Walmart plans fly drones in it stores to assist you in your shopping

Walmart plans fly drones in it stores to assist you in your shopping

Thusar Imade
April 10, 2017

Drone technology is now fully fledged with their functioning and majority of the failures are recovered such as a battery failure, handling the malfunction, hardware issues. It seems that drone will be the next helper and delivery person of the future.  Tech giants are applying this technology for their multipurpose projects such as internet drone from Facebook and Google. Deliveries of medical equipments and medicines are also successfully tested by using these spectacular flying technologies. Now the situation has standing on that platform, where drones technologies by itself asks what else you want me to do, bring it on.

Walmart plans fly drones in it stores to assist you in your shopping

The retail tech giant was on talks for longtime after its launch of drone delivery project. The concept was to deliver the packages through air without any human intervention and at your doorstep. Looking forward to adopt this technique, Walmart also wishes to launch this kind of drone based service to its customers.

It isn’t clear that the retail giant Walmart has filed any patent for a system that can handle the products for the customers at the shopping facility. The control of these retail drones will be at the central unit which will assist the drones flying and avoid collision in stores.

Walmart believes that this technology would be convenient for the shoppers who face procurement issues and for those who are in hurry. Speaking about the practicality of the concept either drones would be accessible to the customers or customer will be kept away from the drones that retrieving the items.

Possibility is drone will pick the said items from the warehouse of the store or products will be placed on the top shelves.  Walmart is trying it’s hard to stay relevant as the numbers of online shoppers have increased on large numbers.

This concept by Walmart that is termed as In-store drone assistants look like a practical and reliable idea, so it will be quiet interesting to see where this undisclosed patent will take the mart.

Introduction of this in-door drone may also cut some jobs at Walmart but will also create some of the extra-efficient skilled jobs.

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New Doc Effects Of Drone Warfare On Victims & Whistleblowers

Source: RT
November 23, 2016

The new documentary “National Bird” explores the journeys of three drone warfare whistleblowers and the effects that drone strikes have had on their victims. RT spoke with drone communications expert Cian Westmoreland for his thoughts on the film.

News & Views From The Nefarium – June 16, 2016 – Is American Military As Powerful As It Seems On Paper? What About Russia’s?

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
June 16, 2016

The Russians are shooting down our drones over the Crimea… but is that the real story here?

Russians Have Already SHot Down Numerous US Drones Violating Crimean Airspace

SoCal Cops Getting Ready To Use Surveillance Drones

Source: RT
April 28, 2016

Four police departments in Riverside and San Bernardino counties in California are gearing up to deploy drones in daily operations. Lawmakers worry that the public’s privacy could be at stake under current law, as police are required to obtain a warrant before conducting drone surveillance. RT America’s Brigida Santos reports from California. Then, legal and media analyst Lionel of LionelMedia joins RT America’s Anya Parampil to give his take.

To Drone Or Not To Drone: ISIS, Israel & The [Out]House Of Saud
Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
April 4, 2016

This is already shaping up to be one of the strangest periods for news in recent memory, for consider only the recent revelations from Israel’s Ha Aretz that it had at one time hired SS Colonel Otto Skorzeny as a contract hitman. It’s the timing that is odd, especially given the recent “summit” of Presidents Macri and Obama in San Carlos di Bariloche in Argentina’s souther Rio Negro Province. For anyone paying attention to the history of the area, it’s a well-known “Nazi haven”.

But now there’s even stranger news, and it concerns the fact that in sponsoring Isis terrorism, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia may be experiencing the mere beginning of that classic covert operations phenomenon called “blow back”:

In a certain sense, this was inevitable and to be expected, for the stories abound that refer to the hypocrisy of the (out)house of Saud, maintaining Wahhabism at home for everyone else, and smoking cigars and flying in copious booze for parties in the west.

But there’s another aspect to this story that indicates that perhaps the internal situation is decaying inside the desert kingdom faster than perhaps even the Saudis are willing to admit. It’s this:

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Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and “strange stuff”. His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into “alternative history and science”.

The Pentagon Just Admitted It’s Been Deploying Military Drones Over the US to Spy on Americans


Matt Agorist
March 9, 2016

Under a Freedom of Information Act request, a Pentagon inspector general made public a report last week, admitting to the use of drones to spy on U.S. citizens.

The missions were non-military in nature, meaning they were used for domestic spying purposes. Naturally, the Pentagon is claiming it broke no laws in the deployment of said drones and contends that the flights were rare.

A senior policy analyst for the ACLU, Jay Stanley, said it is good news no legal violations were found, yet the technology is so advanced that it’s possible laws may require revision, according to USA TODAY.

“Sometimes, new technology changes so rapidly that existing law no longer fit what people think are appropriate,” Stanley said. “It’s important to remember that the American people do find this to be a very, very sensitive topic.”

“The appetite to use them (spy drones) in the domestic environment to collect airborne imagery continues to grow, as does Congressional and media interest in their deployment,” stated the report, quoting a military law review article.

The idea of US military drones flying over the heads of US citizens and monitoring them is ominous, which explains why the Pentagon has kept it secret — despite the contention of breaking no laws.

While the report on domestic drone use was completed in March of 2015, it was only quietly released last week.

The units who have been operating the drones stated to the inspector general they want to fly more missions domestically. “Multiple units told us that as forces using the UAS capabilities continue to draw down overseas, opportunities for UAS realistic training and use have decreased,” the report said.

However, drone usage overseas has not been reduced, and, in fact, their use has skyrocketed under the current administration. Just last year, the Pentagon announced that they had plans to sharply expand the number of U.S. drone flights over the next four years, giving military commanders access to more intelligence and greater firepower to keep up with a sprouting number of global hot spots.

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Catherine Austin Fitts: UFO Economy 3.0 – The Black Budget Rockets Into Space

Source: Dark Journalist
Daniel Liszt
March 7, 2016

Join Dark Journalist as he welcomes back Former Assistant Housing Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts for Part 1 of their mind blowing examination of the intense secrecy surrounding the futuristic UFO Economy and Black Budget totalitarian domination over all activities in Space.

Drawing on her rich career in top positions in Washington and on Wall Street, Catherine carefully unravels the layers of deceit and misdirection inherent in the covert Deep State system of using public resources for developing new economic opportunities in space for the benefit of private elite corporate interests. She sees the real danger on planet Earth today of super advanced technology being in the hands of a small, unaccountable group of privileged insiders that consider themselves so above the law that they can kill with impunity whenever their greedy interests are threatened.

Secret Space Program

She traces the Secret Space Program from a historical perspective to the National Security Act of 1947 where enormous resources were handed over to covert operators to develop a Secret System of Finance. This eventually created the CIA and a select group that were in charge of advanced UFO technology, completely hidden from the public. By the time JFK came into office ready to challenge this shadow government and make the space program the centerpiece of his administration, the civil war between the Deep State and the public state was in full force.

After JFK was assassinated, the space program was eventually split into two aspects. One was a faltering, de-funded, accident prone parody of the original NASA that had put a man on the moon, and the other was a super-advanced, black budget funded, covert space marvel that helped develop a Breakaway Civilization for dominance in space using diverted public funds. This space program developed the SDI Star Wars Technology that weaponized space in violation of global treaties. The true mystery of this covert program is that it was likely developed not only to control life and resources on Earth, but also to confront an off-world UFO civilization that had been observed dominating our skies since 1947. Recently Former Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev confirmed that President Reagan had asked him for assistance in dealing with a UFO space threat.The split of the space program into two parts, one overt and the other covert, created a schizophrenic situation between the official reality and the hidden truth that is becoming more and more difficult to conceal as public awareness grows and the choke-hold of corporate interests and the National Security State are exposed.

Brave New Worlds

It now appears the entire dysfunctional economy of the globe is being organized to cope with the presence of off-world visitors and for a tiny group of elites to monopolize space resources and colonize selected planets while dominating the population with AI, Robotics, Invasive Satellites, Drones and GPS Tracking Advanced Technology. Can this small group of insiders that control the corporate media be stopped by rising awareness of their pernicious activities before they develop the final phase of the UFO Economy and plunge the world into a soulless, totalitarian artificial intelligence nightmare ?

America’s 51st State: The Police State – Police Pushing For Weaponised Drones: “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?”


Zy Marquiez
March 4, 2016

Allow me to preface this with a small preamble in stating that, am not of the mind that all officers do harm to people. Such is not the case.

However, there are many who proceed rather askance when interacting with police officers, and one cannot blame them.   This is naturally because one can literally find countless videos [on all forms of media] of police personnel carrying out brutal attacks when there was no reason too. There are myriad times in which peaceful protesters are treated like absolute criminals only for exercising their rights of free speech. Ironic, because they say we live in the land of the free, and yet exercising that right often gets one in more trouble than speeding, or many other infractions.

Moving forward, the militarization of police departments has been taking place for quite some time. For far more than a decade, this disturbing trend has been increasing with no end in sight. Now, some police departments wish to weaponise drones.

Ironically, the militarization of the police state began ostensibly because the “war on terror”. So, are we to believe that this next installment will follow the same parameters?

More often than it should, innocent people are hurt within these raids. An example of this follow was penned by Alex Kane a while back, in a piece named ’11 Shocking Facts About America’s Militarized Police Forces’:

” The likelihood of people being killed is raised by the practice of SWAT teams busting down doors with no warning, which leads some people to think it may be a burglary, who could in turn try to defend themselves. The ACLU documented seven cases of civilians dying, and 46 people being injured.  That’s only in the cases the civil liberties group looked at, so the number is actually higher.  

Take the case of Tarika Wilson, which the ACLU summarizes.  The 26-year-old biracial mother lived in Lima, Ohio.  Her boyfriend, Anthony Terry, was wanted by the police on suspicion of drug dealing.  So on January 4, 2008, a SWAT team busted down Wilson’s door and opened fire.  A SWAT officer killed Wilson and injured her one-year-old baby, Sincere Wilson.”[1]

Other examples of children being injured include:

” In May, after their Wisconsin home had burned down, the Phonesavanh family was staying with relatives in Georgia. One night, a SWAT team with assault rifles invaded the home and threw a flashbang grenade–despite the presence of kids’ toys in the front yard.  The police were looking for the father’s nephew on drug charges.  He wasn’t there.  But a 19-month-old named Bou Bou was–and the grenade landed in his crib.

Bou Bou was wounded in the chest and had third-degree burns. He was put in a medically induced coma.  

Another high-profile instance of a child being killed by paramilitary police tactics occurred in 2010, when seven-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones was killed in Detroit.  The city’s Special Response Team (Detroit’s SWAT) was looking for Chauncey Owens, a suspect in the killing of a teenager who lived on the second floor of the apartment Jones lived in.

Officers raided the home, threw a flash-bang grenade, and fired one shot that struck Jones in the head.”[2]

That’s just a handful of the examples available that detail what overwhelming force can accomplish. One thing is using overwhelming force for a group of criminals, but as one can note, in these cases entire teams were used to attempt to apprehend individuals, with the iron fist slamming down on innocents in the process, in these examples being children.

Am not saying all police officers are like this. However, we must outline what is and has taken place in order to see where things will go in the future if the weaponisation of drones is allowed to take place.

Also keep in mind, the countless examples of children, playing around with things that look like guns, and end up being shot by officers. Or how about the people that only have phones in their hands? Some might say, “Well the officer didn’t know they had such and such.” Excellent point. To that, one must rebut, how about when people have a mere broomstick [yes you read that right, a broomstick] and still end up shot in the process. Worse, there’s videos that can be see of people holding no weapons at all and getting shot. How about them apples bullets?

We can extrapolate from there, that if police officers are already having a hard time figuring out which people[allegedly] has weapons, and who doesn’t, and often proceed with an iron fist, where do you think the militarization of police departments will go if they are allowed to remove the human element from the battlefield American streets? Will the people manning the cameras via drones be able to see with clarity what children potential suspects are doing, and not confusing phones, broomsticks, or worse, air, with deadly weapons? Is the lack of accountability going to continue when innocents get hurt [because its highly likely that that will take place if drones are weaponize], or get worse since people won’t be able to identify who piloted the drone?  Ruminate about that for a bit.

It might sound silly asking, but the fact that its happened countless times already, should be alarming. And even if it hadn’t, that would be no precedent for blindly allowing for further militarization of police officers that are barely held accountable.

This is one subject that needs to rise to the forefront, because it will be a topic that will be increasingly pertinent in the coming years/decades. In fact, it’s already here knocking on the door. Heck, laws have been passed already in certain states with people barely batting an eyelash.

The video below, by James Corbett and his guest give this topic a cursory look:

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