Washington State Launches Lawsuit Against Monsanto…

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Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
December 20, 2016

This article was shared by Mr. S.C., and I want to pass it along here, along with my usual high octane speculation, which, in this case, is really high octane speculation:

Washington State Launches Historic Lawsuit Against Monsanto Over PCBs


Regular readers of this website know that I am not exactly a friend to GMOs, nor, for that matter, to vaccines. And, for the record, I am not in principle opposed to either, i.e., I am not opposed to the concept of vaccines nor to that of GMOs. After all, Jenner’s small pox vaccine worked very well, and so did the Sabin polio vaccine. But as I’ve pointed out, there were problems with the Salk vaccine, and there are certainly problems that studies have shown linking vaccine cocktails to autism, and linking GMOs to cancers and other health risks.

My chief opposition all along to these technologies has not been to the technology itself, but rather against the shoddy bought-and-paid-for corporate “science” assuring us that there is nothing wrong with the technologies as they stand. Additionally, my opposition has also been against the corporate strong-arming of farmers, and to dissenting opinion as they seek to control the scientific narrative, and therefore the public discussion, of these technologies and their blowback effects. Not for nothing has Russia decided against GMOs until after some long term and extensive testing. And to a certain extent, I think we can credit those independent scientists in the west who have made studies of GMOs and reached opinions contrary to that of the corporate-goverment scientific sector.

Which brings me to a problem with this article. One might be inclined, as I was, to initially cheer the idea that finally, someone, somewhere, is bringing suit against one of the world’s most abhorrent corporations, which we refer to on this site as Mon(ster)santo, or alternatively, I.G. Farbensanto. You’ll note that the suit is not directly related to GMOs, but rather, to a chemical group known as PCB’s, of which Mon(ster)santo was a chief producer during years that their use and dissemination was entirely legal. And the suit is being brought decades after their use was banned.

This seems to me to be an egregious case of reaching too far, for if corporations – or anyone else for that matter – were to be held liable for something entirely legal, then scientific development would come to a screeching halt.

But, in this case, as the article also notes, there is some evidence that Mon(ster)santo allegedly knew of, and covered up, the toxicity and risks of PCBs:

“Monsanto produced PCBs for decades while hiding what they knew about the toxic chemicals’ harm to human health and the environment,” Ferguson noted during the press conference.

There is proof that Monsanto knew about and deliberately covered up the dangers posed by PCBs. The AP reported:

“In 1937, an internal memo said testing on animals showed ‘systemic toxic effects’ from prolonged exposure by inhaling PCB fumes or ingestion. In 1969, a company committee on PCBs noted, ‘There is too much customer/market need and selfishly too much Monsanto profit to go out.’”

In a statement provided to the wire service, a Monsanto spokesperson called the state’s lawsuit “experimental because it seeks to target a product manufacturer for selling a lawful and useful chemical four to eight decades ago that was applied by the U.S. government, Washington State, local cities, and industries into many products to make them safer.”

Stop and consider that: the original memo was apparently dated in 1937, and the decision to keep producing the products for no other motive that pure greed, was made in 1969. In other words, we have potentially a pattern of decades of deliberate knowledge and cover-up, all for the sake of profits.

What’s interesting to speculate and ponder upon here is that, in such a lawsuit, the…

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Ted Cruz Is Another Monsanto Shill

Ted Cruz
Source: NaturalNews.com
S.D. Wells
March 25, 2016

During a recent agricultural summit in Iowa, the fact that Ted Cruz chose to use the words “anti-science” and “zealot” to describe his stance on GMO, actually supports the fact that he is already BOUGHT by biotech, the most evil industry on the planet – which inserts cancer-causing herbicides and chemical-based toxins into U.S. food, while claiming it can feed the starving, broken, burning-up world. Of course, a zealot describes just about any person who is fanatical in their pursuit of their own ideals, and eating clean food can be quite the uncompromising, ideal way of living (without preventable diseases and cell disorders) for about 25 million Americans or more, so this food topic spills into politics, and it spills back onto the food, and it spews out of Ted Cruz’s mouth like roach-killer spray on a cob of corn.

And while on the topic of “anti-science,” this is simply the new “quack” word – meaning ALL the shills (Ted Cruz and Hillary) who sell Monsanto’s poison, love any scientists who study anything in labs, and they HATE people who look healthy, are healthy, and don’t need Obamacare. Yes, those kinds of Republicans love Obamacare, because it established a money laundering outfit that’s imposed by the IRS and supports force-prescribing Americans with pharmaceuticals – the industry where they invest most of their money.

The term anti-science is pure propaganda from Monsanto, regurgitated by Cruz, and doesn’t even make sense. If health enthusiasts are “anti-science,” then GMO proponents are “pro-genocidal-science.” Hitler used science, too, to exterminate over 6 million innocent people. Are people who are against that type of science also “anti-science?”

Cruz spews propaganda about GMOs

A skeptic is any person inclined to question “accepted” opinions, and GMO safety is certainly limited to being only an accepted opinion. In fact, there’s an entire fake consensus which claims to be a “universal” consensus, that GMOs have been tested for safety, when they have not. Independent labs are proving GMOs to be detrimental to immunity, cleansing organs, the brain and the central nervous system. A skeptic can be a person inclined to question what “seems” rational or accepted already as “the norm.” The “norm” in America can get you killed inside of 20 years by cancer, diabetes or both. In terms of biotechnology, 30 years of brainwashing has made Monsanto one of the most powerful corporations in the world, like Adolf Hitler and I.G. Farben were when they joined forces to force-medicate, force-feed pesticides, gas, fluoridate and exterminate millions of “skeptics.”

I.G. Farben was a pharmaceutical conglomerate that now essentially runs the chemical-agriculture-industrial-complex of the USA right now.

This just in: Ted Cruz spits some Monsanto venom at the organic world during the recent Iowa Agricultural Summit.

“We shouldn’t let anti-science zealotry shutdown the ability to produce low-cost quality food for billions across the globe” – Washington Times

Whether you’re republican or not, if you don’t eat chemicals and don’t support a fake war on cancer that actually gives people cancer, Ted Cruz thinks you’re an anti-science, narcissistic moron, who hates the world and hopes everyone else starves to death. In order to garnish some fat stacks of cash for his struggling campaign, Cruz joined the ranks of Bill Nye, the Science Fraud Guy, in declaring his LOVE for Monsanto and all things GMO.

Network of shills

These are the top known quacks, paid science shills, “public scientists” and propaganda-spreading organizations pushing GMO:

Jon Entine: TruthWiki.org

Center for Food Safety: TruthWiki.org

GMOAnswers.com: TruthWiki.org

Committee for Skeptical Inquiry: TruthWiki.org

Council for Biotechnology Information: TruthWiki.org

Kevin Folta (University of Florida): TruthWiki.org

Karmanos Cancer Center: TruthWiki.org

Susan G. Komen Foundation: TruthWiki.org

American Cancer Society: TruthWiki.org

CDC network of corruption exposed in full here: AntiCorruptionSociety.com

The AMA (American Medical Association): TruthWiki.org

Jimmy Wales, ex-porn-dealer (Bomis) and founder of the fake online dictionary, Wikipedia: TruthWiki.org

The Washington Post: TruthWiki.org

Ted’s toxic Monsanto ‘cruise’ will cost him millions of votes

A fictional “World Scientific Consensus” about GMO has been perpetuated by mainstream media outlets, and is proclaimed as “science-based” by a rogue politician who loves Dr. Seuss and knows NOTHING about science. There is no world scientific consensus on GMO. In fact, most Americans are completely and utterly in the dark concerning the real scientific community discussion regarding this 30-year-old bug-killer and weed-killer agricultural gene altering experiment.

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[Review] Recommended Book – The Third Way – The Nazi International, European Union & Corporate Fascism By Dr. Farrell


Zy Marquiez
December 15, 2015

As a preamble, have had the pleasure myself of reading 20 of Dr. Farrell’s books in the past, and they have all been as thought-provoking as they have been deep in scope. Not only do his books dovetail with each other rather smoothly, but they each bring a different [yet much needed!] flavor to alternative research, and his work is starting to get recognized by independent researchers and individuals that are searching for answers to questions in our paradigm/s that the mainstream culture [and even alternative media as well] is not covering, and sometimes downright suppressing.

Mr. Farrell’s new magnum opus, ‘The Third Way – The Nazi International, European Union And Corporate Fascism’, picks up where his previous work, ‘The Nazi International’ left off. In usual Farrell fashion, he interweaves a variety of different facts, documentation and theories to solidify the fact that Nazism 2.0 [modern day Nazis] are not an outgrowth of the preview generation, but a continuance of the Post-WW2 Nazi ideology that plagued humanity decades ago.

As a particular document that Mr. Farrell cites says, “For us” – The Nazi International “The war never stopped.” When taken in conjunction with the fact that no representatives from the Nazi party ever formally surrendered, you can catch a glimpse at the innerworkings of the mentality being showcased that would drive Nazism 2.0 to the 21st Century.

This particular books is extremely vital in understanding the current breath and latitude of some of the wider/dire issues that are affecting society today – mainly fascism/corporatism/Nazism – and how those have spawned the seeds of what is now the European Union, with Germany at the tip of the spear so to speak.

Trenchantly, Mr. Farrell covers how the Nazis were able to extend their sphere of influence throughout different countries/agencies/etc and how that not only lead to technological/currency cartels, with I.G. Farben’s ghost at the forefront and the BIS coupled along, but also to the creation of the cosmology cartel known as CERN.

Would love to expound more on the aforementioned subjects, but that would be doing a disservice to Dr. Farrell’s work.

If you have read any of his previous work, you will greatly enjoy this piece immensely. And if you haven’t, it’s not a bad place to start as this particular book, more so than any other, is vital to comprehending certain aspects of issues that are everpresent in our society today, and will continue to plague us until something is done about it.

Really hope that helps anyone on the fence that is pondering getting this book.