If I Were You

If I Were You

If I were you I’d stay away from me
I would make berth to foreign lands
And journey thence to boundless seas

If I were you I’d be extremely careful
Since my soul’s barely now a fragment
While yours is completely whole

If I were you I would run away into tomorrow
Cashing in your life’s winnings
Before the tides of life morph us to sorrow

If I were you I’d keep the Sun near
To protect your very fragile heart
From my frigidly fierce frontier

If I were you I would purchase soul insurance
Because all I could provide is my essence
While you need more than my fragmented soul’s assurance

If I were you I’d run to Heaven from my Devil
For my life is the definition of the Road Less Traveled
And my DNA code is true Rebel

If I were you I’d learn to dance in darkness
For your heart is full of joy
But my mind is wholly heartless

If I were you I’d learn to play with fire
And build immunity to flames
For all my life’s misfires

If I were you I’d read tree leaves for hints
That heed of lurid lightning flashes
Before my thunder leaves footprints

If I were you I’d forget our passions swiftly
Before they again fuse us in ardor
And our doubts thence crush us quickly

If I were you I’d seek safety and not wonder
About what could have perhaps been
Before your soul is torn asunder

If I were you I’d heed this honest warning
Because at the end of all our choices
We would surely both be mourning

If I were you I’d run like hell straight back
For your soul deserves endless joyous wonders
But my heart merely provides a shack

If I were you I’d wake from your daring dream
For our lives would be a nightmare
The most tremulous extreme

If I were you I’d wish upon the stars
For us to stay away forever
Thence begin writing our memoirs

If I were you I would simply turn the page
Forget about everything we are
After you promptly disengage

If I were you I’d stay away from me
Because no matter what would happen
We would never both be free

By: Zy Marquiez

Passions Allure


Passions Allure

Our passion…A kiss…
The world turns to bliss…
Perfection within reach
Our Haven we breach

Engaging in art
The oldest human art
The heavens part
Our issues all depart

We stand, merged
Within passions submerged
Lost – forever
Our spirits, together
Our souls, united
Whole – ignited
We really can’t fight it
And even all night it

She, shines bright
Me, am sparkless
She, is my light
Me, her darkness

We intertwined
To the moment consigned
She’s burning for ying
Am yearning for yang
Passions allure
In the most blissful tour

She is my lightning
Me, her thunder
Is it love? Frightening…
We rest, in wonder…

Seeping into the night…
Consciousness travels …
Imaginations take flight…
One possibility unravels…

By: Zy Marquiez
February 18, 2016

Spiritual Fluoresce


Spiritual Fluoresce

That gorgeous smile that glistens from her eyes
Is ever glowing enchantment of Love’s mastery
Exquisitely woven causing passion to comprise
Grasping the essence of my being very tenderly

With striking precision I am engulfed in her bliss
Sent deliriously to bask in her tranquil noblesse
A more heavenly place could never really exist
Since Heaven itself lies in her spiritual fluoresce

Romantically alluring is the smile that she bares
Enveloping me in splashing tides of her essence
The instant I met her God answered my prayers
Leaving me then to sail within her luminescence

Spinning through spirals of her flourishing grace
Leaves me fervently thinking of her idyllic heart
The rapture she creates one could never replace
For it is so incredibly pure from you it won’t part

Gazing within blares a deep spectrum of rapture
Of the true Love that resides right inside her soul
That delight she brings if you do in fact capture
Will complete your being by making you whole

By: Zy Marquiez

An Ode To Imagination


An Ode To Imagination

Let us begin to imagine the power of an endless verse
Or perhaps a canvas of truly breathtaking perfection
The potent nascent breath of a boundless universe
Coupled with the touch of a reverent lover’s affection

Imagine a road that takes you to infinity; everywhere
Or perhaps a door that opens to another dimension
Thence take that path to a beautiful choice elsewhere
Leading to an instant of heavenly blissful ascension

Consider the image of a storm of possible dreams
Where one thought fuses with the core of another
In which that moment binds to endless extremes
Taking this euphoria of possibilities one step further

Think about the instant you hear your perfect song
A true mellifluous tune that soothes you to your core
Where you truly know nothing could ever go wrong
Just like the moment you have with the one you adore

Ponder about the image of a wondrous happy home
Or a person who is your sanctum dispersing calamity
From this blissful moment one will never need roam
For those who stand by your side are true family

By: Zy Marquiez
January 26, 2016
Written November 2015

Media Manipulation Machine

The media matrix tells us how to think
But your gut keeps drumming otherwise
This media matrix is their weakest link
Those not turning it off will face demise

Open-minded skepticism – light in the dark
Discern, verify, recheck, then ruminate
You find irregularities which incite a spark:
“Was that event planned, or was it fate?”

The box keeps spitting its lies, war & fear
Claiming they stand for peace & justice
Always unbiased! – Almost in the clear…
Yet,many lies, can I really believe just this?

Methodical & trenchant – time to gather info
By then reading articles, books, dox & papers
Before you know it, you are a truth nympho
Finding deaths, lies & even sinister capers

The propaganda cannon stands in your way
Solution? Unplug from the box, its old news
Come hell or high water, this is YOUR DAY
Let us see what OUR reality really holds true…

By: Zy Marquiez

Deceitful Thought Control


A lie weaves its way within the seat of the mind
Forever to leech upon the core of your being
If not vanished promptly, forever you’ll find
Your perception twisted, with lies you agreeing

With a foundation of lies you stand not a chance
To detach from the grid that harvests your soul
Without shred of a clue, how could you advance?
Through the threads of life that you cannot control

A relentless virus, deceit can wholly embellish
In more powerful ways than most could imagine
If you slice it to pieces, its essence black hellish
And still it transcends with thought control famine

A river of doubt seeps throughout what is you
Consciousness fighting to free you from ignorance
Realizing that you shall rid this through & through
You opt to eviscerate all deceit in your existence

A tidal wave of emotion sinks teeth to your spirit
With ignorance all but gone, hope need not vanish
Precision/logic/knowledge is the way you clear it
Duplicitous feelings & thoughts then you banish

By: Z.M.

Forgotten Morrow

At first-light I wake and sit by the deck
Gazing at the drops that fall around me
I ponder about life and all that is within
The circle of life that we never shall see

Events happen daily that we really miss
That some take for granted all the time
Yet they help us through all of our lives
Creating moments that emerge sublime

Taking for granted the life that we have
And those very instants that are forever
Makes me sad for so many of us do this
Yet fail to realize life is our gift, however

We only live once and so many care not
They live their lives by the edge of a cliff
Not caring what happens like it is a joke
Throwing away that truly astounding gift

Some realize soon yet some realize after
Many do not treating their lives with hate
Your life could be worse in so many ways
Just use that great gift before its too late

By: Z.M.