WATCH: Cop Loses It, Break Girl’s Jaw for Wearing Headphones in a Library

A mother has filed a lawsuit after a Lakewood officer was caught on video brutally assaulting her child in the library for no apparent reason. The innocent girl was left with a broken jaw after the massive officer slammed her to the ground with all his weight on top of her.


Matt Agorist
June 6, 2017

Cleveland, OH — A mother has filed a lawsuit after a Lakewood officer was caught on video brutally assaulting her child for no apparent reason. The entire incident, according to the lawsuit was over her wearing headphones.

Sabrina Robinson filed a lawsuit this week, alleging that officer Kevin Jones with the Lakewood police department violated her daughter’s civil rights when he grabbed her for no reason, put her in a headlock and smashed her face into the book cart on the way out, slamming her down and leaving her bleeding out on the concrete steps of the library.

As reports, the lawsuit, filed Monday in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio, also alleges that the city of Lakewood failed to train its officers how to treat children with dignity and respect, and that Jones and other officers failed to provide medical care to the girl as she lay bleeding on the front steps of the library.

“As parents, we expect that our children will be safe at a public library and that library employees will protect them from violence, not attack them,” the family’s attorney, Subodh Chandra, said in a news release.

According to the complaint, the 17-year-old girl and her 11-year-old brother are frequent visitors to the library.

The girl was listening to music on her cellphone, using her headphones, when Officer Jones approached her to turn it down, according to the lawsuit.

At this point, the girl got up and moved to a chair by her little brother and started watching videos on her laptop — through her headphones — this time, sharing one headphone with her brother.

Jones, who seemingly had it out for the girl, then approached her again and demanded she take her feet off the chair in front of her. The girl immediately complied. The video then shows Jones continue to harass the 17-year-old from across the room until he walked back to her, stood over the top of her, and demanded she leave the library.

According to the lawsuit and the video, when the girl stood up, Jones wouldn’t move out of the way to let the girl leave. Even when she said, “excuse me,” the abusive officer continued to intimidate and block her from leaving.

With no justification, Jones then grabs the girl by the neck and hurls her toward the front of the library. A little boy in the video becomes clearly frightened and runs away as the officer almost plows the girl directly into him.

As we can see in the video, and according to the lawsuit, after smashing the girl into various obstacles on the way out of the library, the cop then gets her outside and falls on top of her with all his weight. She fell face first with him on top of her, snapping her jaw with the impact.

The cop then left her out on the front steps of the library like an animal as he waited for responding officers to arrive.

Instead of calling for an ambulance to help the clearly injured girl, Jones and the other officers laughed about clocking off early, according to the suit. One of the officers went so far as to tell the poor girl to stop bleeding on the concrete and move to the grass instead.

After breaking her jaw and laughing at her while she suffered, the girl was finally taken to Cleveland Clinic where she was treated for a broken jaw.

Jones told the girl’s mother, Sabrina Robinson, that her daughter was “mouthing off” to him and refused to leave, according to the lawsuit. However, as the video clearly shows, this is not the case.

The officer was also wearing a body camera which shows the same scenario from his perspective.

The entire scene unfolded in front of the girl’s 11-year-old brother who now, like his sister, is scared to death of returning to the library.

As for Officer Jones, he was found, in an internal investigation, to have used excessive force when dealing with the teen who’d done nothing wrong. The department noted that he should’ve de-escalated the situation rather than immediately assault the girl as seen in the video.


Jones was found in violation of the department’s use of force policy, yet he still remains on the force, according to the lawsuit.

For more evidence that policing in America is getting increasingly violent, take a scroll through our archives, here. 

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1984: New Facial Recognition Technology Can Detect Human Emotions

Source: RT America
August 10, 2016

Microsoft has just developed facial recognition automation straight out of George Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984. The new technology, recently tested at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, uses facial recognition to analyze human emotions. RT America’s Alexey Yaroshevskey has the report and speaks with Georgetown University law professor Alvaro M. Bedoya about how corporations will be able to use this technology without individuals’ consent.

Casting Call For Extras, Actors During Cleveland RNC Violence


Jon Rappoport
July 11, 2016

“Here’s your chance to take to the streets and protest for a cause you believe in. Many thousands will be at your side. When the violence hits, you can run, go crazy, and hopefully escape police batons, water cannons, and flying bullets…”

This isn’t one company looking for actors and extras to protest against Trump in the streets of Cleveland, during the Republican National Convention next week. This is much bigger.

This is a year-long recruitment drive for extras.

You can’t have violence from just a few lone individuals on a quiet street in a city. It doesn’t play well for the media.

No, you need lots of extras and dupes and know-nothings to be there—people who commit no violence themselves, but give the impression of supporting it, people the cops can attack when the going gets nasty, people who will scream and scatter and run in every direction and throw trash and destroy cars. You need a full-blown theatrical production. For the news.

So we’ve had the US Attorney General, the US President, and Hillary Clinton meeting with Black Lives Matter (BLM) leaders. We’ve had major media promoting BLM. We’re seeing violent street protests against police violence across the country, and we’re seeing violence against the police.

This pumps up recruiting for the RNC Cleveland Convention next week, in a city where local officials seemed to have just awakened to the scope of the problem they’re going to face. A few months ago, they put in an order for a several hundred bicycles for cops. Cops on bikes? Really? How about cardboard barriers, too, and free marshmallows?

On the one hand, in Cleveland, we have DHS and FBI and Secret Service officers visiting the homes of “activists,” asking them what their plans are for the Convention—a clear attempt at intimidating them. On the other hand, city officials are still trying, at this late date, to work out arrangements with other cities, so policemen can be brought in to ramp up security.

Clearly, there are agent provocateurs of various persuasions, blending in and among the BLM and pro-immigration groups. These agents would commit the incendiary violence. They would strike the match. To say they are a rerun of the old FBI Cointelpro operation is an oversimplification. The infiltrators could come from several different groups with different ideologies and agendas—but initiating violence is the common denominator.

There is also no telling what kind of blanket the DHS, FBI, and Secret Service are going to try to throw over Cleveland. Is it going to be intentionally light and tattered, to give the violence a chance to spread? Are emergency calls from the mayor of the city, to the governor, going to be answered casually, and with intentional delays? After all, the governor of Ohio is John Kasich, a Republican who ran against Donald Trump for the nomination and despises him. Will Kasich send in state-guard troops right away, or will he hold back? Will the feds, who are supporting Hillary, slow-play the arrival of their forces?

Judging from the way the city government of Cleveland has handled its budget problems over the years, as the city has sunk into further debt and poverty, there is no reason to expect local security for the Convention to be anywhere near sensible or adequate.

Meanwhile, the recruiting for extras and actors continues. People-protestors are needed in the streets. People who avidly support: Bernie Sanders, BLM, unlimited immigration, gender equality, politically correct speech, gun control, the upcoming Globalist trade treaties, more jobs leaving America, the federalization of polices forces, the manufacture of running shoes overseas in slave-labor camps, love and unity, it takes a village, free cell phones, free tuition at illiterate colleges, Hobbits, Harry Potter, the EU, cheap lead-based imports from China, the full CDC schedule of vaccines, more chewing gum for the masses, and the imminent landing of humane messiahs from Andromeda.

Climb on board. Fill out the crowds in Cleveland next week. Be there. Be an extra. Be an actor when the violence begins. Feel the surge of adrenaline.

You’re a dupe.

You’re there because somebody is willing to risk your life in the service of a greater cause: creating chaos, and eventually coming in behind it to install order that sucks away rights and freedoms from everyone. Exactly what you want, right?

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Police Prepare For Riots At RNC As US Becomes Increasingly Militarized

Source: RT America
Anya Parampil
June 22, 2016

With the Republican National Convention just around the corner, authorities in Cleveland, Ohio are working with multiple federal agencies to bring in military grade equipment to prepare for potential riots. But while police militarization has already become the new norm in the US, two politicians are pushing for more funding for a counterterrorism program in New York. For more on this, RT America’s Anya Parampil speaks with Sarah Lazare, a staff writer for Alternet.