Annual Healthcare Spending Rises To $10,000 Per Person – $3.3 Trillion Dollars A Year

[Editor’s Note]

Don’t forget, that PREVENTABLE MEDICAL ERRORS are the THIRD LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH in the United States.  And those are conservative numbers, for starters.  Secondly, not all deaths via medical mistakes get reported because the data collection method is flawed.  That also doesn’t count the millions injured yearly.  The for-health for-profit medical system will only change when people take charge of their health.  Handing off personal responsibility of your health to others that care about mostly profits is a sure way to stay sick.  Of course, $3.3 trillion spent on healthcare and notice how there are NO cures.  Not within the conventional medical establishment anyways  Do your research, because your health depends on it.


Source: RT America
July 15, 2016

American’s will spend $3.3 trillion on healthcare spending in 2016 – that’s $10k per person. Healthcare expenditures are growing faster than the national economy. Is this a result of Obamacare? To discuss, former health insurance executive Wendell Potter joins “News with Ed” and says that public healthcare options could help bring costs down.