How Health Care SHOULD Work in this Country

October 21, 2016

How could cancer treatment, and health care in general, be improved in this country? Dr. Patrick Quillin discusses how things could improve drastically if we were given the chance to shift how we think about health care in this country. Learn about Dr. Quillin’s opinion on how health care should work in this country.

Only 1-in-10 drugs prescribed are brand name, yet they account for majority of spending

Big Pharma

L.J. Devon
August 2, 2016

A new research paper published in JAMA points out a harrowing fact: Brand name drugs are prescribed 10 percent of the time, but they account for 72 percent of the total cost paid for pharmaceutical drugs in the US.

This is a prime example of the rigged American medical system, where people are being monetarily preyed upon. Worse yet, the excess billions of dollars reaped by price gouging consumers are used to promote the drugs to even greater extents, through the media or directly to doctors. In this way, Americans are never introduced to effective, evidence-based medicine.

Rigged medical system

Brand name drugs penalize consumers because of market exclusivity. Pharmaceutical manufacturers in the US block out competition because of patents, while cheaper generic drugs or holistic therapies are suppressed out of the marketplace. Buyers are not allowed to negotiate the price of drugs freely because of the restrictive patent laws. Also, price negotiations cannot be made because information on similar generic drugs cannot be compared to the patented name brand drugs.

Because of these competition-stifling rules, the price of brand name drugs in the US surged 164 percent between 2008 and 2015. Obviously the pharmaceutical industry in this country is not a free market that allows for open competition in helping people get well. Medicine in the US is dominated by brand name drugs that the laws give market exclusivity to.

Competition stifled, negotiations restricted, as Big Pharma takes advantage of Americans

To put these numbers in perspective, Americans spend $858 per capita on prescription drugs. Nineteen other industrialized nations, on average, spend about half that – or $400 per capita. The 20 most popular name brand drugs are three times pricier in the US than in the UK. In these other countries negotiations are allowed; in the US, the drug manufacturers set the prices. Negotiations are blocked and insurers are restricted from fighting for the best deals. This is why medicines like insulin for diabetes increased 300 percent between 2002 and 2013. It is also why cancer treatments are debuting at over $100,000, and insurance rates are skyrocketing to cover the rising costs. Not only is the medical system ignoring the root cause of health issues today, but the drug makers are running the show, pushing out competition, blocking negotiations and shoving their junk science into patients’ bodies.

Doctors often follow along with this brand name domination, ignoring cheaper, comparable drugs with the same effects. This drug-intensive approach also blinds patients and their doctors from seeking alternative methods of natural healing that are restorative to the whole body and cheaper in the long run.

Evidence-based or belief-driven? $57.5 billion spent annually on drug promotion

In 2004, two tireless researchers from York University found that the US Pharmaceutical industry spends $57.5 billion annually on drug promotion and advertisement, double what the companies spend on actual research. As the researchers explained, this is equivalent to spending $61,000 per US physician just to promote the drugs. This fact alone reveals that belief in the drugs and perpetual indoctrination are the real driving forces behind pharmaceutical sales. Because of this, people are not being introduced to evidence-based medicine, but are being brainwashed into accepting the notion that they have chronic diseases, only manageable through synthetic pills. Many physicians become the middle men, only peddling what they are paid to prescribe.

While emergency medicine has its place, the pharmaceutical industry as a whole does nothing more than prey on people’s minds and their lack of understanding of nutrition utilization and detoxification optimization. This inconvenient truth is evidenced by the statistics. Pharmaceutical “medicine” is a hundred billion dollar industry, but the chronic health problems in the country are only getting worse. Diabetes, heart disease, obesity, neurological dysfunction, behavioral problems and immune system deficiency are all on the rise. The pharmaceutical industry diverts people away from the root causes of their health problems, blocking price negotiations and forbidding competition from cheaper drugs and alternative healing modalities.

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The Medical Mafia: The True Nature Of Health In Our Country

Zy Marquiez
March 14, 2016

“Probably as much as 75% of the medicine of sickness is unnecessary and its cost can be avoided.”
–  Dr. Ghislaine Lanctot, Author Of The Medical Mafia

As a preamble, although this particular write up will address Big Medica/Big Pharma, its not to be an all-encompassing missive of every individual.

There are really good doctors out there, and really good nurses as well.  Have become good friends with some myself over the last decade or so.

This is to address those professionals which not only give poor quality of service, but also cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of people each and every year by repeating the same/similar mistakes over and over again.

Moving forward, there’s a reason so much health information is shared/mirrored in this blog. Our health is our greatest asset as individuals by far.

Having had significant/chronic health issues that plagued me for nigh two decades, am intimately familiar of how Big Medica/Big Pharma work from a patients point of view. Add many hospitalizations over that period of time, and what’s been learned within that timeframe is that the medical system sure as heck wasn’t as copacetic as they would have you believe. Also, unfortunately, have also lost two family members in the past to preventable medical mistakes. That doesn’t even count deaths from Cancer, which is a whole separate issue.

Hopefully none of you have experienced the same. Those reasons, as well as others, are why this particular topic plays close to the vest.

Furthermore, as someone who’s worked in the past on a government contract dealing with Medicare helping hundreds and hundreds of individuals regarding drug prescriptions, am also quite familiar with the over-medication aspect that has taken hold of the nation top down. When one starts hearing the common theme of caller after caller after caller, each of them taking anywhere between half a dozen to over a dozen medications on average, it was easy to see how intensely America is drugged. Some even went as high as two or three dozen medications.

The shocking part was that, everyone went with it as if its normal to take so many prescriptions. But is it? Is America really that healthy?

Starting with our eldest citizens, all the way down to our children/babies, pharmaceuticals are pumped in every way shape and form, and nigh nobody bats an eyelash. That doesn’t count the hundreds of mandatory vaccinations [yes, hundreds] that the establishment wants to pass.

People’s belief in the American Medical system is proportional to their knowledge about it. Most people don’t realize how many people lose their lives when they shouldn’t have too within this corrupt/for-profit medical system.

Am going to cite a previous post at length called, The Breakaway Guide To Doctors Data & Disease, due to its relevance for those understandably askance about the prior statements:

Latent deep within Big Medica, the finer details reveal certain issues that have not been reported much [if at all] by the mainstream media. As an example, how many people realize that prescriptions drugs are in fact 16,400% deadlier than terrorists?[1] An immediate reaction to such a statement by many would be something along the lines of ‘That’s preposterous!’, ‘Impossible!’. However, they truth would remain regardless what some wish to believe. Unfortunately, that is only the beginning.

Moreover, with prescription drugs being doled out at the tune of 4 Billion per annum , it’s no wonder that medications are injuring 1.5 Million people a year.[2][3] Not only are there 400,000 injuries that can be prevented each year at hospitals, but there are also 800,000 injuries that occur in long-term care facilities. Of all those, about 530,000 injuries occur to those that chose to use outpatient clinics and had Medicare.[4]

Interestingly enough, the fact that these mistakes result in an additional $3.5 Billion in extra medical costs does not pose much of an incentive for those interested in expanding the Medical System’s rising profits.[5][6] Amidst a medical establishment that is the most expensive in the world, it is extremely disturbing as this study by the Commonwealth Fund illustrates:

The U.S. fails to achieve better health outcomes than other countries, and as shown in the earlier editions, the U.S. is last or near last on dimensions of access, efficiency, and equity.”[7]

Knowing that, it is surely not shocking to see that our medical system really isn’t any better than a that of a third world country.[8]

Establishing those facts, perhaps it is time that people realize how flawed this ‘great’ [profits first, people second] system of medical care is in this country. Worst part is that among the current generation of women, their rate of death is actually in fact higher than that of their mothers.[9] That is one major reason why the US ranks 26th overall in the world in respect to life expectancy.[10]

The above is outlined so people realize the true nature of the Medical Establishment.

Lets not forget, the thousands of nurses that have risen up against vaccinations over time.  [11] Got a gut feeling this number will only increase with time.

Who can blame them?  With dozens of studies outlining the dangers of vaccines, its hard to trust them when they’ve been front in center for many of the issues countless mothers have been up in arms about, such as Autism.[12][13][14]

While many people do get help within the medical establishment, hundreds of thousands are injured, or worse, lose their lives in these extremely unfortunate circumstances.

We’re not talking about deaths that were natural. These are deaths that are caused by preventable mistakes.

Let’s switch the scenario a bit.

For instance, imagine that automobiles accidents due to poor construction quality caused 1.5 Million injuries a year, the same way the medical system injures 1.5 Million people a year, wouldn’t that be cause for concern? What if greater than 400,000 people lost their lives in accidents caused by faulty cars, wouldn’t that be some sort of issue?

The mainstream media loves to stir the pot when there’s a shooting, calling for all sorts of gun control, even though it’s the criminals doing the shootings, and not the law-abiding citizens.

Where’s the mainstream media when hundreds of thousands lose their lives, every single year, like clockwork? Where is their call for ‘medication control’?

And no, am not advocating that all medications need to be removed.  Am only saying that prescriptions are being handed out like candy, and its causing more problems than most in the populace are aware of.

What are individuals to do, wait until over two million people are getting injured yearly? What about three or four million? Sounds insane, doesn’t it?  But its exactly where we’re headed as a society.

If the problem doesn’t stop now, and there’s no signs of it truly abating, it’s only going to get worse. Which is why educating yourself and being proactive is the only solution.

The video below, although short [5 minutes in length], is quite insightful regarding to how the medical system and the FDA truly work. You are highly encouraged to view it.

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