Remember That German Gold Repatriation? Well, You May Not Have Heard…

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
February 8, 2016

Mr. B. noticed this one, and passed it along with a passage in it highlighted in bold, along with his own speculations, So I read the article, and responded to him that I basically concurred. See if you can spot what he spotted:

In uncertain times, Germany takes more gold home

There’s the usual bow to the meme of German fears about an uncertain financial and geopolitical future, and one can only imagine these fears have intensified with the recent backlash against Chancellorin Merkel’s “refugee policy,” which is being met with increasing popular opposition both in her own country and in neighboring Holland, Sweden, France, and Austria:

In the wake of the euro zone crisis, many ordinary Germans want to see more of the 3,381 tonnes of gold in vaults at home and some have even questioned whether it still exists, prompting the Bundesbank to recently publish a long list of gold bars.

Just over 40 percent of the reserve, which Germany started building in the post-war boom years, is now held underground at the Bundesbank in Frankfurt, while almost the same amount is stored at the Federal Reserve in the United States.

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