#GoodNewsNextWeek: Belgians Hunt Books, Not Bulbasaurs

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This week on #GoodNewsNextWeek: Studies show being good is hot; A teacher started a book hunters club where kids capture, read and release; Community disaster relief saves NOLA before the state tries. Notes/Links:

Women Find Chivalrous Men More Attractive

Belgians Hunt Books, Not Bulbasaurs

Private Disaster Relief in Louisiana Outperforms the Government

Organization restores photos damaged in natural disasters

Is underwater agriculture the future of food production?

#MorningMonarchy: Scottish football fans fly flag of Palestine in match against Israeli team (Aug. 18, 2016)

Scottish football fans fined for waving a Palestinian flag; respond with crowdfunded donations for Palestine

Study: Music at work increases cooperation, teamwork

EpiPen maker’s stock value drops nearly $3 billion in 5 days

“I’ve done really bad things”: Undercover UK cop abandons war on drugs

2016 Ballot Measures Could Nullify Marijuana Prohibition in Eight States

First Hemp Crop Planted in Maine

Oregon collects $25M in Marijuana taxes so far in 2016

50 Shades of Sexual Yoga – A Conversation With Michaela Boehm

David Deidas book “The Way of the Superior Man” was a pioneering publication when it came out. Today we are joined by his professional partner, Michaela Boehm, to account for both male & female approaches, addressing questions as: What’s the modern challenge in gender relations? Why is desire in conflict with love? Has gender equality gone wrong? What’s the nature of genders? How can they resonate rather than conflict? Are issues channeled through sexuality? Can gender alienation lead to sexual impotence/frigidity & psycho-social sadism? + more regarding the connection to our mutual masculinity & femininity. And a perspective on 50 Shades of Gray.

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