Bombshell pharma revelation as details emerge about former Merck president’s involvement in human biowarfare programs

Image: Bombshell pharma revelation as details emerge about former Merck president’s involvement in human biowarfare programs
Vicki Batts
May 7, 2017

Merck may as well be a household name; the corporation is one of the world’s largest pharma companies and is known for manufacturing a variety of vaccines. Some of their products have garnered a lot of bad press lately, due to the damage they’ve done to people across the world. Their HPV vaccine has been particularly problematic, and has even caused some young women to become paralyzed. The company is also known for producing the MMR vaccine, which we all know has been the subject of many controversies.

To put it simply, Merck is a major pharmaceutical company that has produced products which have had a negative effect on many people’s lives. But is there an even darker secret that Merck is hiding?

A recent report has revealed that the pharmaceutical company we all love to hate may have deep ties to biological warfare. As Cassius Methyl writes for Waking Times, “Merck & Co. is not to be confused with the German ‘Merck KGaA,’ but they both originate from the original German Merck. Merck was founded in 1668, in Germany.” A U.S. division was founded in New York by 1887, thanks to George Merck. It was called Merck & Co. In 1891, George Merck had moved to New York as well.

Merck & Co was seized by the U.S. government in 1917 as the country entered WWI — after the federal government announced that companies with ties to Germany would be overtaken. However, George Merck and his partners formed the “McKenna Corporation,” and managed to buy their company back when it was put up for auction in 1919. From then on, it is thought that the company severed all its ties to Germany, and made great efforts to remain on the American side of the war. In 1925, George Merck passed the company on to his son, George W. Merck. And this is when the company started to take a more sinister turn.

George W. Merck ruled the corporation for 25 years and was president of Merck during the years of WWII — and he was a leader in the United States’ biological warfare program during the same time frame. Merck was the appointed head of the War Research Service. Reports indicate that the United States’ biological warfare “headquarters,” Fort Detrick, was constructed in the small town of Frederick, Maryland. The facility is said to have had “top secret” plants to engage in open-air testing of biological agents on the unsuspecting American people.

As sources report:

By the the end of World War II, the government had amassed a massive arsenal of biological weapons (using anthrax and other various bacteria) — all under the “strictest secrecy.” Soon, justification for continuing the research shifted to the “need for national defense.”

“Work in this field cannot be ignored in a time of peace,” Merck warned officials. “It must be continued on a sufficient scale to provide an adequate defense.” 

Unsurprisingly, the government was convinced, and so, the research and experimentation continued. George W. Merck was even the recipient of several awards and was featured on the cover of Time Magazine during the summer of 1952. Albeit, readers were totally oblivious to his involvement in the development of biological weapons and the experimentation of such weapons on innocent citizens.

Even after Merck left the War Research Service, Ft. Detrick went on to become the epicenter of experimentation on American civilians, and one the most recognized centers of biological warfare development in U.S. history.

To put it simply, Ft. Detrick — which was essentially Merck’s creation — was a place where very bad things happened. And to make matters worse, George W. Merck was running the nation’s biological warfare efforts at the same time as his pharmaceutical company.

The company’s ties to biological warfare are frightening enough even without their terrible track record of harming human beings with their products and lying about the efficacy and safety of their vaccines.

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Doctor at psychiatric hospital accused of experimenting on children with ‘truth serum’ drug used on soldiers during WWII

Sodium amytal

July 22, 2016

Reports have emerged that dozens of children at a British psychiatric hospital in the 1960s and 70s were experimented on with a “truth serum” drug, and that many were psychologically or sexually abused.

The stories emerged after a group of “urban explorers” posted photos online of the abandoned Aston Hall Hospital, which is slated to be demolished for housing developments. People started posting comments beneath the photos, sharing their stories of being child patients at Aston Hall.

Survivors of the abuse at Aston Hall formed a support group, which led to still more former child patients coming forward.

Children restrained and injected with experimental drug

Many of the former patients claim they were injected with the drug sodium amytal, colloquially known as “truth serum” for its tendency to lower people’s inhibitions. Many of the patients say they were locked in a small room with a mattress on the floor before receiving the shots; some say they had their hands tied with bandages.

All the patients report receiving the drug from the same doctor, medical superintendent Kenneth Milner.

Medical records viewed by the BBC confirm that many children and adolescents at Aston Hall in the 60s and 70s were indeed regularly prescribed 60 mg of sodium amytal.

Sodium amytal is a heavy sedative that was used during World War II to treat traumatized soldiers. It was considered quicker than psychoanalysis, but fell out of favor after the war when doubts were raised about its effectiveness. It was not a preferred treatment for any condition by the 1960s.

“As far as I knew nobody was using [sodium amytal] with children at that time,” said Michael Rutter of King’s College London, the United Kingdom’s first professor of child psychiatry.

Rutter is concerned by the reports of the use of sodium amytal on children, as well as the way it was administered, and says he “would have been concerned even in those days.”

Other experts interviewed by the BBC said that if Milner was performing experimental therapies, he should have published the results. But the BBC could find no such publications.

‘Not a truth serum’

Many former patients allege that Milner used sodium amytal to psychologically or sexually abuse them. Nearly all said that Milner asked very personal sexual questions while they were under the influence.

In some cases, Milner appears to have been trying to uncover repressed memories of prior sexual abuse. Some patients said that he “coerced” them into believing the stories that he fed them about their childhoods.

Indeed, part of the reason sodium amytal fell out of favor is that it makes patients highly suggestible, and therefore prone to forming false memories fed to them by a “questioner.”

“It is not a truth serum,” said memory expert Elizabeth Loftus of the University of California-Irvine. “When it comes to the recovery of pristine, accurate, allegedly repressed memories, it’s a danger.”

One former patient of Milner’s, identified as “Sandra,” believes that she was fed false memories of abuse. She recalls that after nine or 10 sessions, Milner rejoiced when she said she finally “remembered” being abused by her father.

“You were a hard nut to crack!” he said.

Sandra’s accusations against her father tore her family apart. Her sisters said the accusations were implausible, because she had never been alone with her father; it had been her sisters that cared for her.

“It came to me, that perhaps … for 51 years I have been accusing my father of maybe doing something he did not do,” Sandra said.

“If it didn’t happen, I’ve got to live the rest of my life knowing that I’ve told people that he’s done this.”

British authorities have launched an investigation into the allegations surrounding Aston Hall. They cannot question Milner himself however; he died in 1975.

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Judge gives OK to sue CIA & Doctors Who Invented US ‘Enhanced Interrogation’

Source: RT
April 25, 2016

A lawsuit has been approved to move forward by a Federal judge in a ruling the ACLU has called ‘amazing’ and ‘unprecedented.’ The lawsuit comes from former detainees tortured by the CIA at the agency’s notorious black sites. They are suing the psychologists and others hired to help design the controversial enhanced interrogation program, accusing them of enabling “war crimes” and “human experimentation.” The psychologists and two CIA contractors motioned to have the case against them dismissed, which the judge denied. For more on this, RT America’s Anya Parampil is joined by the Widney Brown, of Physicians for Human Rights.

Human Experimentation in the US [Part 3]

In part 3 we examine current examples of covert human experimentation in the US and look into the very near future’s ethical and legal implications of GMO humans, human animal-hybrids, the use of GMOs as covert weapons of mass destruction and ethnic-specific bio-weapons as “useful” political tools. We also look into the use of foreign populations ( Africa & Puerto Rico) as convenient human guinea pigs lab for US corporate science, the US military and the US government with the blessing of the legal system.

Human Experimentation in the US [Part 2]

A clear pattern of systemic and on-going unethical human experimentation in the US is clearly visible in part 2 of this presentation. We present publicly available and declassified evidence of more recent and systemic abuse. Unethical experimentation in the US continues on soldiers, veterans, civilians, minorities, children and foreigners by US government agencies, the military establishment, US corporations, research institutions with the systemic support of the legal system. We discuss psychological and mind control (MK-Ultra) experiments, secret use of foster care children as guinea pigs (BBC documentary) in AIDS drug trials as recent as 2001, Gulf/Iraq wars veterans and vaccine research, routine use of foreigners for drug/vaccine research to bypass “cumbersome” regulatory system. We also discuss Operation Paperclip (Nazi scientists given immigration visas to the US during WW2), the case of Shiro Ishii (Japanese WW2 war-criminal doctor) that was given a bio-warfare research job at University of Maryland.

Human Experimentation in the US [Part 1]

Secret Human Experimentation in the US Past and Present is a 3 parts project that aims at educating the public on this very important public health issue. Part 1 presents the historical perspective and points to the horrendous and systemic record of human rights abuses and crimes by the medical establishment, research institutions and the US government. Parts 2 and 3 present evidence that such abuses never ended and in fact continue today despite assurances by our leadership that these events only exist in the dark pages of our history. Nothing has changed. In fact we continue to experiment on our own citizens and the US elite has expanded the use of foreigners as guinea pigs for secret medical and bio-weapons research in order to by-pass the “cumbersome” regulatory system as well as international treaties.