Base Camp In A Bag [Part-3]: The “Make Anything” Shelter System

Source: ThePreparedMind101
Chris Tanner
October 24, 2016

Base Camp In a Bag is a self-contained system allowing you to build just about any kind of shelter you need. Here I show a 3rd configuration I came up with on the fly.




Base Camp In A Bag [Part 2]: Cold Weather Configuration

Source: PreparedMind101
Chris Tanner
October 24, 2016

Preparedmind101 brings back the BCIAB Kit with a new configuration for a single person on the ground. More configurations will be experimented with throughout winter 2015/16.

Base Camp In A Bag [Part 1] & Other Fast Camp Tricks

Source: PreparedMind101
Chris Tanner
October 24, 2016

Base Camp In A Bag is something I recently put together for times when we as a group might need a fast shelter…which came in handy. We go through the components, what they do, and the other aspects of our camp and how we set it up.

Super Easy Hiking Tips 7 and 8

Source: RealitySurvival
JJ Johnson
September 13, 2016

This is just a couple of super easy hiking tips for what to consider when deciding where to place your tent or shelter for the night. It talks about using the military crest of a ridge line and how to identify if a deadfall is too close to your shelter or tent location.

7 Natural Tinders For Wilderness Survival Fire Building Or Camping

J.J. Johnson
April 1, 2016

This is a compilation video of 7 easily found natural tinders for starting fire in a wilderness survival situation.

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