Finally Understand pH Balance in the Body

December 10, 2016

Dr. Patrick Quillin clears up any confusion about pH balance in the body. Specifically, he discusses pH in the blood versus pH in the stomach and how the body adjusts between the two. Find out what the stomach needs and how to naturally treat acid indigestion! Finally understand pH balance in the body.

Autoimmunity Overview

Source: DoctorSaputo
August 15, 2016

There is an epidemic of autoimmune diseases that include hay fever, asthma, diabetes, collagen vascular diseases, and hypothyroidism. The causes of this epidemic range from heavy metal toxicity to drugs and environmental toxins. Our immune system attacks our tissues and we use drugs to suppress our immune system. There are other options for treatment that relate to GI immunity (leaky gut syndrome), lowering the antigenic load (discussed), preserving a high antioxidant load, balancing pH, and supporting a healthy lifestyle.

How To Get Your Body Alkaline In 3 Steps

Dr. Isaac Eliaz
August 1, 2016

Many experts will talk about the dangers of a body that’s too acidic. So how do you turn things around and make your body’s terrain more alkaline? Dr. Isaac Eliaz offers three things you can do that can help your body get back into natural pH balance. Find out how to get your body alkaline in 3 steps.