Urban Farmers Targeted By City, Issued Multiple Threats After Property Was Vandalized

Urban farming

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Claire Bernish
July 26, 2016

Southeast Oklahoma City residents Charles and Julie Henry face a blatantly unconstitutional invasion of their rights thanks to a stifling change to a city ordinance making vandalism to their property essentially a crime — by them.

(Article by Claire Bernish, republished from www.thedailysheeple.com)

Though the Henrys complied with the code, albeit a bit late due to a prohibitive financial situation, an opportunistic code enforcer triggered a chain of events no law-abiding property owner should ever be subjected to — including the possibility their property may be raided by Oklahoma County Sheriffs under a blanket warrant in direct violation of the Fourth Amendment.

According to a GoFundMe page set up to assist the family’s legal battle against the City, their low-income neighborhood typically experiences an outbreak of vandalism each spring — which the city promptly cleans up to discourage other vandals from copying. [1]

But a startling change in city code placed the onus of responsibility for covering up vandals’ handiwork on property owners, essentially victimizing them twice — particularly for Charles and Julie who don’t have room in their budget to afford paint. And, as expected when spring came this year, the Henrys’ privacy fence became a canvas for vandals.

This time, however, the Henrys realized they’d run out of paint and had to buy more — which, due to budgetary reasons, took longer than expected. During the week it took the family to procure paint, a city code enforcement inspector performing the annual sweep cited the Henrys for the violation and demand the graffiti be covered.

But the inspector didn’t stop there — using his camera as a periscope, he peered behind the privacy fence and noted other minor violations of city ordinance and citing the Henrys for each one. Confronted by this blatant invasion of privacy, the inspector falsely claimed the “right of easement” allowed him onto the family’s property. Knowing that claim didn’t hold weight, Charles rightly told the code enforcer a warrant would be necessary for inspections and photographs — and though the inspector left immediately, he forked over the lengthy list of violations.

As proven in time-stamped pictures which appear on the GoFundMe page, the Henrys complied with the order to paint the fence less in less than a month, but responded to the additional violations with an appropriately-annotated list of U.S. Supreme Court rulings — showing Fourth Amendment reasons the case had no merit — demanding the city not proceed to enforce the inspector’s citations.

Two months without any response from the City, and the Henrys were never summoned to appear in Municipal Court. But it became clear the City simply ignored the legitimate, legal rebuttal of the citations when it filed the matter with Oklahoma County District Court, inaccurately claiming they supplied a written refusal to comply — and falsely stating they failed to address any of the citations, including that the fence was never painted.

As Steve Dickson, who started the GoFundMe page for the Henrys, explained, [2]

“Based on the lie that the graffiti was never abated, the City is asking the District Court for a Writ of Assistance to enter the Henry’s property by force of the Oklahoma County Sheriff and is asking for what is in essence a ‘General Warrant’ to search the property for compliance of cited issues and for discovery of further issues.

“Think about that for a moment. Graffiti on a fence seems to give the city the idea that they have the right to invade private property on a witch hunt for more code violations by which they can fine, force removal of private property or jail the property owner under the protection of the county Sheriff’s office.”

In its egregious, overly-aggressive attempt to extort money and invade personal property under the protection of a gun and a badge, the city is acting no better than a common thug — or, perhaps more accurately, as an organized criminal.

Unfortunately, as the city’s actions prove, knowing your rights doesn’t necessarily guarantee the State — the thug government — will comply.

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[1] https://www.gofundme.com/2e3akuh3

[2] https://www.gofundme.com/2e3akuh3

4/30/2016 — Global Earthquake Forecast — West Coast USA Warning, Europe + Asia Unrest

Source: Dutchsince
April 30, 2016

It appears we may be on the cusp of a larger earthquake to strike this week. After a flurry of M7.0+ earthquakes (and several near M7.0 – upper M6.0) struck around the Pacific plate over the past few weeks, we are now seeing swarms of earthquakes break out at multiple regions around the Pacific.

All links mentioned in the video here:

Earthquakes are related over a distance, striking back to back across the Pacific plate within hours or a day:


Several of the swarms measuring in the M4.0+ range, but the USGS has not reported the events on any of their feeds for some reason. Taiwan, South Japan, Ecuador just to name a few locations where swarms are occurring, but no earthquakes are being reported by the USGS.

Europe showing the stress as well. Now needing to watch Europe for noteworthy movement this week in the M4.0+ range, across the region spanning from the English Channel to Poland and from Switzerland to Serbia (based on the new deep earthquake below Serbia).

United States should see interior plate movement and coastal movement this week across California. Specifically the border of Nevada + California , as well as Southern California near Los Angeles. Keep watch for M5.0+ earthquakes to strike this week. Hope for swarms of lesser events, but plan for a single event in the M5.0+ range. If things get larger, it will be preceded by movement at the interior volcanoes spanning California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington State.

The North American craton across the United States needs to keep serious watch in the midwest for possible larger movement as well. Specifically the Texas, Colorado, Kansas, and Oklahoma fracking operations. M4.0+ are on the schedule for this week, no way around it in light of the cluster of Earthquakes already showing in the Northwest from Yellowstone to San Francisco ( a sign of pressure pushing from the NW to the SE.. the line of earthquakes denoting where the pressure is coming from and going to.

The East coast of the USA also needs to be on watch for new earthquake activity to strike near Virginia, as well as new activity to strike further Northeast near the US / Canada border with New York and Quebec. M3.0+ could be possible.

If we see larger movement on the West coast , it will cause larger movement in the midwest, which will then cause larger movement on the East coast. The current magnitudes forecast are based upon a M5.0 range earthquake striking California or the Coast of California / Oregon.

West Pacific, keep watch in South Indonesia , across the location where the multiple eruptions occurred (which has now gone silent). Taiwan should see noteworthy movement again, as well as central Japan.

This week should be active around the whole Pacific. West and East should both be struck by noteworthy movement greater than what we’ve seen the past 2 weeks.

2/13/2016 — Large M5.1 Earthquake strikes Oklahoma FRACKING + PUMPING operations

This is the largest earthquake to strike Oklahoma in 5 years time, and the 3rd largest in state history.

In 2011, a M5.6 struck Oklahoma , again at a fracking / pumping operation, at the time (in 2011) professionals actually tried to DENY that fracking caused earthquakes.

Now we know better, the 2011 M5.6 was caused by fracking wastewater injection, and now the M5.1 in 2016 is caused by the same culprit.

The pressure that mother nature is putting on the operations is proving to be far too strong for the operations to handle. The pressure is coming from the Pacific Northwest + West coast, pressing to the East along the edge of the Craton.

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