[Book Review] The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

Zy Marquiez
July 21, 2016

Malcolm Gladwell is an interesting author of a few thought-provoking books.

In Blink, which was his best book by far, Gladwell did an exceptional job of buttressing his thesis with some very convincing evidence.  David & Goliath was a strong book, but not as strong as Blink.  And in Outliers, his work was even a little less convincing in relation to his main proposal.   That’s just my take on it.  Your mileage may vary.

The Tipping Point , is actually my least favorite of them all.  This is because the strong data that made his other books strong was just missing here.

In this particular book Gladwell seeks to argue that at times resounding change in society is driven by three major factors in an epidemic-like fashion: the people involved, the context of the situation and the idea.  This particular foundation was not only sensible, but very practical.

Even though one can see his thesis taking place in many of his examples, the constellation of examples he used could have been much stronger.  Yes, the reader can see how each example in the book could couple with a his main thesis.   The issue is, however, that his thesis would have stood stronger if he provided better examples.

Overall the ‘epidemic’ of change that can take place with the right convergence of elements that the author argues does seem to have a place at least in certain portions of societal change.  That in and of itself is quite fascinating because on paper, many times when people expect wide-ranging change to take place, it doesn’t.  What the author notes serves to at least explain why some changes did work, and some of those changes didn’t.

However, with that said this particular book is not one of those that an individual ‘has’ to have.  If you appreciate his work, and find it quite fascinating, then by all means go ahead.  The book wasn’t a complete let down after all.  It just could have harpooned his main thesis a lot more precisely.


[Book Review] Outliers – The Story Of Success – By Malcolm Gladwell

A Foray Into The Ideas That Leads To An Individual’s Success

Zy Marquiez
June 23, 2016

Outliers – The Story Of Success By Malcolm Gladwell delves into the intricacies of what makes an individual successful.

Gladwell postulates many of the finer points responsible for bringing us some of the greatest individuals of our times.

Throughout the book the author cites examples of several individuals – similar to his other books – where he uses data accumulated to showcase the leading drivers for what make individuals so successful –  primarily an individual’s environment/culture.

For context purposes, regarding Gladwell’s other books,  if Blink is an 8.5/10 and David & Goliath is a 7.5 out of then this book is 7.  This book is still good and worth the read if you’re interested in the subject.  It’s just that for me personally, wished it was backed by more data.

Most of the examples made sense, although others could be interpreted in a few ways.  Still, what the author delineates shows more than ample evidence for the fact that an individual’s surge through the ranks of success have much to do with the circumstances that that particular individual lives through.

As the author mentions a few times, IQ alone will get you nowhere if you have no creative potential [not his words].

There are countless individuals who are cerebral studs, but for one reason or another, don’t attain the level of success they are able too.  The reasons for this are given a cursory glance by the author, and it’s quite reasonable the way he states his case.

In its whole, the book could have been slightly more robust, but its drawbacks aren’t so much that it prevents one from learning a few things, and that’s always a plus.