Prepping: Putting It All Together

Source: AnalyticalSurvival
October 18, 2016

Here’s a video that outlines all the essentials that will, in most cases, ensure one’s survival during a disaster. Enjoy!
De Oppresso Liber –GM

PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER – Table of Contents:
00:19 – Introduction
02:40 – Bug Out Bag
05:00 – Water
06:08 – Food
08:02 – Medical
09:01 – Communications
11:25 – Power
13:28 – Weaponry
30:57 – Action Plans
33:30 – Training
45:51 – Final Thoughts

5 Medical Reference Books For Survivalists and Preppers

Zy Marquiez
April 27, 2016

As someone who’s been in countless disaster scenarios, knowledge about preparedness has always been seen as valuable by me.

Being in many hurricanes, countless blackouts [that’s what happens in 2nd/3rd world country infrastructure after all] & a few blizzards, while also living in the southern portion of tornado alley gives one plenty of experience in what one knows, but more importantly what one does not know.

In most of the scenarios, a common theme emerged: most people were wholly unprepared for what was coming, even though they had ample time to prepare, and unfortunately, lives were lost when they shouldn’t have been.

Given that, the information below [in the video] presented by a like-minded individual is something that should be taken serious by people.

No, this is not doom and gloom, this is plain old common sense.

Most people get car insurance, house insurance, life insurance [?] and every other insurance in between.  And yet, the mere mention of a handful of common sense items tends to make it seem like one’s talking about some far-out idea from another world.

Its quite sad, because lives are lost year in and year out because people overlook simple things they can do to be in a better position to help themselves if the need arises.

The video that follows touches upon some medical resources that can aid in a common sense medical general preparedness approach.

The video below is by J.J. Johnson of Reality Survival.  He’s a former active duty USAF SERE Instructor. What is a SERE Instructor? SERE stands for Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape. Basically it was a position that taught combat Wilderness Survival techniques to USAF aircrew members in the mountains North of Spokane Washington near Fairchild AFB. He is also the owner and author of http://www.RealitySurvival.Com.

Tension Pneumothorax [What It Is & How To Treat It]

Source: SkinnyMedic
April 23, 2016

Tension Pneumothorax is a life threatening injury! In this video I will describe how a Pneumothorax becomes a Tension Tension Pneumothorax. I also explain the difference between a Hemothorax and a Pneumothorax. There some basic treatments you can do and also more advanced skills. You need to look at adding chest seals to your trauma kit contains.