraphs from Wired’s article:

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Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and “strange stuff”. His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into “alternative history and science”.