Forgotten Morrow

At first-light I wake and sit by the deck
Gazing at the drops that fall around me
I ponder about life and all that is within
The circle of life that we never shall see

Events happen daily that we really miss
That some take for granted all the time
Yet they help us through all of our lives
Creating moments that emerge sublime

Taking for granted the life that we have
And those very instants that are forever
Makes me sad for so many of us do this
Yet fail to realize life is our gift, however

We only live once and so many care not
They live their lives by the edge of a cliff
Not caring what happens like it is a joke
Throwing away that truly astounding gift

Some realize soon yet some realize after
Many do not treating their lives with hate
Your life could be worse in so many ways
Just use that great gift before its too late

By: Z.M.