The Circus Is Leaving Town – #GoodNewsNextWeekThe Circus Is Leaving Town – #GoodNewsNextWeek

Source: MediaMonarchy
January 17, 2017

This week on #GoodNewsNextWeek: “The greatest show on earth” is closing down for good; monkey-wrenching the #NWO with pennies, cannabis; and Hungary plans to kick out foundation-funded phonies. Notes/Links:

Ringling Bros. circus says it is closing down “The Greatest Show on Earth,” ending a 146-year run

Warm beds for street pups in Istanbul

Lost cat reunited with owner after nearly two years

Dad adds special effects to kids home movies

Man Pays Virginia DMV Tax Bill with 300,000 Pennies

Growing closer by growing cannabis

Neighbourhood food pantries are popping up across America

Dashcam captures ‘American Ninja’ giving Heimlich to roadside choking victim

Hungary Plans to Crack Down on All Soros-Funded NGOs

We got proof of life the Julian Assange is alive, Bitcoin Block #447506

Oregon bill would prohibit warrantless stingray spying

‘Portlandia’ to end in 2018, damage done to city will continue indefinitely 📺

[Book Review] God’s Secret Formula – Deciphering The Riddle Of The Universe And Prime Number Code by Peter Plichta

Zy Marquiez
February 17, 2016

“God does not play dice.”
– Einstein

First of all, allow me to preface this with a big thank you to a friend of mine, Ms. G.M., whom after meeting synchronistically not long ago, gifted me this book.

In all honesty, was already reading a few others, but when someone gives you a gift, you don’t just put it on a shelf to gather dust, now do you?

In any case, being blown away by an act of kindness from someone whom is barely known to me, made me extremely curious about this book.

God’s Secret Formula – Deciphering The Riddle Of The Universe And Prime Number Code by Peter Plichta, is quite a fascinating read. It reads about half mathematics [formulas, diagrams, etc.], half story line or so. Unless you’re a cerebral stud, you probably won’t fly through this book given the subject. However, if it does fascinate you, your time could very well fly by.

Furthermore, am not usually put off by people’s point of view, or personality rather, but this particular book does come off a bit narcissistic in a sense, but it could just really be Plichta’s personality. Other than that, his urge to search for the truth behind what is the foundation of our Universe can’t be called into question.

Reading other reviews of this kind of reminds me of reading reviews about vaccination books in a sense. What is meant by this is that you have a decent amount of people claiming there is nothing there, whilst the other side seems cognizant of there being something more behind the veil of societal ignorance. All of this issue polarizing folks in a sense. What you take from this book will be ultimately up to you.

Our Universe is a marvelous thing. Some folks state/believe that it just took place. That the ‘Big Bang’ was just happened. Plichta’s search through mathematics attempts to prove that there is purpose behind us being here. That life is not just a random set of circumstances that took place.

As Spinoza once said:

“Nothing in nature is by chance…Something appears to be chance only because of our lack of knowledge.”

Plichta merges many mathematical/scientific concepts in order to follow through with potential answers to questions which he and many others have had in respect to life itself.

Subjects such as Prime Number Code/Cross, Pascal’s Triangle, Euler’s Number, Pi, Plato’s Mirror, and countless others are analyzed in attempt to find what they have in common.

The foundation of this book is stacked with countless concepts which follow that much of what takes place in life, can be split into three main areas. This is followed throughout the book to buttress part of his argument. Some of these triune arguments are definitely stronger than others, but it sure gives you something to think about. Examples of this includes: solid/liquid/gas, length[or distance]/mass/time, centimetre/gram/second, plants/animals/humans, and so on.

When all the subjects/disciplines discussed in this book are viewed from that macro point of view, you can definitely see that the author is onto something.

All in all, it was a wonderful read considering the subjects that it was tackling, which weren’t really simple ones to begin with.

This book would be worth a read for many in the field of science and math, but as consciousness researcher and physicist Tom Campbell and Dr. Bruce Lipton have warned about and talked about at length, scientists in our modern times have ultimately become the new high priests of our culture. Everything that they claimed, is to be believed according to these new high priests, even though much of it is theory.   Since this particular book challenges many of those very theories in many ways, a book like this won’t get much attention.

Once one spends a decent amount of time researching and analyzing a variety of fields/subjects, one comes to realize that anything that disturbs the carefully manipulated reality that we have is subject to ridicule. This is in order to disintegrate people searching for truth and also is used to throw various subjects under the rug. Anything that challenges conventional theories, isn’t even approached with open minded skepticism. That’s not to say any particular subject should be believed. Far from it. But to take any subject as gospel is folly, especially when it’s obvious that part of it is littered with holes.

Science, is a process. When people get in trouble is when people start treating theories/ideas as unquestionable, when that’s not the point of science.

Science is defined as:

the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

With that said, since it a process, it should never be belief based. Unfortunately, what we have now are the high priests of science telling us what to think based on beliefs rather than on facts.

The bottom line is that you have people willing to look at information in various subjects, such as Plichta, in search for information, truth, meaning, and you have others married to their beliefs. Those married to their beliefs will have nothing that questions their paradigm, which is sad, because their very fields of work are all about searching for answers, which is what science is for. But they’re doing the exact opposite of that.

Personally, always thought that those who relentlessly searched for truth in a sound manner should at least be heard and listened too, because to really think that we know everything that there is to know is beyond foolhardy.

Plichta definitely isn’t definitely shy about asking questions. Only if more people were like him.

Other Suggested Reading:

My Big T.O.E. [Theory Of Everything] – The Complete My Big TOE Trilogy Unifying Philosophy, Physics and Metaphysics by Tom Campbell