This is Why Your Traditional Doctor Can’t Help You

November 17, 2016

Are traditional doctors really helping people get healthy? Dr. Edward Group discusses where modern medicine is going wrong and why your doctor might not be doing enough to help you. Find out what really needs to happen when you see a physician and how that can help you achieve health! Find out why your traditional doctor can’t help you.

Common Sense Health: Do This And Start Living Healthier Lives

August 23, 2016

What can you start doing right now to help yourself and your family get healthier? Dr. Edward Group discusses some things that you can do right now that can make a big difference. He also discusses the shift in healthcare and how you can help make a difference there as well. Do this and start living healthier lives.

Is This Why Your Body Is Too Acidic?

Dr. Edward Group
August 8, 2016

Many experts say a body that’s too acidic will be a fertile ground for disease or many other complications. Dr. Edward Group discusses one often overlooked reason for a body to be in an acidic state. Find out what you can do to balance the body and help your chances of fending off disease or other complications. Is this why your body is too acidic?

Reduce Toxins By Starting With These Two Areas

July 27, 2016

We come in contact with more toxins that we probably realize every single day. So how can you start to reduce your exposure and your toxic load? Dr. Edward Group discusses two areas where he helps people start reducing their exposure to toxins. You’ll be surprised at how much you come in contact with without even knowing it! Reduce toxins by starting with these two areas.