US Navy Considers Microchipping The Brains Of Americans With Trackable Implants


Daniel Barker
June 23, 2016

The government and military are becoming increasingly brazen in their efforts to monitor and track all citizens at all times, and are admittedly exploring new invasive techniques for doing so – such as placing GPS microchip implants in humans.

In the name of national security, the powers that be have created an intricate and vast surveillance network that violates the privacy of all citizens, and have been so successful at it that they no longer bother to hide the fact that they want to invade our lives even further.

Among the latest schemes under consideration are the use of biomedical devices, smart appliances and even children’s toys as part of a “signals intelligence bonanza” available to the NSA or anyone else “authorized” to spy on us – at home or wherever we go.

From The New American:

“Always anxious to expand the size of its surveillance dragnet, the National Security Agency (NSA) is exploring the possibility of seizing data from Internet-connected biomedical devices such as pacemakers, Richard Ledgett, the NSA’s deputy director said at a June 10 convention in Washington, D.C. ‘We’re looking at it sort of theoretically from a research point of view right now,’ Ledgett told the attendees of the 2016 Defense One Tech Summit.

“Ledgett referred to the life-saving devices as ‘another tool in the toolbox’ of the snoops. He agreed with a comment saying that the data that could be gathered from the biomedical devices would be a ‘signals intelligence bonanza.'”

Your refrigerator may be spying on you

In a February Senate hearing, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said that smart technology and other internet devices could be used for “identification, surveillance, monitoring, location tracking, and targeting for recruitment, or to gain access to networks or user credentials.”

These devices could include “a refrigerator, a washing machine, or a child’s toy,” according to Clapper.

The New American‘s Joe Wolverton points out that, although this type of surveillance violates the spirit of the Fourth Amendment, the government uses what it perceives as a loophole in the amendment’s wording to justify its actions:

“The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution guarantees that: ‘The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.’

“Of course, the federal government would argue that pacemakers aren’t papers; therefore, they aren’t covered by the Fourth Amendment’s mandates.”

The U.S. Navy wants YOU (to get a microchip implant)!

As if children’s toys and pacemakers weren’t enough, the U.S. Navy is interested in placing a GPS monitoring microchip implant inside your body, according to a recent article posted by The Sun:

“The US Navy has held meetings to discuss highly controversial technology which could one day allow the government to track the movements of every single citizen in the country, The Sun has learned.

“A number of naval officers visited the home of an American presidential candidate and “transhumanist” called Zoltan Istvan, who believes human beings should be fitted with technology to boost their brain power or enhance physical attributes.

“Istvan said they discussed the possibility of implanting humans with chips fitted with global positioning (GPS) technology.”

U.S. Navy Vice Admiral James Wisecup, who helps develop “revolutionary warfare concepts” for the Chief of Naval Operations Strategic Studies Group, wrote in a letter to Istvan that the meeting broadened “our understanding… of the merger of humans and machines”.

“Your personal perspectives were interesting and timely as we begin our research process,” he continued,”You have had a direct impact on our viewpoints for future concepts.”

Not even George Orwell himself could have dreamed this up…

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Commission: 53,000 Reports Of Human Rights Abuses In Tunisia Since May 2015

Elika Ansari
June 20, 2016

A truth commission set up to investigate allegations of human rights abuses in Tunisia before the 2011 uprising has just announced to have received a total of 65,000 claims. Complaints have been pouring in from all over, including from Islamist parties, members of the opposition, activists, non-governmental organisations, and trade union members, marking an astonishing increase from the already overwhelming 12,000 claims of abuse received by May last year.

After young street vendor, Mohamed Bouazizi, set himself on fire as an act of protest against an oppressive regime which culminated into mass anti-government protests and exiled the country’s President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, Tunisia became known as the birthplace of the Arab Spring phenomenon, which snowballed beyond the country’s borders to other Arab countries.

The so-called Truth and Dignity Commission (TDC) was created in 2014, through a newly adopted transitional justice law to investigate and offer compensation for claims of gross human rights violations from 1955, just before Tunisia became independent, up to 2013, when the TDC was founded.

“Our aim is to reveal the truth, how this desperate machine [was] working by a process of saying the truth,” said the head of the TDC, Sihem Bensedrine, to the Guardian last year.

Some of the claims reported so far include voluntary homicide, rape, extrajudicial executions, torture, and arbitrary detention.

One of the victims, Hamida Ajengui, shared her story with the Guardian. She was arrested at the age of 21 for wearing a headscarf, outlawed by the autocratic government at the time, and for offering to help the families of political prisoners. She was then imprisoned, tortured, beaten, sexually harassed and continuously intimidated and threatened with rape. Ajengui, now 46, says she just wants to meet her chief tormentor:

“I want to ask her, ‘why did you behave this way, why were you so merciless?’”

Another testimony of a 49-year-old former teacher, Kadri Lafi, who is now living in exile, was shared in Tunisian webzine inkyfada:

“They insulted me, they beat me. I felt physical fear of violence. I was afraid of losing my dignity, at the time, a teacher was very much respected […] I pay tribute to my father who told me, ‘My son, my heart is torn at the thought of you leaving your land, your school, your family, but I refuse to see you tortured and broken and to see you lose your dignity.’ Those who stayed were destroyed. So I chose exile.”

Though the transitional justice law, and subsequent Commission, have been lauded as a historical leap towards democracy in the country, the TDC has been attacked by biased media and the current government alike, and is further weakened by internal conflict.

The TDC’s implementing powers are also rather limited to only a set of recommendations it can make to a government that is already beginning to prove, not only uncooperative, but rather hostile to the Truth Commission’s mandate. When it comes to digging too deep in the past, it seems everyone has something to hide, especially in a newly-democratised country like Tunisia.

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New York State Senator Introduces Unconstitutional, Anti-Free Speech Legislation

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 11.30.11 AM

Michael Krieger
June 17, 2016

Perhaps the greatest irony of this past year has been the mind numbing and irrational anti-free speech wave that swept across facets of so-called “liberal” America.

This regressive movement was most readily apparent on college campuses, where hordes of sheltered and emotionally stunted students demanded restrictions on free speech in order to prevent themselves from being offended by an ever expanding list of unhappy thoughts and words. However, what is far more troubling, albeit much less public, are attempts by two fascist academic authoritarians, to convince the American citizenry to relinquish their First Amendment rights in the name of fighting ISIS. One of these men is a close advisor to President Obama.

– From last year’s post: Glenn Greenwald Confronts American “Liberals” Trying to Destroy Free Speech

It seems everywhere you turn, U.S. politicians at all levels of government are incessantly scheming to figure out ways to further erode the civil liberties of the American public. Earlier this month, a particularly egregious example emerged from the state of New York. It relates to an anti-First Amendment executive order issued by Governor Andrew Cuomo, followed one day later by similar legislation introduced by a state Senator. In case you aren’t up to speed on the issue, here’s a little background.

From The Huffington Post:

Over the past year, several attempts in the New York legislature to pass laws protecting Israel against the boycotts, divestment and sanctions collectively known as “BDS” have failed. BDS punishes Israel for its illegal occupation of Palestinian lands. In an unprecedented end run around the legislative process, Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order this month that would accomplish just what the legislature has refused to do.

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