A Sealed Memory: Cat-10 Hurricane

A Sealed Memory: Cat-10 Hurricane

Contact – elation
Pure dynamite
Electricity ensues
Rapturous delight

Waves of thunder
Envelop ceaselessly
Capturing constellations
A wondrous rhapsody

Searching this sanctum
Seeking affection
A heavenly mirror
An exaltive reflection

A tornado of fire
Wrecking common sense
Infuses this adventure
That’s amorously dense

Longing for meaning
Imaginations take flight
A torture of ardor
Never felt so right

Amore – a storm
A Cat-10 Hurricane
A relentless tsunami
Love’s vortex domain

A sealed memory
Never to vanquish
Cherished forever
Impossible to relinquish

Written in passion
A story of chance
Read physically
A most tempting dance

Unlocking thence
Breathing out bliss
Who would have thought
Such a dream could exist

By: Zy Marquiez
March 8, 2016

Spiritual Fluoresce


Spiritual Fluoresce

That gorgeous smile that glistens from her eyes
Is ever glowing enchantment of Love’s mastery
Exquisitely woven causing passion to comprise
Grasping the essence of my being very tenderly

With striking precision I am engulfed in her bliss
Sent deliriously to bask in her tranquil noblesse
A more heavenly place could never really exist
Since Heaven itself lies in her spiritual fluoresce

Romantically alluring is the smile that she bares
Enveloping me in splashing tides of her essence
The instant I met her God answered my prayers
Leaving me then to sail within her luminescence

Spinning through spirals of her flourishing grace
Leaves me fervently thinking of her idyllic heart
The rapture she creates one could never replace
For it is so incredibly pure from you it won’t part

Gazing within blares a deep spectrum of rapture
Of the true Love that resides right inside her soul
That delight she brings if you do in fact capture
Will complete your being by making you whole

By: Zy Marquiez