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Zy Marquiez
August 5, 2017

This Book Haul is short and sweet.

The following four books were purchased at HalfPricedBooks about two weeks ago.  Fortuitously, I was able to commandeer capture misappropriate purloin pilfer ransack plunder acquire these books in great condition for a great price.  Even better, I was able to finally purchase some of H.G. Wells’ work, which I sought to do for a really long time.

H.G. Wells 7 Novels by H.G. Wells

This particular Leather Bound Edition was on my sights for a long time, but it tends to be quite expensive even when used.  Thankfully that wasn’t the case at HPB.

This book edition contains The Time Machine, The Island Of Dr. Monreau, The Invisible Man, The War Of The Worlds, The First Men On The Moon, The Food Of The Gods, and In The Day Of The Comet.

Really looking forward on starting this and rereading some of his stories.  Thinking about starting with The Invisible Man, but unsure still.  Any of you have any ideas?

Science Fiction Short Stories

This book – along with the one below – was fully unknown to me.  After sifting through the table of contents [those things are time savers, aren’t they?] and seeing some of the short stories inside were my cup of tea, this book found a new home.

H.G. Wells Short Stories

A compilation of H.G. Well Short stories – what’s not to like?  This particular book was unknown to me, but after sifting through it it’s classic Wells to boot.  So far the stories are great, except in bite-sized form.  A great complement to the introductory book.

Star Trek – Prime Directive by Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens

When a Star Trek book contains everything from double-dealing, backstabbing, piracy, resignations, and even violations of the classic Prime Directive, you know it’s going to be chock-full of intensity.   That’s on top of the ‘science fiction’ too.  And luckily, there’s even more than that!

For a Star Trek book newbie such as myself, figured this wouldn’t be a bad place to continue my venture, and thankfully, the book is delivering in spades.

Any of you familiar with these pieces or find any other books of late that are feeding that old reading addiction?  By all means hesitate not and comment below!

Hope all is well and you all have a great and meaningful weekend.

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