NJ Hospital switches to bottled water due to excessive lead levels in theirs

Source: RTAmerica
January 23, 2017

Patients, visitors and medical staff are on high alert after dangerous levels of lead were detected in the water at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center in New Jersey. The hospital has begun to use bottle and tank water and has drawn attention from the New Jersey Environmental Protection Agency. RT America’s Trinity Chavez reports.

SCANDAL: EPA could have issued an emergency order 7 months before Flint water crisis became public knowledge


Source: NaturalNews.com
J.D. Heyes
October 31, 2016

The federal bureaucracy and corresponding state agencies have never been much good at responding to crises in a timely fashion, and that tradition was alive and well during the recent toxic water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

In fact, according to a newly released watchdog report, Americans now know that the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) could have intervened in the crisis a full seven months before it finally did, meaning thousands of residents in Flint would have had to drink far less water tainted with lead.

As reported by The Associated Press, the EPA’s inspector general said that the agency had the authority and enough information to issue emergency orders to protect Flint residents from the lead-contaminated water they were drinking as early as June 2015, seven months before officials finally declared an emergency.

Inspector General Arthur Elkins said in an interim report that the water crisis should have created “a greater sense of urgency” for the EPA to “intervene when the safety of drinking water is compromised.”

Everyone is pointing fingers at everyone else

The drinking water in Flint became tainted with unsafe levels of lead after city officials decided to begin drawing from the Flint River in April 2014, in a bid to save money. The broke city of about 100,000 residents north of Detroit was under state control at the time.

Regulators did not make sure that the water was properly treated, so lead from aging pipes leached into the supply, the AP reported.

Since the discovery of high levels of lead, federal, state and local officials have traded accusations about who is most to blame for the crisis, even as residents are still forced to drink bottled or filtered water.

Doctors have detected higher than normal levels of lead in hundreds of children around the city. And many taps remain off-limits.

Gov. Rick Snyder, a Republican, appointed a panel to look into the matter. It concluded that the state is “fundamentally accountable” for the lead crisis due to decisions made by state environmental regulators as well as state-appointed emergency managers who were in charge of running the city.

But that said, once the EPA discovered that water being consumed by city residents was tainted with unsafe levels of lead, Snyder believes the agency should have acted – and he is right.

“As Gov. Snyder has stated all along, what happened in Flint was the result of failure of government at all levels,” his spokeswoman, Anna Heaton, said recently.

Since the crisis began, officials have tried to reshuffle the deck, so to speak, and call it “reform.” They say some state agencies have undergone “culture changes” that will supposedly prevent future recurrences of epic failure, according to Heaton, who called such changes “encouraging.”

People should be held accountable – but won’t be

It’s unclear how many people actually believe that, considering that state agencies had mandates already to protect the public from polluted and contaminated water (as did the EPA). By “culture changes,” does Heaton mean that people were fired and actually replaced by others who will do what taxpayers are paying them to do?

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver, a Democrat who took office after the crisis emerged, said agencies like the EPA and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality are there “to help ensure the well-being and safety of men, women and children,” yet they failed in their core mission to do so. She also called for those who are responsible for the crisis to be held accountable, though we advise her not to hold her breath.

As for the EPA’s inspector general report, it said that the agency’s Midwest region did not issue an emergency order because officials concluded actions taken by the state prevented the EPA from doing so. The report says that their interpretation was not correct, and that according to federal law, when state actions are deemed to be unacceptable, “the EPA can and should proceed with an (emergency) order” designed to protect “the public in a timely manner.”

Without EPA intervention, “the conditions in Flint persisted, and the state continued to delay taking action to require corrosion control or provide alternative drinking water supplies,” the report said.

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Breakaway Links Of The Day – June 2, 2016


Zy Marquiez
June 2, 2016

Here are some of yesterday’s links.

Hope everyone’s safe.

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Publication Of EPA Watch Water Test Results Reveals Alarming Lead Contamination In Parts of Arizona & California
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Publication Of EPA Watch Water Test Results Reveals Alarming Lead Contamination In Parts of Arizona & California

Heavy metals tests
Source: NaturalNews.com
Mike Adams
June 2, 2016

As promised, I’ve now published the first 100 EPA Watch water test results in a scientific paper you can find at the Natural Science Journal.

There, in a science research study I conducted at my analytical laboratory (CWClabs.com), you’ll find the full details of toxic heavy metals contamination across the U.S. water supply (covering the first 100 samples sent to us).

You can download the Natural Science Journal at this link (PDF), or you can read the full study at this link: ICP-MS analysis of toxic elements (heavy metals) in 100 municipal water samples from across the United States.

Also, if you’re curious how I run heavy metals analysis via ICP-MS, read my scientific paper which explains exactly how it’s done.

The results of the study showed high lead contamination in two water samples (one from Arizona, another from California), as well as high copper and worrisome aluminum results in other areas.

What’s so remarkable about all this is that we have conducted this independent science using NO MONEY from any corporate or government source. This is almost unheard of in the realm of modern science carried out in the public interest.

Two hundred more water samples have now been tested

Here’s what else is interesting about all this: We’ve now tested 200 more water samples from across America, and we’ll be publishing those test results in an updated, expanded science paper at the Natural Science Journal.

Hundreds more samples have been received at our lab, and our goal is to test and publish the results from 1000 water samples before the end of 2016. Note carefully that the EPA refuses to do this straightforward task, and they burn through billions of dollars of your tax money every few years… (yet another solid argument for completely defunding and shutting down the EPA, if you ask me).

None of this would have been possible without your help and support! Because of your willingness to volunteer water samples, we’ve been able to conducted breakthrough independent science that isn’t tainted by government corruption (the EPA) or corporate malfeasance.

Now, you’re getting the honest, truthful and scientifically validated answers on your local water safety, straight from the Health Ranger’s accredited laboratory.

More tests coming: Fluoride and pesticides scheduled for later this summer…

Here’s even more fascinating news: I’ve kept all your water samples in storage, and most of you sent us plenty of water to conduct even more tests on the same samples.

Next, we’re going to be testing your water samples for fluoride concentrations, and we’ll be reporting fluoride levels all across America. (Can’t wait!)

And after that, we’re going to be testing your water samples for pesticides and herbicides! (Yep, no kidding.) It turns out that we only need to inject a single microliter of water into our LC/MS-TOF system to scan for hundreds of pesticide chemicals. There are 1,000 microliters in a milliliter, and most of you sent us around 50 milliliters, meaning we have enough water from you to run 50,000 pesticide tests on each sample!

(That’s an astonishing realization of just how sensitive these instruments are. With the technology we’ve all put together with your support, I can now detect parts per trillion concentrations of toxic chemicals in water, breast milk, beverages or food… no wonder the agribusiness corporate poisoners are so freaked out that I now have my own ISO-accredited laboratory!)

The laboratory is now open for commercial testing services!

By the way, my laboratory has just received ISO accreditation and is now open for commercial testing services for heavy metals analysis of foods, liquids and environmental samples.

We’re already handling a surge of requests for analytical services, ranging from holistic doctors who want us to test their patients’ well water to nutritional supplement manufacturers who want us to test their raw materials for possible contaminants.

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Lead Contamination Ignored By Mainstream Media In 100s Of Cities

Source: RTAmerica
May 5, 2016

Dangerous levels of lead seeped into Flint’s drinking water after a new supply was not properly decontaminated with up to 12,000 having suffered from severe lead poisoning. Despite the crisis, locals are still forced to pay for their poisoned water supply. But the nations’ water woes don’t end with Flint, as hundreds of cities are at risk for drinking water contamination. RT’s Caleb Maupin reports.

Wyoming drinking water contamination caused by fracking

Source: RT
April 1, 2016

Fracking and other oil and gas operations have contaminated the groundwater in Pavillion, Wyoming, according to a study from Stanford University that has raised concerns over possible water contamination in other heavily-fracked cities on the west coast. RT America’s Ashlee Banks reports.

Breaking: Seattle Joins Major US Cities to Sue Monsanto for Toxic PCB Contamination


Source: NaturalSociety.com
Christina Sarich
January 28, 2016

The city of Seattle now adds its name to 5 other major US cities that are suing Monsanto over PCBs. Perhaps a tide of similar legal action will finally break Monsanto for good. [1]

Activists may have a tough time shutting down Monsanto for poisoning the planet with GM foods and engaging in the corrupt chemical whirl-go-round that seems to be ruining every conceivable aspect of the natural world, but Monsanto’s karma is catching up, and quick.

Though most of us know Monsanto for creating the best-selling herbicide Round Up and contributing to the creation of Agent Orange, in this case, PCB contamination is targeted in 20,000 acres that drain to the Lower Duwamish, a federal Superfund site in Seattle, Washington.

Monsanto was a producer of PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) for commercial use in the U.S. from 1935 to 1977. The company has made millions from selling PCBs, all the while knowing that natural environments were suffering, causing harm to people, wildlife, and pets.

A majority of the people who worked for Monsanto in their PCB-making ‘glory days’ had little clue what the chemicals were doing to them. Most never thought to connect Monsanto to some of the odder features of life in places such as Anniston, Alabama – where the creek (known locally as “the ditch”) passed through town carrying water that ran red some days, purple on others, and occasionally emitted a foggy white steam.

Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes got the idea of filing the lawsuit in Seattle from other cities which have already done the same. Jose, Oakland, Berkeley, San Diego, and Spokane have already set up legal proceedings against Monsanto.

“When the profit motive overtakes concern for the environment, this is the kind of disaster that happens,” Holmes said. “I’m proud to hold Monsanto accountable.”

An untold amount of PCBs have contaminated Seattle’s waterways in the last few decades. Resident fish and shellfish in the Lower Duwamish Waterway are so contaminated by PCBs that the state Health Department advises there is no safe amount to eat — though people continue to fish from its waters.

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