4/04/2016 — Earthquake Forecast — West Coast USA to Asia — Volcanic + Seismic Unrest

Source: Dutchsince
April 4, 2016

April 4, 2016 – This earthquake forecast covers the United States, Europe, Asia, the Pacific, Central + South America.

All areas shown in the video are under a 7 day watch for activity to develop in the currently “silent” areas adjacent to the large movement which has taken place over the past 48 hours.

New deep movement HAS NOW OCCURRED below Japan since this video was recorded (but before it was uploaded to youtube). A deep M4.1 earthquake struck below North Japan (April 4, 2016).

Also, a M3.1 has struck near Vancouver Island British Columbia just as was discussed in the video… April 4, 2016 .


New areas to watch in the United States :

FOUR different West coast locations need to be on watch for at least M4.0+ activity to strike this week. Gulf of California near the California / Mexico border as far North as the pumping operations near Los Angeles. Eastern California at the dormant volcanoes along the Nevada Border. Northwest California along the Gorda Escarpment, and finally from Seattle to Vancouver Island BC.

All four areas should show either M4.0+ activity or swarm activity in the next 7 days.

Further East, along the edge of the craton, watch for near M4.0+ earthquakes (or swarm of smaller events) to strike (resume) near Challis Idaho, and at the fracking operations in the Midwest (Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma + Kansas). Watch for M4.0 across Oklahoma + Kansas.. watch for M3.0+ across Texas and Colorado.

The USGS has confirmed each midwest location that I’ve reported on in the past is now a “threat zone” for earthquakes due to fracking injection well gas / oil pumping operations:


Further East, along the edge of the craton, watch for M2.0 to M3.0 activity to redevelop in the Southern States (pumping operations) in Alabama, dormant volcano in North Georgia (pigeon mountain), and the craton edge going into New England / Southeast Quebec.

The East coast usually gets hit after the midwest:


If we see M4.0+ earthquakes strike the fracking operations in the Midwest, then we can expect to see M2.5 to M3.5 activity strike the Northeast / New England / Maine / New Brunswick area.

The craton always moves to the EAST after we see larger movement off the West coast:



Central South Japan , going South to Taiwan, Papua New Guinea West into South Indonesia, and Solomon Sea be on watch for three different seismic events, each event should be above M6.0 and at a fairly shallow level, next 7 days should see all three locations move as expected.

IF we see new deep earthquakes, this could switch things up, be on watch for new deep events, then watch the areas NEXT TO the deep earthquakes for shallower larger earthquakes to strike.

Deep earthquakes cause shallower larger earthquakes:


2/08/2016 — Mount Ontake-San in Japan major steaming — Eruption concerns growing

Source: Dutchsinse

Japan Volcano Watch: February 7-8, 2016

Mount Ontake Volcano now giving off smoke and steam, a larger blast could be imminent.

News breaking on this last night out of Japan, but for some reason we have a ‘hush hush’ by the main stream media.




Maybe the media is being quiet because MULTIPLE volcanoes erupted yesterday in addition to Ontake showing heavy steam:

Mount Bromo in Indonesia:


Soputan volcano in Indonesia:


Turriabla volcano in Costa Rica:


1/29/2016 — West Coast / California BACK TO BACK Earthquakes (M5.0 + M4.9) – Craton EQ Watch

A noteworthy series of earthquakes has struck off the West coast of the United States, along the Gorda Escarpment off the shores of Northwest California.

Most notable, two separate back to back M4.9 + M5.0 earthquakes struck within minutes of each other along the South Juan De Fuca / Gorda trench.

Within another few minutes, the pressure transferred East by Southeast, causing a M3.0 (M2.9 revised) near the Nevada / California border. The smaller event pressing Eastward , releasing near several volcanic fields located around Hawthorne Nevada.

Full post on the California earthquakes here at the link below as well as the areas named to be on watch:


Source: Dutchsinse