The Dirt: Surviving This Economy

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January 23, 2017

The world is changing. Globalization, automation, inflation, and the outsourcing of jobs has made it difficult for the average person to survive in today’s economy. We don’t have a magic solution, but we discuss what worked for us and how we changed the way we approached life.

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Revolution Impossible?

Source: CorbettReportExtras
James Corbett
August 5, 2016

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As the economy collapses and the police state noose cinches tighter, revolution is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. But what kind of revolution is necessary…or even possible? On this episode of The Corbett Report podcast we look deeper into the revolutionary fervor of our times.

California Gov. Signs Minimum Wage Hike: Admits It “Doesn’t Make Economic Sense” As Locals Flee For Texas

April 5, 2016

As we discussed previously states such as California are saying to hell with economics in their efforts to appease their voting base. Yesterday, both New York and California signed legislation to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. New York will phase in the $6 an hour increase over three years, and California will phase in their $5 an hour increase over the next six years.

The irony of the situation, which will most certainly go under reported, is that even California’s Governor Brown knows that it’s not the right decision to make economically. Regarding the actual economic impact, California’s Governor Brown was quoted as saying that “economically, minimum wages may not make sense.”

This is clear.

As we noted before, it is even clear to the locals businesses owners like the Marmalade Café which has seven locations. “First, you have to raise prices, otherwise you’ll be out of business,” owner Selwyn Yosslowitz told the Times. So higher prices for diners. That’s “first.” We imagine you can guess what’s “second.” “We will try to re-engineer the labor force,” Yosslowitz said. “Maybe try to reduce the number of bus boys and ask servers to bus tables.” In other words: “Maybe” we’ll fire some folks and the people who keep their jobs will have to be more efficient. 

Yosslowitz also worries about the dynamic we’ve discussed over the course of documenting Wal-Mart’s experience with wage hikes: namely that you have to preserve the wage hierarchy. You can’t hike wages for the lowest paid workers and then expect those further up the pay ladder to be satisfied with what they made before. “The other big worry [is] that employees already making $15 an hour will demand a raise as well”, Yosslowitz said. “It’s a chain reaction.”

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Wages ‘Flat Or Declining’ Since NAFTA – Union Boss

Source: RT
March 31, 2016

Wall Street-driven companies continue to chase cheap labor around the world, the latest example being the relocation of a Carrier air-conditioning plant to Mexico. For more on outsourcing and trade deals, United Steelworkers International President Leo Gerard, joins ‘News With Ed.’

The Great Divide: the Death of the Middle Class – Jeff Nielson

Source: SprottMoney
Jeff Nielson
March 30, 2016

The focal point of the aforementioned article was that when it came to “the world’s poorest people,” the Corrupt West has now produced a greater percentage of severe poverty in its own populations than in India, and an equal percentage of such poverty as exists in Africa.

Stacked beside this, we see that when it comes to the richest-of-the-rich, the Corrupt West remains in a league of its own. Supposedly, we are living in “the New Normal,” where life is supposed to get increasingly harder and harder. So why does the New Normal never affect those on top?

Of course all of these extremely poor people being manufactured by our governments (as these regimes give away our jobs, destroy wages, and eviscerate our social programs) have to come from somewhere. Certainly they don’t come from the Wealthy Class.

Indeed, the chart above provides us with a crystal-clear view of where all these poor and very-poor people are coming from: the near-extinct Middle Class. In order to manufacture hundreds of millions of impoverished citizens in our nations, the Old World Order has had to engage in a campaign to end the Middle Class.

We are conditioned to consider economic “classes” within our own societies, but with the chart above, we’re given a global perspective. Where does the Middle Class exist today, globally? At the upper end, it exists in China, and to a lesser extent, in Latin America and other Asian nations. At the lower end of the Middle Class, we see such populations growing in India and even Africa.

Only in the West, and especially North America, is the Middle Class clearly an endangered species. Two incredibly important aspects of this subject are necessary to cover:

1) How and why has the One Bank chosen to perpetrate Middle Class genocide?

2) What are the consequences of the Death of the Middle Class?

Attempting to catalogue the nearly infinite number of ways in which the oligarchs of the One Bank have perpetrated their Middle Class genocide is impractical. Instead, discussion will be limited to the five most important programs responsible for the Death of the Middle Class: three of them relatively new, and two of them old.

  1. a) Globalization
  2. b) Union decimation/wage destruction
  3. c) Small business decimation
  4. d) Money-printing/inflation
  5. e) Income taxation

Globalization was rammed down our throats in the name of “free trade,” the Holy Grail of charlatan economists . But, as previously explained, real free trade is a world of “comparative advantage” where all nations play by a fair-and-equal set of rules. Without those conditions, “free trade” can never exist.

The globalization that has been imposed upon us is, instead, a world of “competitive devaluation,” a corrupt, perpetual, suicidal race to the bottom. The oligarchs understood this, given that they are the perpetrators. The charlatan economists were too blinded by their own dogma to understand this. And, as always, the puppet politicians simply do what they are told.

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Secret Fed deal abroad spurs stagflation at home


Source: TheDailyBell
March 30, 2016

Yellen Says Caution in Raising Rates Is ‘Especially Warranted’ …  Fed Chair makes case for go-slow changes with rate near zero … Janet Yellen said it is appropriate for U.S. central bankers to “proceed cautiously” in raising interest rates because the global economy presents heightened risks. The speech to the Economic Club of New York made a strong case for running the economy hot to push away from the zero boundary for the Federal Open Market Committee’s target rate. –Bloomberg

Janet Yellen was back at it yesterday, talking down the need for a rate hike.

She is comfortable with the economy running “hot.”

Say what?

After a year or more of explaining why rate hikes were necessary, up to four or more of them in 2016, Ms. Yellen has now begun speechifying about how rate hikes are not a good idea.

It’s enough to give you whiplash.

It sets the stage for increased stagflation in the US and increased price inflation in China. More in a moment.

Here’s the real story. At the last G20 meeting in February, secret agreements were made between the most powerful economies to lift both the US and Chinese economy.

The details of these deals have been leaked on the Internet over the past few weeks and supported by the actions of central bankers involved.

It is what The Daily Reckoning last week called “The most important financial development of 2016, with enormous implications for you and your portfolio.”

The Fed and other members of the G20, which met in February, intend to maintain the current Chinese system.

They want China to stay strong economically.

The antidote to China’s misery, according to the Keynsian-poisoned G20, is more yuan printing. More liquidity that will supposedly boost the Chinese economy.

As a further, formal yuan loosening would yield a negative impact felt round the world, other countries agreed to tighten instead.

This is why Mario Draghi suddenly announced that he was ceasing his much asserted loose-euro program. No one could figure out why but now it’s obvious.

Same thing in Japan, where central bank support for aggressive loosening has suddenly diminished.

The US situation is more complicated. The dollar’s strength is now seen as a negative by central bankers and thus efforts are underway to weaken the currency.

A weaker dollar and a weaker yen supposedly create the best scenario for a renewed economic resurgence worldwide.

The euro and the yen rose recently against the dollar after it became clear that their central banks had disavowed further loosening.

Now Janet Yellen is now coming up with numbers and statistics to justify backing away from further tightening.

None of these machinations are going to work in the long term. And even in the short term, such currency gamesmanship is questionable in the extreme, as the Daily Reckoning and other publications have pointed out when commenting on this latest development.

In China, a weaker yuan will create stronger price inflation. In the US, a weaker dollar will boost stagflation.

We’ve often made a further point: Everything central bankers do is counterproductive on purpose.

The real idea is to make people so miserable that they will accede to further plans for increased centralization of monetary and governmental authority.

Slow growth or no growth in Japan and Europe, supported by monetary tightening, are certainly misery-making.

Stagflation in the US and Canada is similarly misery-provoking, as is price-inflation in China.

Nothing is what it seems in the economic major leagues.

Central banks are actually mandated to act as a secret monopoly, supervised by the Bank for International Settlements and assisted by the International Monetary Fund.

Deceit is mandated. As with law enforcement, central bankers are instructed to lie and dissemble for the “greater good.”

It’s dangerous too.

The Fed along with other central banks have jammed tens of trillions into the global economy over the past seven years. Up to US$100 trillion or more.

They’ve been using Keynesian monetary theories to try to stimulate global growth.

It hasn’t worked of course because money is no substitute for human action. If people don’t want to invest, they won’t.

In the US, the combination of low growth and continual price inflation creates a combination called “stagflation.”

It appeared in its most serious form in the 1970s but it is a problem in the 2000s as well.

Recently we noted the rise of stagflation in Canada.

According to non-government sources like ShadowStats, Inflation is running between four and eight percent in the US while formal unemployment continues to affect an astonishing 90 million workers.

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Social Justice, Prosperity, and Precious Metals – Jeff Nielson

Social Justice, Prosperity, and Precious Metals - Jeff Nielson

Source: SprottMoney
Jeff Nielson
February 12, 2016

A question may go through the minds of some readers as they read many of the articles written by this “precious metals commentator.” That question is one of relevance. Why should readers or investors who are interested in precious metals want to read about “politics,” geopolitical events, or even social justice issues?

We need to know about politics in order to be aware of the rapid and alarming deterioration of our personal and property security. As individuals, our “rights” have been gutted by new fascist laws. These laws attempt to supersede our constitutions and are thus null and void. The problem is that we are governed by corrupt regimes who no longer recognize the Rule of Law and thus the supremacy of our own constitutions.

In turn, this type of governance deprives us of our property security. A financial crime syndicate is now allowed to serially steal all wealth we have in paper form by deliberately manufacturing a double-digit rate of “inflation” while our governments deny this inflation exists. This rate of inflation is, literally, the rate at which this crime syndicate steals all our paper wealth via the corrupted power of the printing press.

Give me control of a nation’s money, and I care not who makes the laws.

  • – Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744 – 1812)

In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to prevent confiscation of savings through inflation.

  • – Alan Greenspan (1966)

Not content with this serial rate of theft; the banksters have now gone well beyond this level of criminality. With “the bail-in,” some of these financial criminals now claim the right to steal any paper asset, of any type, from any kind of paper account . In turn, our puppet governments have meekly acknowledged their intent to rubber-stamp the lawless confiscation of private property by these so-called “banks.”

The “geopolitical events” occurring in the world, such as the shams and half-truths presented by corporate media, are the pretext used by our corrupt governments for devolving our societies and economies still further. Therefore, we need to learn about developments here in order to properly understand our level of economic peril and in turn our level of economic need for history’s ultimate safe havens .

But who cares about “social justice” or even economic justice? It’s the New Normal now and we can’t afford to become fixated on such concerns because we all have to focus on just taking care of ourselves.


United we stand, divided we fall. These are much more than mere words. We are a communal species. Our own prosperity as individuals (and perhaps even our own survival) hinges upon the health of our communities. In our modern societies, this means the health of our nations, our provinces or states, and our municipalities.

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Fed Results? Social Polarization and Economic Debasement


Why the Fed’s historic rate hike is good news and bad news for the economy. Yellen says rate hike shows Fed’s confidence the U.S. economy is strengthening … — LA Times

Dominant Social Theme: The Fed takes care of the economy, and this is the way it must be.

Free-Market Analysis: The good news is that the economy is recovering, according to this article. The bad news is that the Fed has started the clock running on the business cycle once again. As rates go up, economic activity gradually slows.

Aware of this as she must be, Janet Yellen has made a point of pledging that the Fed will not move too fast raising rates. Fed officials will do so, she confirms, only when the data shows hikes are warranted.

One catch: Is the data trustworthy? Obviously, Yellen thinks it is. Here’s some more from the article:

The major significance of the long-awaited rate increase could be more psychological. Yellen described the hike as a major turning point in the nation’s efforts to put the Great Recession behind it.

“This action marks the end of an extraordinary seven-year period during which the federal funds rate was held near zero to support the recovery of the economy from the worst financial crisis and recession since the Great Depression,” Yellen said.

“It also recognizes the considerable progress that has been made toward restoring jobs, raising incomes and easing the economic hardship of millions of Americans.”

This was apparently the reason the hike was so important and why the Fed struggled to mightily proclaim it. The Fed persevered because a statement needed to be made.

From the point of view of Fed officials, the ability to declare a hike provides evidence that the system works and that a handful of individuals can indeed make decisions to benefit billions of people around the world.

Of course, there are alternative viewpoints regarding the Fed, and we mentioned one significant perspective yesterday in an article that compared the Fed to the politburo.

The politician making the comparison was Rand Paul, who is currently running for president as a libertarian/conservative.

Rand’s main point – one we have made many times – is that central banks fix the value and volume of money via interest rate manipulation. He wondered how it was possible that academic and media observers could look at the facility with approval, considering the negatives of price-fixing are widely known.

But there are other negative assessments of the system and its operations. In a recently published article entitled, “What Does Today’s ‘Rate Hike’ Mean?”, Paul Craig Roberts provides us with one specific way that setting a rate hike benefits some institutions at the expense of others.

First, he establishes, shockingly, that there is plenty of liquidity in the system and that monetary demand did not drive up the price of money. “The purpose of raising interest rates is to choke off credit demand, but there was no need to choke off credit demand when the demand for credit was [mild].”

He then makes an even stronger statement:

This “rate hike” is a fraud. It is only for the idiots in the financial media who have been going on about a rate hike forever and the need for the Fed to protect its credibility by raising interest rates.

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