Former Goldman Employee Avoids Prison, Gets $5,000 Fine For Stealing Secret NY Fed Documents

[Editor’s Note]

In case it wasn’t obvious that we have a two-tiered justice system, this is presented as further evidence of the embedded corruption that’s inherent in the system.


March 22, 2016

One week ago we were stunned to learn, and report, that as part of the “sentencing” of former NY Fed employee Jason Gross who had admitted to stealing confidential Federal Reserve information and passing it on to his former boss Rohit Bansal, then employed at Goldman Sachs, in hopes of generating goodwill and a comfortable post-Fed job at 200 West, he somehow managed to avoid any jail time and instead was slapped with a draconian penalty: a $2,000 fine…. oh and some community service.

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Say It Ain’t So! – Rothschild Family Members Sought For Banking…

Rothschild Bank Now Under Criminal Investigation After Baron De Rothschild Indictment


Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
March 23, 2016

Many of you shared this story with me, and it’s worth passing on, because it’s yet another example that there are two sets of laws now operative in the West: one set, for the rich and powerful, which, needless to say, isn’t the same set that they make their bough-and-paid-for politicians make the rest of us live under. In this case, it’s Baron David de Rothschild that’s being sought, but wait until you read the details!

Now, in case you missed it, what’s going on here is that the irrepresible Rothschilds – always the epitome of propriety and virtue – have been shifting massive amounts of money to one of their favorite tax havens…

…no, not the Caymans, not Turks and Caicos, not the Channel Islands…

…but the USSA:

The Rothschild empire has been instrumental in helping move the global elite’s wealth from traditional tax havens like the Bahamas, Switzerland and the British Virgin Islands to the U.S.

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Breakaway Links Of The Day – 3/22/2016

Zy Marquiez
March 22, 2016

Here’s a synopsis of relevant links for the day.  Stay well.

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The 2016 Presidential Race: Do Our Votes Really Matter?
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Forget QE, The ECB Now Wants To Directly Hand Out Cash
[Source: The Daily Bell]

Monsanto Is In Everything
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This Could Be The Main Cause of Many Conditions
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Healthy Ways You Can Use Coconut Oil
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Updated: the stimulus-response Empire
[Intriguing read.  Source: Rappoport’s Blog]

NAFTA & Obama’s Proposed ‘Trade’ Deals Are UnConstitutional
[Source: Washington’s Blog]

US recession data shows it’s a very short road to capital controls

Simon Black
March 16, 2016

“Prosperity is like a Jenga tower. Take one piece out and the whole thing can fall.”

That’s a direct quote from John Williams, the President of the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank in a speech he gave a few weeks ago.

He could have just as easily been talking about propaganda. The Fed, the White House, Wall Street, the media have a vested interest in peddling a certain narrative about the economy.

The narrative goes something like this: “Everything’s awesome. Stop asking questions”.

But if you look at their own data, the numbers tell a different story.

My team and I were recently studying US manufacturing indices, something that has traditionally been a strong indicator of recession.

This is data collected by the Federal Reserve; they survey manufacturing businesses and ask if factory orders are growing, shrinking, or relatively unchanged.

You’d think that based on this “everything is awesome” narrative that all the numbers would be growing.

And yet, much of the data show that manufacturing is shrinking. Or to be even more clear, that the US is in a manufacturing recession.

In Texas, for example, just 4% of businesses report that they are growing. 38% are shrinking.

The Philadelphia Fed’s Manufacturing Index has been in recession since September of last year.

The San Francisco Fed’s Total Factor Productivity is also reporting negative growth.

The New York Fed’s Empire State Manufacturing Index was at minus 16.6 for February. In fact, the last time the index was below -15 was in October 2008, ten months into the Great Recession.

The numbers are all pretty clear: there’s an obvious industrial and manufacturing downturn.

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Austerity in US brought on nation’s water crisis

Source: RT
March 17, 2016

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan and many other cities across the US go much deeper than budget cuts, but following the money is tough. To help, RT America’s Simone Del Rosario is joined by Carrie Sloan, a senior research analyst at the Refund America Project.

Wall Street Bankers and Lobbyists Move to Ensure Industry Continues to Regulate Itself

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 1.56.59 PM
Michael Krieger
March 17, 2016

Not content with continued prosecutorial immunity and trillions in taxpayer bailouts and backstops, Wall Street banksters are making moves to ensure they regulate themselves.

In case you’re still wondering who the real owners of this country are…

The Wall Street Journal reports:

ORLANDO, Fla.—Wall Street’s top lobbying group wants a closer relationship with the policy makers that oversee its member firms.

John Rogers, chairman of the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association and a top official at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., on Tuesday called for a standing body made up of bankers and regulators to discuss developments in policy, examination and enforcement. A key responsibility for the panel would also involve regularly providing guidance on postcrisis rules and other issues to financial firms.

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