VLOG – 12 – The Urban Farm Hustle

Source: UrbanFarmer
Curtis Stone
July 12, 2016


Help Prevent and Treat Cancer By Eliminating This

Source: iHealthTube.com
Medical Researcher Ty Bollinger
July 8, 2016

What role does sugar play in cancer and cancer prevention? Medical researcher Ty Bollinger discusses the role sugar plays in cancer and prevention. He also discusses the difference between processed sugars and natural sugars found in fruits and vegetables. Also find out what artificial sweeteners do and if they are a good substitute.

How Visiting a Local Farm can Improve Your Home Garden

Source: GrowingYourGreens
July 3, 2016

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ goes on a field trip to Gilcrease Orchard, a local you-pick farm in Las Vegas, Nevada that has been operation for over 40 years to share how visiting a commercial farm can benefit people who have a home garden.

In this episode, John will share tips with you how you can become a better gardener by visiting a local farm near you.

First, John will take you on a tour of the Gilcrease Orchard and share with you some of the fruit trees they are growing and more importantly share with you concepts you can use in your home garden.

Next, John will show you how shade structures are being used to cure onions and garlic and how you can use your space at your home to your advantage.

Next, you will discover the summer crops that are growing and thrive in the 100 degree hot summer weather in Las Vegas, NV at the Gilcrease orchard.

You will learn some of the specific varieties of produce that grows well in the desert.

Finally, John will interview the farmer where he will share some important tips with you that he has learned farming commercially in the mohave desert for the last 7 years.

After watching this episode, you will have gained the knowledge from a commercial farm growing successfully in Las Vegas for over 40 years.

It’s Never too Late to Start a Garden – You Didn’t Miss the Season

Source: GrowingYourGreens
June 25, 2016

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ shares with you how he is planting his summer crops late in the season. In this episode you will learn that it is never too late to start planting a garden.

You will discover why John is still planting his summer vegetable garden 1.5 months after the last frost date. You will learn which vegetables he is growing and why.

You will learn why it is truly never to late to plant a garden in the spring, summer, winter of fall.

Foods That Help Beat Cancer

Source: iHealthTube.com
Dr. Patrick Quillin
June 24, 2016

Whether or not you use some ‘traditional’ form of cancer treatment, there may be some foods that can help as well. More specifically, chemicals in the foods that can help. Dr. Patrick Quillin discusses these chemicals and how they work in fruits and vegetables and how that can translate into benefits for our body. Find out what foods these chemicals are in.

Choose Organic or Not? Listen to This Doctor’s Suggestion

Source: iHealthTube
Dr. Greger
May 9, 2016

It’s an option that’s becoming increasingly available at many grocery stores. Often, organic produce costs more and we wonder if it’s worth it? Dr. Michael Greger cites an interesting opinion when comparing organic to non-organic fruits and vegetables and their impact on our health. Should you choose organic or not? Listen to this doctor’s suggestion.