Sanctum Of Darkness

Sanctum Of Darkness

Calmly, a candle is lit
Infusing light
Into the endless darkness.

With shadows running
They get to work
Mysteriously crafting boundless landscapes
By the tip of the pen.

When the work is done
The candle is put out
ever so softly.

Thereafter the shadows return to witness a new masterpiece
Written in their DNA – pure darkness
They realize they are home.

By: Zy Marquiez
July 9, 2016

The Precipice Of Dreams: Shadows Within Darkness

Darkness and Light

Shadows Within Darkness

Standing on the edge of the precipice
thoughts ruminate to and fro
searching the landscape
for lightning in a bottle –
for shadows within the darkness

Gravitating towards these shadowy fiends
fiends of my fantasy
intriguingly satiate the catacombs of my soul
as the threshold of hope is reached

These shadows reside within
inside a landscape of tainted elation
spawned daily through affliction
yet transmute hope
into something more incisive

The tempo of my soul blares
contemplating this incisive moment
galvanized by the stroke of midnight
as the facade of reality shifts

The stroke of midnight now about
Darkness sweeps the land
releasing all its gorgeous strands
the stars the topping of this night
as the illusion of normal fades away

Suffused with shadows, every crevice
the land all rests in deepest slumber
yet shadows all go prance and dance
while light sleeps unknowing

Shadows merge with all that is
spreading gorgeous tints about
sable colors dot the landscape
pushing creativity to its darkest hue

These interludes of time
quietly begin dispersing
are despoiled by the rising sun
thence the shadows scatter within seams
to remain ensconced within my dreams

Again, standing on the edge of the precipice
thoughts ruminate to and fro
the vacuous feeling seeped away
as the seams within my dreams
became the locus of
a shadow’s paradise
to marauder when
the clock strikes midnight once again

 By: Zy Marquiez
April 6, 2016

Reaper’s Charm: Becoming Darkness

Reaper’s Charm: Becoming Darkness

My distraught soul frozen in fear
As hellish shadows lurk & hunt near

Twisted vendettas come to and fro
The death dealer smiles: “Time to let go.”

His scythe, sharp, resoundingly stunning
The facsimile of his soul is engulfingly cunning

Soaring on twisted demon’s wings
Are humanity’s hopes all held by strings

Existence fading – death is close
The Princess of Death drop’s her black rose

Resolute! – ‘Tis time to fight back
Must transmute from divine to hellish black

Whilst consuming those who wish me harm
Heard are tainted lullabies with reaper’s charm

Shadows dancing; we begin transcending
A fusion with darkness that’s never ending

The Kingdom of Glass has lost its spark
As through it we view the world turning dark

By: Zy Marquiez
The Breakaway
March 24, 2016

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The Locus Of Victory

The Locus of Victory

Lying in the wake of Perfection’s Destruction,
The remnants burn forth spawning blemished flames

Flames of disarray; impure to the kernel
They mold tainted dreams of Perfection’s demise

Vulgar, these dreams – they haunt me nightly
Cunning and swift, they scar my ghosts
Echoing hellish rapture that vexes my soul

Broken serenades caress passion’s skin
Taunting elation to follow this life
Unscaved, passion, wanders now confused
Spiraling out of control within broken seams

The Locus of Victory is within my grasp,
As well as Defeat in this magnificent scheme

Twisted perfection; one endless dream
Vanished forever, until it’s resurrection

By: Zy Marquiez
March 12, 2016
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Privation 9

Privation 9

A faded perfect dream
Ever so subtle; fragile
Now shattered

Dulcet, yes, in the past
But taste now eludes me
For my senses have vanished

Not only that, but also
My dreams have dissipated
My sanctum is no longer
My will is on its last thread
Was on its last thread….

All has been lost…within Privation 9

Death’s perfection came to me

No more pain
No more sorrow

Fading…into desolation
No longer a missed memory; death became me

I passed away that night at the hospital
Room 307, on a dark winter’s night

Awoken thereafter, a vortex of Darkness became my soul

A lost life…
A tainted soul…
No more.

I missed you
I miss you no longer

That ‘perfection’ caused my death

Spawned a Wraith…
A Ghost Of Darkness….
Into something more sinister…
Into something more…deplorable…

Into something more….

A Shadow – Barren of all Light.

My newfound glory….
To echo annihilation forever within the strands of the Universe

The Catacombs of Hell have become my home…
Until its time to rise from slumber…
And become the entropy of light…

Until then.

By: Zy Marquiez

Nascence Of Darkness


Nascence Of Darkness

Ceremonial bell tolls reverberate in suspense
While a flock of ravens sweep the murky skies
The mental state of the land is glaringly tense
As the caws of the crows create eerie lullabies

Unearthly howls reverberate through the Earth
Ceaselessly raping the ears of all those living
This dark eve will cast forth the a sadistic birth
Of the creatures that run all of Hell unforgiving

Zombies will seize the bodies of the deceased
Ghouls will torment all lost souls as examples
Werewolves will help more souls be released
As Vampires do nosh each being as sampled

A New Dark Era on Earth is now soon to begin
With the Creatures of Darkness harvesting Sin

By: Zy Marquiez
The Breakaway

Malevolent Whispers


Malevolent Whispers

Twisted shadows creep forth…
morphing my soul into…


Cries seep through
my skin…
Thereafter, darkness…
Engulfs me…
Consumes me…
Becomes me…

Devours my inner being, my essence

A cocoon of spiritual darkness….
Absolutely heartless….
Revamps..that which
Was to be righteous…

Into a darker strand…

Into something…
Deviously perfect.

Morphed into forlornness…
Am Awakened…galvanized…

Only tenebrous ambitions are left…
Malevolent perfection is amongst

By: Zy Marquiez