Breakaway Links Of The Week 4/4/2016 – 4/10/2016

Zy Marquiez
April 10, 2016

These are some of the best links of the week.  If you read nothing else, read these.

Why Vaxxed Was Shot Down At Tribeca – Up Close & Personal
A no BS view into why the Documentary Vaxxed was taken down. 
[Souce: JonRappoportsBlog]

Campbell To Remove BPA Chemical From Canned Foods By 2017
[Source: NaturalSociety]

New Study  – Is The Great Sphinx Of Giza Over 800,000 Years Old?
A megalithic-sized wrench is thrown into conventional history regarding ancient civilizations, the pyramids, and more with a new study released. 
[Source: GizaDeathStar

Costco Gets Creative To Meet Shoppers’ Huge Appetite For Organics
[Source: SeattleTimes]

Do Memes Exist?  Or Are They Fictions?
A rather poignant analysis into Memes. 
[Source: JonRappoportsBlog]

Protect Yourself Against Those Running The World’s Economy For Your ‘Benefit’
[Source: TheDailyBell]

The Boomer Retirement Meme Is A Big Lie
This is truly a must-read.
[Source: TheBurningPlatform]

Campbell to Remove BPA Chemical from Canned Foods by 2017

Julie Fidler
April 5, 2016

A newly-released analysis shows just how prevalent Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical often used in plastic products and food can linings, is in the food industry. Though while the figures are scary, the information has sparked a great deal of positive changes in the food industry, such as Campbell’s move to remove BPA in its canned goods by 2017.

Bisphenol A (BPA was officially banned in baby bottles and sippy cups in 2012, but it is still widely used in canned foods to line the cans, and is also used to make reusable plastic food containers, and sports water bottles.

The chemical has been shown to increase the risk for diabetes, heart disease, infertility, and many other health problems. It has been linked to breast cancer in well over 130 studies. In addition, BPA is associated with brain damage; hormonal problems; and development issues in fetuses, infants, and young children. [1]

So it’s clear why we want to find safe replacements for the chemical and avoid BPA as individuals.

If you’ve heard the rumor that microwaving plastic food containers can leech chemicals into your food, it’s not a conspiracy theory or pure hype. Heating the containers does cause BPA to enter your food. BPA is also the reason why you should avoid bottled water, and if you do chug a bottle, you should recycle it and never reuse it.

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