Mysterious Paralysis Affecting Young Children

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
November 10, 2016

This is such a disturbing article I don’t know where to begin, nor how to react other than in horror. It has been reported, even in some lamestream media outlets, that several young children are appearing all over the country, with mysterious paralysis symptoms resembling polio:

Mysterious illness suddenly paralyses hundreds of US children and doctors don’t know why

Here’s the central issue:

A handful of physicians had seen patients with similar symptoms and asked Dr. Carol Glaser to test them for polio.

“I thought, ‘Well that’s crazy. We don’t have polio here,” said Glaser, then head of the encephalitis and special investigations section at the California Department of Public Health.

Glaser quickly determined the patients weren’t suffering from polio. She also tested for pathogens that can sometimes cause such paralysis, including West Nile virus. All negative.

Then she decided to check for other viruses in the same family as poliovirus, known as enterovirus. And in some of the paralyzed patients, she found a possible culprit: enterovirus D-68.

Enterovirus D-68 was incredibly rare, almost never seen after it was first discovered in 1962 in four California children who had pneumonia. Though a cousin of poliovirus, it was only supposed to cause a runny nose and cough.

Van Haren had never heard of it.

And there’s this, further down in the article:

In late summer of 2014, enterovirus D-68 started sending kids struggling to breathe to emergency rooms around the country. News reports called it a rare, cold-causing virus, a danger to children with asthma.

But then an 11-year-old boy in Texas with a seemingly normal fever lost the ability to walk and move his right arm.

A 17-year-old girl in California experienced severe neck pain at her birthday party and ended up in the hospital, paralyzed from the neck down.

In Oregon, a 13-year-old boy’s diaphragm stopped working, so he needed a ventilator to breathe. He was completely paralyzed, able only to wiggle his toes and his right hand.

Whatever was happening to these children was “pretty much, literally, exactly, what polio did,” said Dr. Jean-Baptiste Le Pichon, a child neurologist who treated four such patients in 2014 at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Mo.

Glaser watched from California as the numbers of paralyzed kids grew. She became horrified that her theory about enterovirus D-68 might be correct.

That October, Van Haren spoke at a national meeting of child neurologists. He asked 300 specialists how many of them had seen these kinds of paralysis cases in the past few months.

“More than half the hands in the room went up,” he recalled.

There’s not much here for high octane speculation, but I’m going to advance one anyway: I strongly suspect that the horrid vaccination cocktails many states are now requiring to give infants is at the center of this. These stories remind me of similar stories I heard as a young boy, when there were controversies over the effectiveness of the Salk vs Sabin vaccines for polio. The Salk vaccines, at the time, were strongly suspected of giving some children the disease, and hence many switched to what appeared to be the more effective Sabin vaccine(the oral polio vaccine). Just a few years ago, doctors shied away from the vaccine cocktails now given to infants, for precisely the reason that their young immune systems were not strong enough to fight against the very diseases the vaccines were ostensibly designed to fight. That all changed just a few years ago.

And we all know who was ultimately behind the change: big pharma.

And that leads me to the next disturbing conclusion: how does one harvest the last remaining wealth of the middle class? To borrow the insight of Catherine Austin Fitts and many others, one makes them perpetually sick, with lifelong disabilities that are expensive to treat: an autistic child – and there’s another vaccine link that the “establishment medical community” does not want to confront with anything approaching objectivity – costs an average family millions of dollars. And now you can add this new “polio-like” disease to the mix.

How to harvest wealth? Keep people sick. How to keep them sick? Make them sick with shoddy products and forced vaccines. It’s the GMO issue all over again, same tactics, same arguments, same mercantilist penetration of government.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not one of those “anti-vaccine fundamentalists,” who thinks all vaccines are inherently wrong, or unhealthy (take your pick). Think of smallpox or polio here. But there are risks, and…

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Media dare not report wave of paralyzed children caused by vaccines

Acute flaccid myelitis

J.D. Heyes
November 7, 2016

The establishment media, already shedding eyeballs, subscribers and – most importantly, advertisers – has to be careful about what it reports these days, lest these outlets descend even further into financial dire straits.

That, of course, includes ‘playing nice’ with Big Pharma, which invests tens of millions of dollars each year into newspaper, magazine and TV advertising.

So it’s not surprising to find very little real reporting on what may actually be vaccine-related injuries, especially to small children – even when those injuries are now occurring at an increasingly rapid pace.

In the past few years, the Los Angeles Times reported, hundreds of children have been taken to hospitals around the country after they suddenly became partially or fully paralyzed, unable to move their limbs. Dozens in that past few months alone have become paralyzed.

A cousin to the polio virus found

But doctors and scientists are alarmed – and puzzled – because they can’t seem to find out why this is happening to more and more kids. This kind of sudden paralysis has not occurred since the days when the polio virus was ravaging the population.

The Times reported that doctors in various parts of the country have been treating some of the afflicted children for an autoimmune disease, but experts said that wasn’t likely because paralysis would, in every case, be systemic and not limited to one or two limbs.

So, some doctors began to take a fresh look at the polio virus, even though it was eradicated in the U.S. so long ago that almost no doctors working today have even seen a case. Plus, the children who are being affected with sudden paralysis have been vaccinated for polio.

But researchers in California, where a number of cases were being reported, decided to test victims for viruses that were in the same family as the one that causes polio, and in doing so, they identified one – enterovirus D-68 – that was present in some partially paralyzed patients, the Times reported.

Was this the missing link?

Especially rare, enterovirus D-68 was almost never seen after being discovered in 1962 in four California children who had developed pneumonia. While found to be a cousin of the polio virus it was thought only to cause runny noses and a cough.

But by 2014 the rare virus was beginning to not be so rare anymore. Children with difficulty in breathing were showing up at E.R.’s around the country, with news reports saying that it was a rare virus that caused colds.

But then a young boy, 11, from Texas who was only suffering from what appeared to be a normal fever lost the ability to walk and move his right arm all of a sudden. A 17-year-old girl in California began suddenly experiencing severe neck pain and wound up in a hospital, paralyzed from the neck down. A 13-year-old Oregon boy’s diaphragm stopped functioning, leaving him connected to a ventilator to breathe, completely paralyzed.

‘Vaccines have to be considered’

And so on. Soon, the condition even had a formal name: Acute flaccid myelitis, or AMF. The Times reported that, between August 2014 and January 2015, 120 children (mean age of 7) in 34 states were diagnosed with AMF, according to federal health officials.

Scientists now believe that the virus travels to the spinal cord, where it then affects motor function. But, like polio, they also believe that any damage done by AMF is irreversible.

Is a vaccine responsible? According to the British Medical Journal, that cannot be ruled out.

“It is taboo to suggest a role for vaccines, but some old-timers remember ‘provocation poliomyelitis’ or ‘provocation paralysis,'” the journal noted in an analysis of AMF posted to its website. “This is paralytic polio following intramuscular injections, typically with vaccines.”

The analysis concluded: “If a polio-like virus is circulating in the U.S., the possibility of its provocation by one or more vaccines has to be considered.”

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CDC claims Zika causes paralysis, when it’s actually the anti-Zika insecticide that’s harming people

J.D. Heyes
September 7, 2016

For some reason, the federal government’s principle public health agency keeps trying to turn the Zika virus into something it isn’t: a major health crisis. At the same time, it wants to poison us with a chemical that is far worse than the disease it is meant to eradicate.

Based on little more than anecdotal evidence, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would have us believe that the Zika virus, which medical scientists have been aware of for decades, causes a rare paralytic condition known as Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

“Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) is an uncommon sickness of the nervous system in which a person’s own immune system damages the nerve cells, causing muscle weakness, and sometimes, paralysis,” the agency says on its website.

“Several countries that have experienced Zika outbreaks recently have reported increases in people who have Guillain-Barre syndrome,” the agency said, adding that its own research “suggests” that Zika could lead to an increase in GBS, even though only “a small portion” of people stricken with the virus actually wind up with the syndrome.

A study measuring whether there is any difference in the percentage of people who contract GBS but were never infected with the virus would seem appropriate.

Many detrimental effects to our health

The agency further noted that its scientists don’t really know how people contract GBS, so it’s difficult to believe that they would be able to accurately associate it with Zika. More likely, however, is that the instances of paralysis are being caused by the chemical-laced pesticides being sprayed to eradicate Zika-carrying mosquitoes.

As we reported in August, one of those – Naled, an organophosphate – is linked to some of the same health outcomes and symptoms as Zika.

CBS Miami further noted that in recent days planes have regularly sprayed Naled over homes, parks and businesses in the popular Miami neighborhood of Wynwood, which is an art-filled tourist spot. Since people are fearful of being bitten by a Zika-carrying mosquito, tourism has largely dried up, so the city has decided that the best solution for bringing tourists and their money back is to inundate the area with chemicals.

But the local CBS affiliate did not report anything about Naled, which has been identified as a cause of respiratory illnesses, hypotension, incontinence, gastrointestinal disorders, excessive sweating and blurring of vision. In severe instances, we noted last month, Naled can cause seizures and tremors, comas, paralysis, convulsions, cancers of the breast, esophagus, thyroid, kidneys and colon, as well as leukemia and even death.

Far worse for humans than Zika

Naled, which is manufactured by AMVAC Chemical Corporation, is listed as having numerous side effects, including both acute and chronic problems. That makes it much more dangerous than Zika, which normally has only mild effects. In fact, the CDC itself lists the most common symptoms as low-grade fever, muscle pain, headache, joint pain and red eyes.

Also, unlike Zika, Naled exposure does not translate into lifelong immunity; it can be a very dangerous chemical after just a single exposure, and over time, could became even more of a danger as it collects in a person’s body.

“The most common and worst application of Naled is aerial because its toxicity increases up to 20-fold this way and it can drift up to 1/2-mile,” noted Sadhu Govardhan of Govardhan Gardens in Puerto Rico, another region of the world where Zika is said to be a major threat.

In an interview with author and multiracial media mogul Sarah Ratliff, Govardhan also said that Naled has been known to be highly toxic to birds, fish and beneficial insects like bees. And unlike most other insecticides, Naled has been found to interfere with the photosynthesis of plants, thereby causing damage to our flora.

“In short,” Govardhan said, “the toxic, acute and chronic, long-term effects of Naled on humans and nature are horrendous–by far worse than the virus it is used to prevent.”

That’s not all. We also reported last month that a 2014 University of California study found that in major agricultural areas around the state where pesticides containing Naled are used, mothers have a 60 percent greater chance of having a child with autism.

“We should prove safety and not just say well because it hasn’t been proven detrimental it’s ok. That’s not good enough,” noted board-certified neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter.


Zika insecticide being sprayed in Miami causes paralysis, cancer & death


Ethan A. Huff
August 15, 2016

Many Floridians are apparently in panic mode over the possibility of contracting Zika virus, with new reports indicating that municipalities throughout the Miami area are busying spraying insecticide over neighborhoods day in and day out to quell public fears. But the insecticide they’re using, known as “Naled,” is an organophosphate chemical that, ironically enough, is linked to the very same symptoms and health outcomes as Zika itself.

CBS Miami reported just the other day that the popular Miami neighborhood of Wynwood, an artsy tourist destination, is seeing planes regularly spray Naled over homes, businesses and parks. People just aren’t coming to Wynwood anymore because they’re scared of getting bitten by a mosquito that might be harboring Zika, so public health officials are resorting to carpet-bombing the area with chemicals, with the hope of bringing folks back to the downtown business district, which is quickly becoming a ghost town.

Local business owners say they’re seeing few, if any customers, even on the weekend, and local residents say they’re just not willing to take what they believe is a huge risk by going outside, eating at restaurants and socializing with others in public places. One pregnant women from the area by the name of Leslie Isaza, deeply concerned about what Zika might do to her unborn baby, had this to say to reporters:

“My one job is to protect this baby. I can’t get bit by a mosquito.”

“My biggest concern is, the most fearful thing is, I don’t want to have a child with some of the severe cerebral defects that are being talked about, including microcephaly,” said another pregnant mom, Leah Acero.

Their sentiments are valid, perhaps, assuming that what we’re all being told about Zika is even true. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) doesn’t seem to think Zika is all that big of a deal, though. And while a very small percentage of Zika cases manifest with the types of symptoms many are worried about, the vast majority don’t even show symptoms at all. While taking sensible precautions to avoid mosquito exposure makes sense, fear seems to be driving people to unnecessary extremes.

Naled far worse than Zika, agricultural consultant warns

A much bigger concern, and one not even covered by CBS Miami, is the threat of Naled, which is linked to causing respiratory problems, hypotension, incontinence, gastrointestinal disorders, blurred vision and excessive sweating. In more severe cases, Naled can cause tremors, seizures, coma, convulsions, paralysis, cancers of the thyroid, breasts, ovaries, esophagus, kidneys and colon, leukemia and even death.

A product of the AMVAC Chemical Corporation, Naled is listed as having many health effects, both chronic and acute, making it more dangerous than Zika, which typically has mild effects. And unlike Zika, exposure to Naled does not confer lifelong immunity to Naled – Naled is dangerous every single time, and could become more dangerous over time, as it builds up in a person’s system.

“The most common and worst application of Naled is aerial because its toxicity increases up to 20-fold this way and it can drift up to 1/2-mile,” says Sadhu Govardhan of Govardhan Gardens in Puerto Rico, another area where Zika is said to be a major threat.

“Naled has been found to be highly toxic for fish, birds and beneficial insects, especially bees. Unlike most other insecticides, Naled even interferes with the photosynthesis of plants and therefore causes damage in our flora. … In short, the toxic, acute and chronic, long-term effects of Naled on humans and nature are horrendous—by far worse than the virus it is used to prevent.”

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