Smart Meters Uncloaked And How To Fight Back

Claire Bernish
May 2, 2017

The battle of AMI Smart Meters is heating up across the land.  Too many utility customers are getting sick after those meters unknowingly are/were retrofitted on to their home utility meters.  After researching the timeline on what happened either to them or their children’s health, customers realize it all started after AMI Smart Meters were retrofitted on to their electric, natural gas or water utility meters.  The problem is the non-thermal radiation waves AMI Smart Meters emit, which causes electrosmog and an adverse health problem known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS).

However, I want to share with readers information which may help in dealing with, and/or removing, those harmful meters from your utility service.  Here is the American Policy Center’s 2013 report SPECIAL REPORT Sustainable Development and the Control Of Energy: The growing battle over Smart Meters (a 36-page report) .

Below the icon taken from that Report, readers will find my comments and suggestions.

In the Global Smart Grid Map, you will note Russia seems not to have bought into the energy grid boondoggle.

United States of America and the European Union, according to that map, are key players in the New World Order-Agenda 30-Hegelian Dialectic meme: problem (they create it), reaction (from uninformed citizens of the world calling for relief), and solution (which the NWO/WHO (?) figured out ‘ages’ ago to get gullible people to demand and accept whatever the NWO agenda supplies).

What happens when solar energy panels won’t work to supply the energy source they promote because the cloud cover the NWO and/or deep states and certain vested-interest NWO folks are creating daily using weather geoengineering and chemtrails reflecting sunlight back into space?

Smart meters are the system devised to control energy use!  There is more energy than we know, however, the Hegelian Dialectic meme they enforce is just another form of Corporatocracy similar to what they are using in healthcare at the behest of Big Pharma’s vaccine ideology’s pseudoscience and consensus nonsense: total control with no responsibility for harms.

Note what is stated about the 2005 Federal Energy Policy Act, i.e., utility companies “offer” the meters and install them “upon customer request.”  Have you requested an AMI Smart Meter?  Who in their right mind would want a fire-prone, plastic parts with no surge protector that emits non-thermal radiation waves meter installed on their home’s utility service(s)?

In the USA smart meters operate via wireless microwaves (note all those cell towers going up everywhere) rather than using safer broadband over power lines or wired communications.

I call your attention to page 6 of the report to understand smart meters.

Imagine your smart meter sending 190,000 messages every 24 hours back to the utility company!  That causes a lot of EMFs/RFs radiation you absorb, especially damaging to fetuses and children.  Messages back to the utility company can range as low as 25,920 times a day!

Smart meters are a security threat to the entire U.S. grid system!  Anyone with a computer and hacking know-how can take down an entire city or even the country using the porous smart meter grid.

Page 9 discusses personal-in-home surveillance!  Are you aware your personal data is collected and sold to third parties?  Who will own your personal data, which you did not approve their possessing it?  Furthermore, what will they do with it?

Note there is no FCC safe level of exposure to RFs/microwaves radiation which distinguishes among fetuses, infants, children, adults and senior citizens.  Why?

Make certain to check out:

Page 20: Legality and Opt-Out; Individual and States’ Rights vs. Federal Laws; Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

Page 23: Refuse Smart Meters

Page 27: Sample Certified Letter to Refuse Smart Meter

Page 35: Do Not Install A Smart Meter SIGN to print out and post on your meter

Thank you, Tom DeWeese, president of American Policy Center (Remington, VA) for producing such a comprehensive AMI Smart Meter report.  We need more like you.

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