Passions Allure


Passions Allure

Our passion…A kiss…
The world turns to bliss…
Perfection within reach
Our Haven we breach

Engaging in art
The oldest human art
The heavens part
Our issues all depart

We stand, merged
Within passions submerged
Lost – forever
Our spirits, together
Our souls, united
Whole – ignited
We really can’t fight it
And even all night it

She, shines bright
Me, am sparkless
She, is my light
Me, her darkness

We intertwined
To the moment consigned
She’s burning for ying
Am yearning for yang
Passions allure
In the most blissful tour

She is my lightning
Me, her thunder
Is it love? Frightening…
We rest, in wonder…

Seeping into the night…
Consciousness travels …
Imaginations take flight…
One possibility unravels…

By: Zy Marquiez
February 18, 2016

Euphoric Pinnacle

Euphoric Pinnacle

Our passions awaken within the palms of a cherub
Enraptured with twinkles that blanket the night sky
Now they share forever these chaste divine flames
As our hearts fuse intimately in the sweetest lullaby

Soaring then the Heavens on your soft gentle wings
We gaze at the world in this breathtaking journey
Amorous sensations absorb the core of our beings
Laying the foundation for the passion we shall see

Hypnotic stars glisten from both your precious eyes
Captivating my very essence, which already is yours
A euphoria of joy overtakes my heart at this time
Enlivening my heart while within you it then soars

The Sun’s golden rays beam upon your sultry gems
Exotically glowing with your very lustrous appeal
Fruitful with life they shine forth with your essence
Which bursts within mine sharing passions we feel

Your alluring smile shackles my heart with precision
Invigorating it spiritually with the passions we share
Our passions escalate quickly in a tornado of ecstasy
While our souls hold each other rising as they blare

Harmonious skies prepare for both our souls to arrive
In this tornado of ecstasy that we ride with pleasure
Perfumed with fragrances that exude from within you
As our love-filled winds ascend us upon our treasure

The sky breaks in two ruby-spirals, which mimic us
Blissfully surreal with each our existences enamored
Warming pulsations echo throughout all of Heaven
Seeping from our hearts into the Heaven we explored

Romantic melodies echo through the farthest regions
Thereafter resonating from our hearts to our dreams
Locked now in place is our commitment to each other
As the pinnacle of our Love has reached new extremes

By: Zy Marquiez