The Drug War’s Not In Kansas Anymore – #GoodNewsNextWeek

Source: MediaMonarchy
James Evan Pilato
October 25, 2016

This week on #GoodNewsNextWeek: Inventor dude turns bad algae into good foam; Thai researchers found cancer-killers in a latex plant; and Kansas slowly steps away from the drug war. Notes/Links:

Startup @BloomFoam Harvesting Wild Algae For Sneakers, Surfboards

Thai Research Team Discovers Cancer-Killing Power In Latex Rak Plant

Kansas AG Report Shows Cops, Juries Refusing to Enforce Marijuana Prohibition

After Cops Couldn’t Do the Job, This Gang Kicked All the Meth Dealers Out of Town

Melissa Etheridge’s Cannabis-Infused Wine Delivers “Full Body Buzz”

Revolutionary Prison System Teaches Organic Farming to Fight Recidivism