The GMO Scrapbook – A Victory In Paris

Joseph P. Farrell Ph.D
January 15, 2016

This article was shared by Ms. M.W., and it is a significant milestone in the ongoing debate about the health-worthiness of GMOS.

Victory in Paris vs Monsanto GMO Cabal First appeared

As the article details, the work of French scientist Gilles-Eric Seralini sent shock waves through the pro-GMO advocacy community and its corporate sponsers:

In September 2012 Food and Chemical Toxicology, in those days a respected scientific trade journal, released a study by the team of scientists at France’s Caen University led by Gilles-Eric Seralini. The results of the study sent shockwaves around the world.

Seralini’s group had just completed the world’s first feeding study of the effect on more than 200 rats of a diet of GMO corn over a period of a full two years at a cost of €3 million. The study found alarming instances of cancer tumors, severe organ damage and premature death in rats fed GMO corn treated with Monsanto Roundup with Glyphosate. It was Monsanto NK603 Roundup Ready corn. The patented term Roundup Ready meant the GMO corn was “ready” to resist one of the most toxic weed-killers in the world, Monsanto’s Roundup with a cocktail of highly toxic glyphosate and other trade secret chemicals.

The Seralini study was published after a four-month peer-review process by scientifically qualified colleagues and two years of research in absolute secrecy to avoid industry pressure. Within hours of the public release of the Seralini study, a coordinated global media campaign to discredit the conclusions was launched. No facts were presented, merely typical allegations that the study was “unscientific,” or that the wrong rats were used.

World media coverage forced the corrupt pro-GMO EU Commission to cover its tracks. The official EU food safety advisory body of “independent” experts, EFSA, denounced the Seralini study even before making an independent comparable long-term study to verify or refute it. Unknown to most EU citizens was the fact that the EFSA scientific board members had been exposed by investigative organizations for direct and indirect ties to the same GMO industry it was responsible to monitor, including Monsanto front organizations.

Seralini, as the article details, was stymied at every turn by shills for the corporate “science” of GMOs and its large corporate backers, “I.G. Farbensanto,” until finally his research and papers demonstrating clear associative links between the rise of cancers and tumors in rats and the presence of glyphosphate – one of the chief ingredients in Mon(ster)santo’s “Roundup” weedkiller – was finally published:

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