Book Review: Quantum Healing – Exploring The Frontiers Of Mind-Body Medicine by Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Zy Marquiez
December 12, 2016

Quantum Healing – Exploring The Frontiers Of Mind-Body Medicine by Deepak Chopra, M.D. is fascinating foray into the fusion of the mind and the body in respect to the healing possibilities to be had.

Chopra sifts through some studies, as well as uses examples known to him to showcase that the power of the mind is vital in healing.  In fact, in some cases it could be said to be the main driver in someone’s ability to heal.

Although this particular book was published over two decades ago, the information still holds as true now as it did back then.  Serendipitously, more and more studies have come about showing the inherent link between the mind and body and how that can play a crucial role in the art of healing.

Unfortunately, the opposite is also true.  While the author doesn’t discuss this, it has been discussed elsewhere however.  Individuals that allow their thoughts to err into more detrimental  states can set themselves up for failure at the outset.  Or sometimes, doctors will tell people that “they can’t be cured” as happens to so many, and people run with those beliefs [and they are beliefs, because this has been proven wrong a lot more than people realize, and am a living example of this myself] all the way beyond the cliff’s edge.  But don’t take my word for it.  Do your own research.

One of my favorite parts of the book, although not explored at length, was delving into the power of meditation.  As some of you may know, meditation has outstanding healing powers, and it has helped me in conquering disease.  It wasn’t used by itself however, but it was an integral component in my healing repertoire and will always will be part of my life.  Let’s digress, though.

In its totality, the book was good, but not great.  If you’ve researched this subject the book won’t have a lot that you probably won’t know, or have already come to the conclusion too yourself.  If you haven’t however, this book features information that should be pondered deeply by society, for its implications spawn at warp speed and its ramifications are deep in scope.

As a side note, a new revised and updated version is available.  Although haven’t read it myself, it might be a decent jump-off point for individuals seeking additional information.

Regardless, please keep in mind, the thoughts we ultimately fill our minds with ultimately may grow into healing, or disease if we are not careful.

Phenomenal Interview – Dr. Len Saputo – Medical Mafia – Vaccine Hoax – Healing Mind, Body, Soul – Health Medicine

Source: LeakProject
April 11, 2016

Excellent interview with Dr Len Saputo. Dr Saputo is a pioneer in his industry using a mind, body, and spirit approach. After becoming board certified in internal medicine and owning his own private practice for over 30 years, Dr. Saputo began to realize that there was better to treat the patient as a whole person than treating just the symptons with another pill. Author of ” A return to healing: Radical Health Care Reform and the Future of Medicine,” and brainchild of

Kundalini Yoga Channels Energy to Where Your Body Needs Healing the Most

Kundalini Yoga Channels Energy to Where Your Body Needs Healing the Most
Valerie Burke, MSN

Modern brain imaging shows that Kundalini Yoga causes a shift in cerebral blood flow to the part of your brain responsible for feelings of joy, happiness and compassion

“You are very powerful. Provided you know how powerful you are.” – Yogi Bhajan

This is the second in a two-part series about Kundalini Yoga. In Part 1, the basic framework was built for understanding the value of a Kundalini Yoga practice. In Part 2, we will explore how various symptoms and illnesses can be treated by this ancient form of yoga, and what therapeutic benefits are supported by science, to date.

In Part 1, the age-old concept of “Kundalini” was introduced, as both a form of energy and a mechanism for distributing that energy throughout the body. Basic terminology was also introduced, including the terms “prana” and “chakra,” as well as the essential components of a Kundalini Yoga practice. If you missed Part 1 or need a refresher, you can find it here


Freedom from Illness Requires Freeing Your Kundalini

The mind-body connection is now fairly well established by science. Health is a balancing act between all aspects of your being—mind, body, and spirit—with the three interwoven in a mysterious web of energy and consciousness.

Unresolved emotional trauma can disrupt Kundalini flow and cause stagnation in the chakras, and over time those disruptions can manifest as physical symptoms. When Kundalini is opened up, however, the body intelligently heals itself.

As an example, Kundalini offers a completely different perspective on the symptoms of menopause. The cessation of menses represents the closing of a “gate.” Hot flashes help guide this newly realized energy, or “awakening” Kundalini, up the spine toward the head where, ideally, it is transformed into a higher state of consciousness. Think of the archetypal older, wiser woman!

Menstrual pain, bloating, thyroid malfunctions, headaches, memory loss and other menopausal symptoms are associated with resistance to the passage of Kundalini. However, if Kundalini moves up the spine unimpeded, then it confers “enlightenment, not incontinence.” Viewing menopause as an opportunity for expanded consciousness gives this important life passage an entirely new meaning for women. For more about this, I encourage you to read Menopause is Enlightenment by Katharina Kroeber.

Because Kundalini has biological manifestations, it can be measured and studied. In the remainder of this article, we will examine what science says about how Kundalini Yoga affects your brain and body.

Meditation, Mysticism and Neuroscience

Modern neuroscience is now shining new light on the brain’s activity in response to yoga, meditation, and mysticism (including near-death experiences), giving rise to an entirely new branch of science called “neurotheology.” Dr. Andrew Newberg of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine has made significant contributions in this area.

Newberg uses fMRI, PET and SPEC7 scans to study the brains of meditating Tibetan Buddhist monks, known experts in Kundalini-style meditation. Neural imaging reveals that spirituality activates the limbic system of the brain, a region responsible for our experiencing of positive emotions and interpersonal connections with others. It appears the phenomenon of “spiritual awakening” is not just psychological but associated with actual changes in brain function—specifically, shifts in dominant brain activity from parietal to prefrontal regions.

Some of Newberg’s findings have been corroborated by neuroscientist Richard Davidson of the University of Wisconsin, thanks to his special friendship with the Dalai Lama who loaned him eight of his most accomplished meditators. EEG and fMRI scans confirmed very high activity in the monks’ prefrontal cortices, especially in the left hemisphere. The left prefrontal cortex is associated with feelings of joy, happiness and compassion.

In 1999, Peng demonstrated that meditation is not an autonomically quiescent state and is associated with exaggerated heart rate oscillations. And in 2008, Jeffrey Dusek of Harvard discovered that Kundalini Yoga actually elicits changes in gene expression.

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Be Your Own Medicine

Charles Hugh Smith
January 29, 2016

Treatment of atomized individuals in a setting of atomized symptoms and treatments is by any measure the opposite of a system that encourages and enables everyone to be their own medicine.

I recently saw a slogan that encapsulated what’s wrong with the U.S. healthcare system: Be Your Own Medicine. To Be Your Own Medicine is the essence of prevention, and a way of taking full ownership of one’s health, body, mind, diet, fitness and daily habits.

Alas, being your own medicine strips the $3.5 trillion healthcare system of profit, power and control, so the last thing the healthcare cartels want is for us to be our own medicine, as that would reduce our reliance on highly profitable pharmaceuticals, tests, procedures and high-cost facilities.

Note the slogan isn’t “take your own medicine” or “make your own medicine”–it’s be your own medicine, which suggests that health is a way of being, not just a way of consuming, though what we consume is integral to being your own medicine.

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The Body/Mind/Soul Can Heal Itself

The Body/Mind/Soul Can Heal Itself
By: Monica Cassani

The mind/body/soul connection can allow you to heal in ways that prescription medications never could.

My body taught me how to get healthy. It’s a celebratory wonder. No one else knew how to pull me out of the quagmire.

This wondrously animated bag of bones has only ever wanted my attention. The body knows about healing and survival and evolution and when acknowledged that leads to freedom.

Yes, the human beings capacities are awe inspiring.  And yet what we do to ourselves here in the west is tragic…we shut down these incredibly intelligent creatures.

I was sick since I was a child. Getting healthy is the most exciting thing I’ve ever done. I had no idea what was available with health. I simply hadn’t experienced it to know.

Conventional medicine made sure I’d be sick from day one. It began with excessive and unnecessary long-term antibiotic treatments which left me vulnerable to the psych med iatrogenic injury later.

I now sometimes have trouble containing my glee as my body and mind starts feeling and understanding what health and well-being really is.

Most significantly I didn’t know I was sick for most of my life. I thought I was healthy. Many people in the developed world today are like this and have no idea that they are not well.

We live in a world where substandard health is considered normal and even healthy and therefore most people simply don’t realize it.

I was on a combination of six different psychiatric drugs. That included anti-depressants, mood-stabilizer, anti-psychotics, anxiolytics and a stimulant. If you imagine that cocktail must have made me sick. You’re right.

By the time I realized what was happening I was severely ill. And by the time I got off the drugs I was even sicker.  It’s referred to as psychiatric drug withdrawal syndrome. The name makes it sound like something that might last days or weeks but it actually left me bedridden and disabled for many years. These drugs change the entire nervous system so withdrawal sometimes means going through a period of far worse hell before coming out the other side.  It’s also largely denied by the medical establishment.

What possesses a doctor to prescribe such a cocktail? They simply do not know better.  My doctor truly cared about me. He almost killed me too.

I have since learned how to avoid such treatment and help others to understand that their bodies/mind/spirits can help them get well in holistic and wholesome ways too. No one has to get sick like I did.

So, how did it all begin? While in college I had an experience that one might consider a kundalini awakening. No one knew how to work with spiritual emergence in my circle of family and friends so I became subject to psychiatry, which also does not recognize such forms of awakening. Psychiatry knows how to shut down these processes with medications. The unfortunate part is that often means there can be no moving through and healing the content if one never comes off of them.

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