Company now offering cloud seeding services to control the weather

March 19, 2017

It’s no longer a conspiracy theory. The most wealthy and powerful can control regional weather patterns using cloud seeding technology. The sky has literally become a sandbox, a playground, and the world’s elite have access to technology allowing them to use the weather to their advantage.

The controversial practice of cloud seeding to control weather is indeed moving out of the shadows and into the light. One company is now offering cloud seeding services to wealthy families wanting to plan a day of clear sunny weather in advance of important events. The cloud seeding service is even advertising a wedding package that promises a clear sunny day for up-and-coming brides and grooms. That’s right; at the right price, a wealthy family can manipulate the weather forecast for an entire region of people so they can have the perfect wedding day.

The cloud seeding service is currently being offered for destination weddings in France. The company plans to expand its weather manipulation efforts into the UK. The cloud bursting procedure uses silver iodide to seed clouds a day before the wedding or important event. This causes water vapor to rapidly condense around the artificial clouds, pulling the moisture out of the air. Within 24 hours, the seeded clouds let out rain. The next day, the sky clears up and the sun shines through.

The company, Oliver’s Travels, promises wedding planners a “100 percent guarantee [of] fair weather and clear skies for your wedding day!” The project takes around three weeks total to complete. An airplane, pilot and meteorologist are hired to be on the ground at the wedding spot in France a week before the big day.

The real question to ask: “Is it ethical to control an entire region’s weather, and how do mass sprays of questionable particles overhead affect future weather patterns and the health of all people and the environment?”

Burning tons of leaded aviation fuel overhead puts the population at risk

How does artificial cloud seeding put mankind’s health at risk as massive amounts of unknown particles fall from the sky? Scientists must validate how particles from cloud seeding and geoengineering infiltrate the environment and absorb into the body, causing internal damage. One unsafe practice that puts the population at risk already is the burning of leaded aviation fuel in the sky. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, 571 tons of lead is dumped each year over our heads from aircraft alone.

Geoengineering projects to cool the earth use dangerous aerosols that affect long-term health of humans and environment

What about geoengineering schemes that seek control over the planet’s temperature? Some scientists believe that sulfur or aluminum aerosols can be sprayed into the skies to reflect the sun’s rays back to outer space, thus cooling the earth’s temperature. How do these particles fall to the earth and affect the health of the population over time? Aluminum causes brain damage much like lead and has been implicated in Alzheimer’s cases. Dr. Matthew Watson from the UK’s Bristol University spoke out about why he’s “terrified” by many of the geoengineering projects designed to counteract man-made climate change. Dr. Watson says that controlling the sun’s rays can disrupt how rain falls, how plants grow and how life thrives in cycles on Earth.

Implications and ethics of spraying particles into the sky above everyone’s heads

Is it ethical for certain elite people to control the weather overhead, ultimately affecting the livelihood of entire populations? How might this also affect the ecosystem of entire regions? For those so willing to seed clouds and control the weather, do they consider the after affects on all the people in a region?

If one person poisons another person’s glass of water, they can be sent to prison or even be put to death for attempted murder. Why then can the elite poison everyone’s water and soil from the skies above? Have we considered this important violation of people’s property and health as we move into an era where the sky becomes a playground?

The more mankind tries to play god, manipulating the atmosphere, the more he will inevitably destroy the natural cycles of the earth. In our universe, every action causes a reaction. Manipulating the external weather only hurts humanity in the long run, exposing unsuspecting men, women and children to chemical aerosols and heavy metals from the skies. Manipulating the weather outside us only welcomes a manipulation of the weather inside us.

Likewise, if clouds are simulated unnaturally in one region to burst clouds and rain, how might this affect other regions nearby and ultimately the weather patterns around the entire world?

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China Dumps $30 Million Into Weather Modification Program, Seeding Clouds With Chemicals To Create Rainfall

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For those seeking more information about this subject please watch the eye-opening Documentary:

What In The World Are They Spraying

Daniel Barker
August 3, 2016

China’s Ministry of Finance recently announced that it has allocated 199 million yuan ($29.8 million) to be spent on cloud seeding weather modification projects being implemented throughout the country.

The Chinese government is hoping that the cloud seeding operations will ease drought conditions and lessen the impact of weather-related disasters, which claim hundreds of lives each year.

Cloud seeding technology was developed in the United States during the late 1940s, and involves the use of chemicals, such as silver iodide crystals, which are dispersed in the air to create rainfall.

When cloud seeding chemicals are introduced into the atmosphere, they cause raindrops within a cloud to form more quickly, making rain fall sooner than it normally would.

The Chinese plan involves the use of aircraft, guns and rockets to fire salt-and-mineral “bullets” into the sky to stimulate rainfall in drought-stricken regions. The Ministry of Finance hopes to create an extra 60 billion cubic meters of rain each year by 2020 through the use of the technology.

At least 52 countries currently pursuing weather modification programs

China is not the only country currently implementing weather modification projects.

As Business Insider reported:

“China is far from the only nation trying to bring (or stop) the rain. At least 52 countries — including the United States — have current weather modification programs, 10 more countries than five years ago, according to the World Meteorological Organization.”

Weather modification – also known as geoengineering – has become a controversial issue in the United States and elsewhere.

And although there is no definitive proof that the so-called “chemtrails” filling our skies are the product of a secret government plot created to modify the weather (or, according to some, to depopulate the planet), there certainly are cloud seeding operations taking place in the U.S. and in many other countries.

Geoengineering has become a booming business, particularly in response to recent severe drought conditions in the U.S. and throughout the world.

California and several Midwest states are currently using cloud seeding technology to combat drought conditions. Rainfall is desperately needed in many areas where water for drinking and crop irrigation is in short supply.

In India, millions are being spent on cloud seeding programs, and in Russia, $1.3 was spent on a project in May created to stop rain from falling during International Worker’s Day. China was reportedly successful in clearing the skies for the 2008 Beijing Olympics by causing the rain to fall early.

What will be the long-term impact of geoengineering?

Cloud seeding is an inexact science, however, and it’s difficult to measure just how effective it really is, although most experts agree that it does work – at least to a degree.

But it doesn’t take a meteorologist to realize that if it rains more in one place, then it is likely going to rain less somewhere else.

That’s an oversimplification, of course, but there are legitimate legal and ethical concerns regarding large-scale geoengineering operations – not to mention their effect on overall weather patterns and the environment in general.

Some experts are worried that silver residue from cloud seeding operations may pollute river basins.

D. Samuelson of News Target questioned the practice of “paying billions of dollars to spew chemicals like ammonium perchlorate, aluminum powder, copper iodide, acetone and silver iodide to make rain.”

Do we really need to be dumping more toxins into our environment just to make it rain?

Geoengineering may be used for more sinister purposes than easing droughts. The U.S. government employed cloud seeding technology in Vietnam for military purposes, and research into weather modification as a weapon continues in the U.S. and elsewhere.

The multi-billion dollar geoengineering business is likely to keep growing, especially with more nations beginning to see the potential for both peaceful and military applications of the technology.

But the long-term impact of “playing God” with the weather remains to be seen – and the costs may be greater than we realize …

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