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College Fires President For Allowing Homeless Student To Sleep In Library During Storm

Source: TrueActivist.com
Amanda Froelich
January 21, 2017

On a Friday night in Kansas City, Missouri, a student who suffers from schizophrenia (and hadn’t been taking his medication) was about to head toward the woods for the night when the President of Vatterott College, Brian Carroll, stopped him. According to Inside Edition, Carroll knew the student was homeless and feared the worst, especially since temperatures were already at -2 degrees F and were declining.

To save the kid’s life, as he didn’t believe a sleeping bag in the forest was enough shelter, he offered to let the kid sleep in the library for the evening. His compassionate gesture resulted in Carroll being fired the next Monday, on January 9th. This resulted, despite him having served as the school’s President for the past five years.

When the California resident was interviewed after the incident, he said the college fired him because he put the facility’s building and equipment at risk. However, he believes a student’s life is more important, which is why he would do it again. Vatterott College refused to disclose a statement to Insider Edition


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Giving Away a Whole Organic Apple ILLEGAL without permit?

Source: GrowingYourGreens
September 13, 2016

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ shares with you the story of how farmers were getting fined up to $750 for giving away organic apples and sealed packs of seeds for gardening.

In this episode Josh and John are back with the story of how some vendors 2016 National Heirloom Expo were harassed and unfairly treated.

In this episode, you will learn what happened at this years Heirloom Expo that caused an uproar and what you can do about it.

Entrepreneur Quits Financial Industry to Bring Leftovers to Hungry People

Source: NaturalSociety.com
Christina Sarich
February 2, 2016

It doesn’t matter who you are; experiencing the high from taking perfectly good food from restaurants and local businesses that would ordinarily end up in the trash and giving to the hungry will change you. Even for high level business men making millions, giving back could beat any bull market rush.

Sourced from CivilEats.com
Sourced from CivilEats.com

Robert Lee would know. He left his high-powered job to start feeding the hungry and keep good food out of the waste stream.

The co-founders of Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, Robert Lee and Louisa Chen were both part of a university organization called Two Birds One Stone, which delivered leftover dining hall food on campus to homeless shelters. Through their volunteerism, the two learned best practices for the operations side in delivering food, fostering relationships with key partners within the industry, and the management skills needed to make it all work.

Lee has said, “It was kind of shocking to see how much food waste was happening around campus. I wondered: Why doesn’t every institution do something like this?”

Lee has been called the ‘Robin Hood of Leftovers’ for good reason. He has already ‘rescued’ and donated more than 290,000 meals since 2012 for those who often go without ample food. His organization, started in 2013 and called Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, saves food from the abundance we throw away every year. As his website details, millions suffer from food insecurity every year, and we throw way enough food just in our country to practically feed the entire world.

article-Scribble Food Waste

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