Russians Claim Transmutation

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
July 19, 2016

With all the geopolitical news going on lately, especially with the BREXIT and the attempted “coup” in Turkey – a coup like no other since it doesn’t look like anything one would learn in “coup school” (as Mr. Hoagland put it on his radio show last week) – one might think there has been nothing else going on, and while all my instincts want to continue to speculate about who or what may be behind it, there has been other news that’s worth bringing to your attention.

One of the stories that a great number of people have sent to me concerns a recent Russian press conference in which scientists allegedly have found a new method of transmutation:

Russian Scientists Produce A SHOCKING Technology That Can Transmute Any Element Into Another!

Well, color me extremely skeptical here, for Russia has been coming out with all sorts of claims lately, and we’ll get back to those in some future blogs, but here, for the moment, let’s assume that this story and its claims are indeed true, and indulge in a bit of high octane speculation and a bit of dot-connecting. According to the information-starved article, Russian scientists are claiming the technology to engineer elemental transmutation by altering the nuclear structure of atoms directly, proton by proton. Here’s the article in its entirety:

Even though it sounds like science fiction IT’S NOT! A couple of days ago Russian scientists successfully created a technology that can alter the protons of an atom and change the atom itself making one element from another.

This (possibly historical) discovery was made public after a couple of successful tests in which chemical elements were transmuted to become other elements. This concludes a dynasty of researches trying to turn “lead into gold”

The scientists are focused not on turning “lead into gold” but creating a certain element which can only be superficially created for the purpose of fueling spacecraft. However, this can be a revolution in almost every industry considering this technology can be tweaked to turn any element into any other. However, we’ll see what politics will make of this.

The reference to turning lead into gold is, of course, the old dream of exoteric (outer) alchemy, a process that esoteric (inner) alchemy always maintained had to be pursued by those of a “pure heart” or “mind”, by those who had renounced the leaden dross of human vices into the gold of virtues. In any case, the reference and implication of the Russian claims are clear: if a means has been found to transmute elements proton by proton, so to speak, then indeed one might be looking at a breakthrough with huge implications of materials science, and for the financial system:

Russian Scientists Announce Historic Discovery Rendering the Entire System Obsolete

In this article the connection is made to the sweeping geopolitical changes occurring because of the BRICSA challenge to the western financial system, its markets rigging, and its current virtual monopoly on international financial clearing:

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Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and “strange stuff”. His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into “alternative history and science”.


Scientists Want To Build Human Genome From Scratch…The…

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
June 5, 2016

This is actually an article that I received so many versions of from so many people, quite a few days ago, that I wanted to blog about it  the week they arrived, but other stories intervened.  Nonetheless, this is an important development, and if you’ve been following our transhumanist high octane speculations on this website, ever since Dr. deHart and I wrote Transhumanism: A Grimoire of Alchemical Agendas, this one is huge with implications.  Most of those implications are, in my opinion, rooted in the hidden esoteric agendas driving transhumanism, which, for the purposes of this article, we may interpret as a subset of scientism.

The essence of the story is simply that a committee of scientists met in secret — like cardinals in a conclave – only to emerge and announce their decision that they had decided to build a human genome from scratch. Let that one sink in. Neither you, nor I, nor anyone else had any sort of popular representation that amounted to anything in this decision by the clergy of biology. It makes me want to serve them with a writ quo warranto, but I digress.

Here’s the article:

Plan to build human genome from scratch could kick off this year

There is of course the usual bows to scientific inquiry, that if we really want to understand the human genome, we have to build one from scratch, all 13 billion base pairs. And I can see it coming: then they will want to know if it’s really human and hence will have to build another one and see if it can reproduce, &c &c &c.  And of course there’s the usual bone that this will help  improve human health:  [Bold Emphasis Added]

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Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and “strange stuff”. His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into “alternative history and science”.

[Book Review] Latitude 33 – Key To The Kingdom – The Arcane Science & Hermetic Engineering Of The Happiest Place On Earth by Walter Bosley


Zy Marquiez

Latitude 33:Key To The Kingdom – The Arcane Science & Hermetic Engineering Of The Happiest Place On Earth [Revised Edition] by Walter Bosley is an absolute foray into the more esoteric aspects that revolve within Disney land.

There are many fascinating aspect of this search Bosley provides us with.

For starters, the particular latitude at which this theme park resides in will spark the flames of curiosity in those seekers of hidden knowledge.  That particular ‘hidden in plain sight’ aspect of the park is most probably not by coincidence either.  But that’s up to you to decide.

Bosley make’s it quite clear, as he has done in many of his other groundbreaking books series such as Hidden Missions & the Empire Of The Wheel series, the information is for you – the reader – to judge by yourself.  He is merely providing many facts, with a lot of reasonable theories, coupled with intriguing questions in order to provide the canvas that might lay the foundation for some deep thinking.

The exploration carried out book deals with the activation of consciousness via esoteric knowledge.  This is put forth with a view into the works of known Tesla, the [unknown?] C.V. Wood, as well as glances into how this all dovetails not only with Stanford Research Institute, but also the Mind Science Foundation.

Some specific personnel within these establishments are taken a gander at [looked into] due to their field of expertise.  That alone should give one pause given the possibilities that could arise from such crossing of paths so to speak.

Within his venture into the abstruse, the author also sifts through data from a variety of other fields.  These in include a cursory glance at the work of Dr. Joseph P. Farrell where applicable as well as the works of David Hatcher Childress, as well as the work of Sesh Heri regarding Ley Line energies as he details in his book The Handprint Of Atlas.

Furthermore, not only does Bosley also delve into the more older [and cautionary] aspects of the modern versions of the Disney stories that are commonplace within society today such as Snow White, Pinocchio, Alice in Wonderland, but he also couples that to the other esoteric layers that these stories are connected too.  Elements within those stories as well as others litter the landscape of Disney offering even more synchronicities to the already coincidence-heavy theme park.

Other notable subjects that merge within this book revolve around the tapping into of other possible dimensions given the technological aspect of it, but also alchemy, fairy folklore, hauntings, occult symbols, transcendental alchemy, and much much more.

All of this centers upon King Arthur’s Carrousel.

The placement of this particular apparatus, given its precise accuracy among a triple ley line conversion, that’s located at the 33 degree latitude [synchronicity alert!], would have had the capability of transmuting consciousness in various ways.

Is all of this just ‘random’ information plucked from the air by the author, or is there something more tangible here?

Personally, knowing how much of our history has been kept from us [after all, knowledge is power, and lack of knowledge is lack of power], and knowing how many ancient sites, and even modern ones, are located within precise points on the globe that could possibly tap into telluric energy, it would stretch the mind to think its merely coincidence.

Now, is that strong evidence for what the author alleges?  That’s for you to decide.

Someone, somewhere though, in modern history as well as in ancient times aligned these structures – that in many cases took great effort to create given the hundreds of tons some of these stone weigh that we can’t even do now – to carry out something rather extremely unusual.  And those sights number in the dozens, aligned with mathematical precision that boggles the mind.  Another coincidence?  Up to you to decide.

That’s not to say that was attempted via King Arthur’s Carrousel was also attempted in other ancient/modern sites.  Was only stating that the use of the ley [telluric] lines was not only tapped into, but magnified for its use.

A more interesting question is, if what the book hypothesizes is possible, is there any places such as this out there that are accessible and were created in more modern times?  How would they be used?  Has the technology advanced?

It would be a shame if there wasn’t, but then again, technology and its uses are only as good as those who stand behind it, and for great progress to take place great individuals – visionaries, as the author mentions – are needed.

It’s sad to see Walt Disney’s legacy descend into the dismal state it has in some areas in the last few decades.  It hasn’t been without a concerted effort either.

With that said however, the fact that it really was a great place to visit [‘the happiest place on earth’] early on shows what’s possible when a true visionary goes to work.

We can only hope more visionaries shed light amidst these troublesome times.     

The Transhumanism Scrapbook – Researchers Working On Uploading Personal…

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
December 22, 2015

When my co-author Scott D deHart and I wrote Transhumanism: A Grimoire of Alchemical Agendas, one of the things we focused on was Percy Shelley’s Frankenstein, and yes, I said Percy Shelley’s, not Mary Shelley’s, Frankenstein, for its our thesis (which Dr. deHart ably argued in his book on the authorship of the celebrated novel, Shelley Unbound) that Percy was indeed the secret author of the work. The work was as most know a novel of science run amok, promising great things, and creating more problems than it pretended to solve. We also argued in our book that the transhumanists were seeking the technologies that would allow humanity to “outflank mortality” as it were, one of them being the idea of storing all of a person’s memories into a database, to be uploaded elsewhere.

The dream – or nightmare – is fast becoming a reality as this article shared by Ms. S.H. indicates:

Researchers Working on Technology to Bring Dead Back to Life

As we also pointed out in our book, the transhumanist agenda relies upon four basic technologies called the GRIN technologies – genetics, robotics, information technology, and nanotechnology – in various combinations, and that indeed is what is being done here:

Humai, a technology company based in Los Angeles, says that it is working on a project known as “Atom & Eve” that would let human consciousness be transferred to an artificial body after their death.

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