A Sealed Memory: Cat-10 Hurricane

A Sealed Memory: Cat-10 Hurricane

Contact – elation
Pure dynamite
Electricity ensues
Rapturous delight

Waves of thunder
Envelop ceaselessly
Capturing constellations
A wondrous rhapsody

Searching this sanctum
Seeking affection
A heavenly mirror
An exaltive reflection

A tornado of fire
Wrecking common sense
Infuses this adventure
That’s amorously dense

Longing for meaning
Imaginations take flight
A torture of ardor
Never felt so right

Amore – a storm
A Cat-10 Hurricane
A relentless tsunami
Love’s vortex domain

A sealed memory
Never to vanquish
Cherished forever
Impossible to relinquish

Written in passion
A story of chance
Read physically
A most tempting dance

Unlocking thence
Breathing out bliss
Who would have thought
Such a dream could exist

By: Zy Marquiez
March 8, 2016

The Transhumanist Scrapbook – DARPA’s Plan For Cyborgs

Source: GizaDeathStar.com
Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
January 31, 2016

Mr V.T. sent this article along, and I want to talk about it, particularly in connection to the blog I did a few days ago about the latest transhumanist project, that of mapping the brains of the dead, and uploading them into new “bodies”, for there is, I’m going to suggest, a connection, a hidden agenda, as it were, driving all of this, and it’s a military one. The latest news from the Diabolically Apocalyptic Research Projects Agency(our nickname here, thanks to the suggestion of Mr. J.B., for DARPA or the Defense Adcance Research Projects Agency), concerns ongoing research in human-computer interfaces:

Bridging the Bio-Electronic Divide

Of course, we have the now-traditional bow and advocacy point that all of this is really beneficial, because it will provide new therapeutic technologies and techniques:

A new DARPA program aims to develop an implantable neural interface able to provide unprecedented signal resolution and data-transfer bandwidth between the human brain and the digital world. The interface would serve as a translator, converting between the electrochemical language used by neurons in the brain and the ones and zeros that constitute the language of information technology. The goal is to achieve this communications link in a biocompatible device no larger than one cubic centimeter in size, roughly the volume of two nickels stacked back to back.

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